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Cahill's On Durham - Closed

903 Durham Houston, TX 77007 | Heights | 713-864-9400

Location Description:

Cahill's off Durham doesn't get much play as far as the Washington Avenue bar scene goes, even though it you could probably chuck a rock at some of the street's haunts from its front patio. It's a refreshing change of scenery in an area that is anything but modest. The bar has a huge front room, plenty of room to smoke on the deck out back and a homey feel that is all too rare around Washington. Definitely give this place a shake if you feel like impressing your liver and wallet instead of the doorman at a club down the street.

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    It may not be Four Farthings, but Cahill's on Durham (903 Durham, 713-864-9400) does a hell of a job making transplanted Chicagoans feel at home. Everything about the place shouts Chicago:...

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