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Del Espadin Flamenco & Spanish Dance Academy

3939 Hillcroft Houston, TX 77057 | Galleria | 713-705-8701

Business Description

Home of Cuadro La Tempestad Flamenco performing company Carrying on a generations-old family tradition, Maria Del Espadín and her daughter, Tempestad, bring decades of teaching & performing experience to their students. Regardless of the constant commercialization and modernization of Flamenco, Mama Flamenca and La Hija Flamenca (as affectionately called by their many students) strive to preserve the authenticity of Flamenco and to present Flamenco to the public as the gypsies of Andalucia intended Flamenco to be. To learn true Flamenco...not only as the music & dance that it is, but also as a way of life...this Flamenco family invites you to come observe a class or try one out at no expense upon registering with the Academy. We invite you to experience first-hand what it is that sets Del Espadín Flamenco & Spanish Dance Academy apart from all others!