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Eighteenth Cocktail Bar - Closed

2511 Bissonnet Houston, TX 77005 | Kirby-West U | 713-688-2345

Location Description:

18th Cocktail Bar, named of course for the 18th Amendment, is located on Bissonnet right off of Kirby. The former home to almost half a dozen different bars/clubs/lounges in recent memory has now transformed itself into a trip down memory lane -- you even have to have a password to get in (okay, it's not required, but you may just want to play along with the theme). The space is all dark wood and dimly lit, with antique-style chairs and large leather couches -- one wall is covered in art nouveau antique mirrors and another with faux animal heads. One of the best aspects of the building remains -- the outdoor patio (although how great it is in this heat is debatable).

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