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Re-Hab Houston

1920 Houston Ave. Houston, TX 77007 | Heights | 713-225-1668

Location Description:

Don't let RE-HAB's name fool you. There are no struggling starlets chain-smoking and crying outside, or doctors dispensing methadone to Andy Dick in the back. There's just good beer, whiskey, shadowy stories and a burgeoning neighborhood crowd. (The name is a shortening of "Houston Avenue Bar.") Located on Houston Avenue near the White Oak Bayou bike trails and I-10, RE-HAB is one of the only true bars in its neck of the woods; judging by the amount of development nearby, it probably won't be alone for long. It has a decided ice-house vibe, from the two garage doors to the side patio and crazy salmon-colored interior. Be sure to check out the full suit of armor in the back corner, but you can't try it on no matter how much you beg, plead or tip.

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