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Rebels Honky Tonk

5002 Washington Houston, TX 77007 | Heights | 713-862-7172

Location Description:

Rebels Honky Tonk is faux-country to the hilt, catering to the cowgirls and cowboys that haunt Washington Avenue. This place won't get any scene points from honky-tonk purists, but it will give you plenty to look at and dance to. The place is bigger than life, with oversized deck chairs out back and a kick-ass mural inside that looks like a scene from a Wild West whorehouse. Skimpily-dressed smiley blondes dish out the drinks at the two bars and several beer tubs are located throughout. The crowd is decidedly well-scrubbed and vanilla, but in a perfect world that shouldn't scare anyone away. Of course there is a mechanical bull outside on the patio. That was a silly question.

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