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Rocbar - Closed

530 Texas Houston, TX 77006 | Montrose | 713-236-1100

Location Description:

Situated upstairs in Bayou Place, Röcbar is a destination for those in love with rock and roll fashion. Leather, studs, straps, piercings and tattoos abound within its walls and that's only the staff. Plenty of Röcbar clientele likewise fit this profile, as they snag drinks from the four-well bar that stretches down the main room. Two tiers of plush leather couches opposite the bar provide comfortable lounge space for about a dozen groups of friends, as heavy rock and industrial tunes spew from the sound system. A pair of pool tables, three projection screens and a bikini-clad bartender (shots only) add to the fun, but only on the weekend. Aside from special events, Röcbar is only open Friday and Saturday.

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