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Scott Gertner's Sports Bar Live - Closed

3100 Fountainview Houston, TX 77057 | Galleria | 713-785-1840

Location Description:

Three-time Grammy nominee Scott Gertner does everything in a big way, and his Sports Bar Live is certainly no exception. Bedecked in red and orange lights, its massive patio is almost impossible to miss from the street; inside or out, there's more than enough space to have a seat, kill some cold ones and chow down while taking in a game. Screens of all sizes, including two massive ones outside, litter the premises, and the booming sound system keeps everyone up to date on the score. Likely the swankiest bar of its kind in Houston - there's even a doorman on Monday nights - Sports Bar Live has a stylish flair that most sports bars don't even bother to attempt.

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