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Shipley Do-nut Shops

5800 Kirby Houston, TX 77005 | Kirby-West U | 713-667-7572

Location Description:

As with Dunkin' Donuts fans in the Northeast, there's something about Shipley's that Texans can't get enough of. Started in 1936 in Houston, Shipley's is in just about every Texas town and throughout the South. The offerings here are always fresh and, if your timing is good, the hot glazed "do-nuts" will go straight from the cooling tray at this Village location to your takeout box. There are more than 60 varieties here, but the maple-frosted and chocolate-filled are insanely good. Several types of kolaches are also available.

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Business Description

Shipley Do-Nuts offers a unique balance between volume donut production methods and artisan made pastries. We bring together the fresh aroma of coffee, cinnamon, vanilla and hot baked bread every morning in each of our kitchens. Our kitchen can satisfy the donut lover in you and we offer a wide variety of handmade pastries with flavors of an old world bakery.