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Shot Bar

2315 Bagby Houston, TX 77006 | Montrose | 713-526-3000

Location Description:

Eerily reminiscent of those classic college-town mainstays and a popular transition spot for Midtown nightcrawlers, Shot Bar is right at home in the neighborhood's collection of bars and lounges. Liquors pour forth in all sorts of colors and flavors, as the packed crowd places repeat orders for small doses of booze. Every Thursday through Saturday, a DJ blasts away hot pop and rap tracks as the full house gets down and dirty. Many a ladies-night party has been spotted slamming back water moccasins or letting fate dictate their selections via the giant shot wheel. You can't miss the wall of shot glasses as you come down the stairs, either - bring your own and the bar will fill it for free before adding it to the collection.

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    One thing I can appreciate is truth in advertising. Shot Bar (2315 Bagby, 713-526-3000) brings it. This is a bar that offers lots and lots of shots. It should. It's a shot bar. I mean,...