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SRO Sports Bar & Cafe - Closed

444 NW Mall Houston, TX 77092 | Outer Loop - NW |

Location Description:

Featuring a forest of televisions, SRO Sports bar is akin to a Chuck E. Cheese's for sports lovers. Seriously, there must be enough TVs here to construct a small house, and the large bars are duly capable of doling out beverages to the game-watching crowds. Located at Northwest Mall, SRO occupies as much space as a small department store, featuring bank after bank of screens and a hefty swath of barstools and tables. Customers wanting to view something not on one of the big screens can belly up to one of the mini-bar tops featuring individual TVs. Private rooms are available, as are video games, pool, trivia and shuffleboard for non-game-time action. We saw a pretty serious poker game going on in one area, and you could smell the bluffing from yards away.

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