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Venue Houston

719 Main Houston, TX 77002 | Downtown/ Midtown | 713-236-8150

Location Description:

Venue's leather couches have the soft, pebbly feel of a brand-new football or basketball, and it's easy to imagine stars from the Rockets or Texans spending the night sipping on drinks here. Upon first entering, it looks like a medium-sized lounge, with the main room bathed in a smooth red-orange glow and the bar patiently at patrons' beck and call. But in the back there's a giant room that could be described as a church of partying, with a large dance floor, high ceilings, and an elevated DJ platform on the back wall resembling a choir loft or pulpit. A long bar stretches down the left wall, with plenty of wells to handle the crowd. The capacity at this downtown club approaches 800, and on prime evenings it's full of revelers.

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