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  1. Film

    A Selfie Goes to War
    In Point and Shoot, the Arab Spring is second to a nice American’s journey.
  2. Film

    Where the Wild Reese Is
    Witherspoon hoboes through the winning Wild.
  3. Film

    Why We Need Comedy
    Chris Rock and Top Five make glorious sense in a country gone mad.
  4. Film

    The Scarifying Babadook Is a Rare Horror Triumph
    Even with eyes half shut, you'll admire this film.
  5. Film

    Tommy Lee Jones's The Homesman Brings a Lost America to Life.
    A bleak yet accomplished account of defeat.
  6. Film

    The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Plays Like Middle-Earth Smash Bros.
    Peter Jackson’s Hobbit-embiggening project hits its spectacular end.
  7. Film

    Horrible Bosses 2 is the Comedy the First Should Have Been
    Sequel is looser, breezier and more confident than the original.
  8. Film

    Wrestling Drama Foxcatcher Engages but Doesn't Pin
    Steve Carell Is unrecognizable as a lonely tyrant.
  9. Film

    Into the Woods Sometimes Soars — But Also Dithers
    The princess-party punch bowl has been forever spiked.
  10. Film

    Bale and Exodus Tremble Before a Murdering God
    Bale plays Moses as a Biblical middle manager.