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  1. Film

    Focus Is a Bright Trifle That Shows Off Margot Robbie Like a Diamond
    A star comes into focus, but Focus never quite does.
  2. Film

    Merchants of Doubt Reveals a Country Eager to Be Fooled
    Film examines selling doubt for profit.
  3. Film

    A Marriage Crumbles, Beautifully, in Winter Sleep
    Husband and wife battle in this Chekhovian drama.
  4. Film

    Mike Tyson's Champs and the History of Fighting
    Mike Tyson opens up about everything he wished he had known then.
  5. Film

    Russia, a Whale and a Way of Life Molder in Leviathan
    It may be steeped in despair, but the film is not a heavy-handed sermon.
  6. Film

    Insurgent Might Be a Synonym for "Brain-Dead"
    One of its characters speaks for us all when he says, "I knew you were dumb, but..."
  7. Film

    The New Cinderella Is a Straight, No-Chaser Fairy Story
    Branagh's take is unexpectedly delicate, uncompromisingly beautiful.