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  1. Film

    YA Saves Summer
    If I Stay brings feeling back to the multiplex.
  2. Film

    The Drop (and Gandolfini) Find New Life in Lowlifes
    One of Gandolfini’s final performances may be an award winner
  3. Film

    Michael Gondry's Mood Indigo Gets Richer as It Darkens
    The latest from Gondry's brilliant, contradictory brain.
  4. Film

    The Age of Consent
    The Last of Robin Hood wrestles with a star’s underage love.
  5. Film

    Dolphin Tale 2 Is a Warm, Wise Animal Tale
    This sequel puts other sunny-weepy sea mammal flicks to shame
  6. Film

    Brendan Gleeson Shines as an Irish Priest in Crisis in Calvary
    Gleeson gives the film more gravitas than the other characters deserve.
  7. Film

    Lithgow, Molina and Manhattan All Move in Love Is Strange
    A movie that's about love, money, New York and real estate.
  8. Film

    Elvis Lives in The Identical - and so Does His Boring Twin
    Elvis slash fiction is shocking only in its banality.
  9. Film

    Forrest Gump returns, Still With Nothing to Say
    Gump goes bigger than ever in IMAX release.
  10. Film

    Robin Wright, as Robin Wright, Seizes a Mod Future in The Congress
    An ambitious knockout that doesn't quite live up to its potential.
  11. Film

    Brutal Prison Drama Starred Up Stirs Rare Empathy
    There is no easy redemption in this one.
  12. Film

    The Last of Robin Hood Wrestles with a Star’s Underage Love
    Film doesn’t milk Errol Morris scandal for purpose.
  13. Film

    How Kevin Smith Got Young Again
    The indie veteran and podcast pro on Tusk -- and what will finally shut him up
  14. Film

    Innocence Could Have Been the Great Prep-School Blood-Thriller
    The themes are fascinating even if the movie doesn't live up to them.
  15. Film

    To Be Takei Follows the Star Trek Actor Into Undiscovered Country
    Even with the darkness, the film is never less than joyful.
  16. Culture

    Why Do Asian Students Do Better than Mexicans?
    And why do Mexican men get jealous when Mexican women date hombres of other races?