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  1. Music

    The 2014 Class of the Houston Music Hall of Fame
    Meet the five inductees of this year's class.
  2. Music

    Nightfly: Cheap Beers and Questionable Music Choices at Alice's Tall Texan
    Abusing the jukebox at North Main institution Alice’s Tall Texan.
  3. News

    Adaptive Movement Is a Parkour Class for the Physically Disabled
    There’s another kind of parkour, and this one isn’t the kind that goes viral on YouTube.
  4. Film

    A Most Wanted Man: Philip Seymour Hoffman Lends Le Carré Gravity
    Hoffman's last completed film has him playing a mystery man.
  5. News

    The World Cup Boom Is Real, But Will Soccer Remain Must-See TV?
    ESPN, Fox and Univisión are betting millions that U.S. viewers will continue to watch soccer even after the World Cup.
  6. Film

    E.T. Update Earth to Echo Makes Everything a Device
    At least the alien feels at home in this digital world.
  7. Film

    Linklater's Glorious Boyhood Captures Life in Bloom
    A 12-year short pays off in some of the director's finest work.
  8. News

    Early Decisions: More College Coaches Are Getting Into Middle-School Recruiting
    College football programs are spotting talent and asking for commitments — at the middle-school level.
  9. News

    Married, Sort Of: It's a Confusing Time to Be Gay and Married in the State of Texas
    Federal and state rulings don’t agree on same-sex weddings, leaving gay couples in Texas in a special brand of limbo all their own.
  10. News

    From Sea to Shining Sea, Meet America's Worst Politicians
    From Seattle to Miami and from Los Angeles to Boston, here are the bottom feeders of public office.
  11. Dining

    Bradley's Fine Diner Is Bradley Ogden's Chance to Get Comfy, for Better or Worse
    Bradley’s Fine Diner has evolved into more of a comfort-food place; we wouldn’t mind a little more excitement.
  12. Dining

    60 Degrees Mastercrafted Is All About Meat, But It's the Seafood that Caught Our Fancy
    A restaurant built on quality ingredients has a shaky foundation.
  13. Dining

    Let the Food of El Sazon de Cuba Put You in a Miami State of Mind
    It's only fitting they make a perfect Cubano.
  14. Music

    Monday Is the New Friday at Debonair Lounge
    Smooth soul and high fashion over at 4212.
  15. Film

    Fifty Years on, A Hard Day's Night Is Still Revelatory
    A look at the eternal freshness of the film.
  16. Music

    In the Flesh: Houston Musicians Talk Tattoos
    The connection between local musicians and the needle-wielding artists who tattoo them is more than skin-deep.
  17. Dining

    Appreciate the Ceviche and Ceviche House Will Feel Like Home
    This little restaurant tucked away in an Alief strip center knows how to mix it up with citrus, fish and fútbol.