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  1. Film

    A Strong Star Can’t Keep Sub Flick Black Sea From Sinking
    A script that keeps its stars from coming up for air.
  2. Film

    Ava DuVernay’s Urgent Selma Speaks to the Now
    The right movie for the moment.
  3. Film

    A Year to Forget
    A Most Violent Year never quite summons rough old New York.
  4. Film

    Martin Starr Is Grand in American-Iraqi Rom-Com Amira & Sam.
    Implausible? Sure, but it'll leave you misty-eyed.
  5. Film

    Blackhat Is Another Exercise in Style but Not Much Else
    This elaborate, purposeful movie never quite connects.
  6. Film

    Jennifer Aniston Grieves, but Cake's Script Lets Her Down
    Aniston can act, but this script gives her nothing to do.
  7. Film

    Jennifer Lopez's The Boy Next Door Is as Nuts as You Hope It Is
    A movie built for dumb, sexed-up pleasure.
  8. Film

    Boy Meets Girl Meets Pistol in Overfamiliar Son of a Gun
    The film's trajectory is as predictable as a bullet's.
  9. Film

    Black or White Wants You to Root for a Young Black Man to Be a Stereotype
    Kevin Costner's fine, but the script makes its black characters cartoons.
  10. Film

    If You've Ever Loved a Terrible Person, Mr. Turner Is a Movie for You
    Timothy Spall unearths the man beneath Mr. Turner’s gruffness.
  11. Film

    Time-Travel Puzzle Predestination Should Try Again From the Start
    The Spierig Brothers have the frame of something wonderful, if only they had kept it simple.
  12. Film

    Paddington Gives CGI Kid Movies a Good Name
    Here's a kids' movie mostly stripped of manufactured, go-nowhere plot crises.
  13. Film

    American Sniper Is a Rah Rah Rah War-on-Terror Fantasy
    Eastwood crosses his fingers and hopes the film says enough.