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  1. Film

    Wicked Yet Nice, The Voices Offers Peak Ryan Reynolds
    Reynolds takes on the most complex role of his career.
  2. Film

    Focus Is a Bright Trifle That Shows Off Margot Robbie Like a Diamond
    A star comes into focus, but Focus never quite does.
  3. Film

    In McFarland, USA, Kevin Costner Eases White America Into the Now
    Well-crafted fluff that is actually quite serious.
  4. Film

    Crazy-Pants Spy Parody Kingsman Smartly Exposes Us as the Bad Guys
    The most interesting comic-book movie of the past few years.
  5. Film

    Outcasts, Be More Pretty!
    The DUFF fights society’s beauty obsessions — with makeovers.
  6. Film

    Another Great Marion Cotillard Performance Anchors Two Days, One Night
    The Dardennes lens onto someone in conflict with her own humanity.
  7. Film

    Julianne Moore Will Move You in Alzheimer's Drama Still Alice
    The triumph of Still Alice is that it's about a person, not an illness.
  8. Film

    Fifty Shades of Grey Is a Film That Punishes Its Fans
    Fifty Shades is even more square than Twilight.