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    Russia, a Whale and a Way of Life Molder in Leviathan
    It may be steeped in despair, but the film is not a heavy-handed sermon.
  2. Film

    About Last Knights
    It’s the global fantasy honor-drama you’ve not been waiting for.
  3. Film

    Mike Tyson's Champs and the History of Fighting
    Mike Tyson opens up about everything he wished he had known then.
  4. Film

    With Broken Horses, an Indian Master Aims for Amerindie Suspense
    Vidhu Vinod Chopra has ambitions other than showtune dazzlement.
  5. Film

    Insurgent Might Be a Synonym for "Brain-Dead"
    One of its characters speaks for us all when he says, "I knew you were dumb, but..."
  6. Film

    Furious 7 Vin Diesel and Co. Are Faster, Furiouser — And They’ll Make You Cry
    Sequel offers more - and more and yet more of the same.
  7. Film

    Merchants of Doubt Reveals a Country Eager to Be Fooled
    Film examines selling doubt for profit.
  8. Film

    Disney’s Monkey Kingdom Is Wonderful and Full of Lies
    A different kind of made-up Disney princess story.
  9. Film

    Has Marvel Finally Figured Out How to Make Daredvil Work On Screen?
    Marvel’s Daredevil, on Netflix, plods promisingly toward comic-book glory