10 Years (PG-13)

Comedy 100 September 14, 2012
By Melissa Anderson
An uncommonly magnanimous film, kind not only to its stumbling characters but also to audiences tired of movies pruned of unruly emotions, the seriocomic high-school-reunion story 10 Years brings a group of a dozen or so former classmates, scattered around the world, to a boutique hotel in their hometown, where they clutch drink tickets and head-bob to Fatboy Slim. Over the course of a boozy night of karaoke and attempts to make amends, 10 Years compassionately presents a series of recognizable young-adult crises: strained relationships, poorly timed rekindled romantic feelings, steady-if-soul-crushing employment. The warmth of the film stems from a key prior collaboration. Although 10 Years is writer-director Jamie Linden's helming debut, it marks his second time working with Channing Tatum after 2010's Dear John, which first showed the depths and complexities of the actor's on-screen butch reticence. Now one of American cinema's most appealing male leads, Tatum has only gotten better since then. In 21 Jump Street, his first movie about revisiting high school, he brought a touching pathos to his meathead part, the once-popular jock struggling to fit in long after after graduating. Tatum displays similar insecurities and regrets here as Jake, anointed prom king back in the day (he and his would-be queen, played by Rosario Dawson, never made it to the dance, for reasons revealed later), looks at a wall of high school photos and can only rue, "Shit, why does it feel so long ago?" Tatum and Ari Graynor are the cast's most appealing, and the film is admirably consistent in its nostalgia-averse exploration of the uncertainties that define one's late twenties
Jamie Linden Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Lynn Collins, Anthony Mackie, Kate Mara, Rosario Dawson, Justin Long, Chris Pratt, Ari Graynor, Ron Livingston Jamie Linden Marty Bowen, Reid Carolin, Wyck Godfrey, Channing Tatum Anchor Bay Entertainment

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