Click (PG-13)

Comedy 97 June 23, 2006
By Luke Y. Thompson
Adam Sandler may get top billing, but the real star here is the premise: a harried husband who gains possession of a remote control that allows him to master his universe. He can pause reality, fast-forward, skip whole chapters -- even listen to an audio commentary track by James Earl Jones. It may be the dream of men everywhere, but since the remote was created by Christopher Walken, you just know there's a catch: Like TiVo, it "learns" its user's preferences and starts acting on them autonomously. Soon enough, Michael is missing everything, and propelled further and further into the future without getting to live out the present. It's a pretty good metaphor for alcohol and drugs: Use them as a crutch "just this once," to get you through a difficult time, and before long you can't stop. Not everything here jells; the pathos toward the end feels oddly incongruent, in particular. But Click is funnier and more elaborately clever than anything Sandler's done in years.
Frank Coraci Adam Sandler, Christopher Walken, Kate Beckinsale, David Hasselhoff, Sean Astin, Rachel Dratch, Henry Winkler, Katie Cassidy, Julie Kavner, Sophie Monk Steven Koren, Mark O'Keefe, Tim Herlihy Neal H Moritz, Jack Giarraputo, Adam Sandler Sony Pictures Releasing

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