Facing the Giants (PG)

Drama 111 September 29, 2006
By Rob Nelson
The separation of church and cinema amounts to a long yard at most, in this high school football sermon from Georgia-based Baptist pastor Alex Kendrick, an actor-director who could be said to tackle the lead role here -- unless, of course, you believe that we're all supporting players on His gridiron. Shiloh Christian Academy coach Grant Taylor -- who sounds miraculously like the Gipper fan known as Dubya -- begins his seventh season sporting not only a girly-boy roster, but a low sperm count, a sputtering car, and a literally stinky starter mansion for him and his sweetly subservient wife, Brooke (Shannen Fields, who happens to be a coach's spouse in real life). A little drill-sergeant-style barking on the field and preaching in the locker room bring speedy benefits to Coach, including points on the board, a brand new Ford truck from an anonymous donor, and, science be damned, morning sickness for Brooke. Save for being divine, the clichés are intriguingly identical to the ones in Remember the Titans; shooting in HD video, Kendrick even knows his way around a Hail Mary pass, though the spirit too often moves him to take a knee.
Alex Kendrick Alex Kendrick, Shannen Fields, Chris Willis, Tracy Goode, Bailey Cave, Steve Williams, Jason McLeod, James Blackwell, Jim McBride Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick Destination Film

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