Hoot (PG)

Comedy 90 May 5, 2006
By Luke Y. Thompson
The most important thing to know about this adaptation of Carl Hiaasen's children's book is that it's co-produced by Jimmy Buffett, who also appears in a small role and provides new music for the soundtrack. As one might expect from the king of the Parrotheads, Hoot is essentially a paean to hanging out on the beach in Florida. But because the target audience is a fair bit under 21, there aren't any margaritas or babes in bikinis -- though the female lead, played by Brie Larson, is an all-purpose youth fantasy: a blonde bombshell who wears nerd glasses yet is also strong enough to terrify the school bully. Logan Lerman and Cody Linley play the two young teens who, along with Larson, fight a low-key eco-guerrilla battle against evil developers in order to save the burrowing owls whose habitat is in danger. Writer-director Wil Shriner has made Hiaasen's writing blander for the big screen, but it doesn't help matters that, of the three young leads, only Larson has any charisma.
Wil Shriner Logan Lerman, Cody Linley, Dean Collins, Brie Larson, Luke Wilson, Jessica Cauffiel, Neil Flynn, Clark Gregg, Tim Blake Nelson, Eric Phillips Wil Shriner, Carl Hiaasen, Rob Lieber Frank Marshall New Line Cinema

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