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Control Freaks Being John Malkovich.
Being John Malkovich pulls all the right strings
, November 04, 1999
The first rule of Being John Malkovich is you do not look at the poster for Being John Malkovich! Sorry to crib from that inferior tale of... More>>
Jailbreak Babes Bandits.
Outlaw gals sing and zing in this exhuberant German film
, November 04, 1999
Katja von Garnier's Bandits is technically a French film, made with French money. But in every other sense, it's a German film -- in German,... More>>
Far East Epic Princess Mononoke.
Princess Mononoke struggles with evil and English adaptation
, November 04, 1999
Much like the religion that has swirled around the Star Wars trilogy for 20-some years, the fanaticism evidenced among American fans of Japanese... More>>
Blunt Object Joe the King.
A not-subtle but unsettling Joe the King exposes child abuse
, October 28, 1999
Actor Frank Whaley has appeared in more than 30 movies, including Swimming with Sharks and Pulp Fiction. But none of them cuts as close to the... More>>
Riled Ones The Acid House.
Acid House keeps the weird, dreary delights of Trainspotting
, October 28, 1999
Scotsman Irvine Welsh became a literary sensation in Britain with the publication of his first novel, Trainspotting; and Danny Boyle's film... More>>
String Along Music of the Heart.
Maudlin Music hardly matches the Craven image
, October 28, 1999
Wes Craven -- purveyor of fine horror movies, including A Nightmare on Elm Street, Wes Craven's New Nightmare and the Scream trilogy -- has... More>>
Mortal Soul Bringing Out the Dead.
Scorsese and Cage elevate the EKG of the mean streets
, October 21, 1999
"That reminds me of the movies Marty made about New York," stammered Lou Reed somewhere in the mid-'80s. "All those frank and brutal movies that... More>>
Guano Grief Bats.
Bats has horror, for all the wrong reasons
, October 21, 1999
The everyman hero of the horror movie Bats, a small-town Texas sheriff played by Lou Diamond Phillips, is given an odd character trait. After he... More>>
Thelma Kills a Mockingbird Crazy in Alabama.
Crazy's strong cast can't overcome a combo script
, October 21, 1999
Based on his directorial debut, there are three things we can safely say about Antonio Banderas: 1) he's an actor's director -- he can pick a... More>>
Irreconcilable As Ever The Story of Us.
You know The Story of Us; he's fun, she's frigid
, October 14, 1999
According to The Story of Us, men and women have different responses to life, love and sex, and this can sometimes result in conflicts and... More>>
Beyond Despair Fight Club.
Tired plotlines pummel Fight Club
, October 14, 1999
David Fincher needs a hug, the poor bastard. Or possibly a diaper change. Ever since 1992, when he ruined the Alien series with the excrescence... More>>
Stamp of Approval The Limey.
The Limey brings out the best in a venerable star
, October 14, 1999
Despite the fact that it's set in the here and now, or at least in the L.A. and now, there's a strong dose of '60s nostalgia in director Steven... More>>
Back to the Beat The Source.
Source pays homage to Kerouac and company
, October 14, 1999
The hipster wisdom about America in the 1950s holds that the entire war-weary nation was at political and spiritual rest, straitjacketed by... More>>
Ford Fatigue Random Hearts.
Harrison plods through the flat Pollack mystery Random Hearts
, October 07, 1999
Insomniacs, rejoice! During the first several decades of Sydney Pollack's bloated, interminable Random Hearts, your eyelids will droop, your... More>>
Geek Orthodox Superstar.
Superstar's Shannon makes a strangely affecting nerd
, October 07, 1999
Jesus, Mary and Joseph! The repressed Irish Catholic schoolgirl that Molly Shannon plays on Saturday Night Live is certainly not everyone's cup... More>>
Sappy Happy Happy, Texas.
Indie accolades can't elevate a generic film
, October 07, 1999
The triumvirate is complete. First Paris, Texas, then Dancer, Texas Pop. 81, and now Happy, Texas. German existentialism. Coming-of-age... More>>
Desert Gold Three Kings.
An imaginative Three Kings skewers the combat genre
, September 30, 1999
There is nothing gratifying about watching a bullet blast through a woman's skull. Exploding helicopters and splattered cattle are utterly... More>>
Luck of the Puck Mystery, Alaska.
Sweet irreverence works in Mystery, Alaska
, September 30, 1999
The premise is preposterous, the final score inevitable, and the record reading on the feel-good-ometer is totally predictable. But Mystery,... More>>
Senior Fling Guinevere.
Guinevere gives a new twist to old-young romance
, September 30, 1999
Ah, May-December romance! It's a grand old tradition in movies going back to Daddy Longlegs, and it's almost always a male fantasy: With the... More>>
Hark Felt Hark Felt
Chinese Ghost Story gives animation a new realm
, September 30, 1999
A rich mix of action, fable and modern comedy mark the animated Chinese Ghost Story as kin to kung fu director Tsui Hark's live martial arts... More>>
Those Crazy Kids Drive Me Crazy.
A talented cast transcends Drive Me Crazy's cheesy formula
, September 30, 1999
The fact that Drive Me Crazy is actually based on a novel (How I Created My Perfect Prom Date, by Todd Strasser) is a sadder comment on the state... More>>
Bold Beauty American Beauty.
The hilarious and heartbreaking demise of a family
, September 23, 1999
Grown-ups, take heart. Even if you misspent your summer at the movies pigging out on reheated space adventure, slob humor and stubborn, old... More>>
So Far So Good My Life So Far.
Small is better in this story of introspection
, September 23, 1999
Ten-year-old Fraser Pettigrew leads an idyllic existence. He lives on a bucolic estate in Scotland with five siblings, four dogs, his gentle... More>>
Psyched Out Mumford.
Mumford muddles through fantasyland
, September 23, 1999
Have you heard? The only tools a nice fellow needs to repair the damaged psyches of an entire town are a guilty conscience and a dash of insight.... More>>
Solid Delivery For Love of the Game.
Costner scores by striking out the schmaltz
, September 16, 1999
"You and me?" asks catcher Gus Sinski (John C. Reilly) of his old friend, veteran pitcher Billy Chapel (Kevin Costner). "One more time?" It's a... More>>
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