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Drawing Bard
Ten Things is the latest film to follow Shakespeare
, April 01, 1999
A couple of years or so ago Jane Austen suddenly rose from classical obscurity to become the hottest screenwriter in Hollywood. Now, it is... More>>
High-tech High Jinks
Sci-fi Matrix moves beyond reality at warp speed
, April 01, 1999
Stuffed full of fantasy comics, addicted to action and steeped in digital technology, the frenetic moviemakers Andy and Larry Wachowski have done... More>>
Reel Time
EDtv tries to upstage Truman on TV's impact
, March 25, 1999
"I hope it's better than The Truman Show," said the woman in line behind me at the publicized "sneak preview" of EDtv. Afterward a man in my row... More>>
Myles of Ego
Smugness spoils the pursuit of romance in 20 Dates
, March 25, 1999
Self-serving confessions are a mainstay of bestseller lists; now we're doomed to see their ilk on screen. The film 20 Dates is the not-so-verite... More>>
Odd Squad
, March 25, 1999
Ginger and Fred. Shirley Temple and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds. To the list of unforgettable movie dance... More>>
Allah My Children
Thank Heaven and Iran for a solid kids film
, March 18, 1999
The last decade has been an extraordinary period for Iranian cinema. Restricted by minuscule budgets, filmmakers have been forced to fall back on... More>>
Tame Old Story
Forces of Nature walks on the mild side of classics
, March 18, 1999
At the movies, the fun-loving temptress has been liberating the buttoned-up clod ever since Katharine Hepburn's leopard made off with Cary... More>>
Top Rank
The General brilliantly captures a Cagneylike Irish crime boss
, March 18, 1999
Jimmy Cagney brought the same electric physicality to gangsters that he did to song-and-dance men. He gave a bright-eyed mug such as his... More>>
Harmonists Way
A bittersweet tale of German music makers before the fall
, March 11, 1999
In 1993 Disney released Swing Kids, a dead-earnest portrait of rebellious German jazz fans during the Third Reich. This bizarre hybrid -- a blend... More>>
Tarantino's Guy
Hollywood has found a new director in the flawed Lock, Stock
, March 11, 1999
The British caper film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels has been such a success back home that Hollywood studios are now competing intensely... More>>
Lost and Found
A boy and real depth are both missing in this movie
, March 11, 1999
The Deep End of the Ocean starts as a maternal horror movie and ends up as a family therapy session. Michelle Pfeiffer plays the photographer... More>>
Couch Capo
De Niro's comedic mob mastery excels in Analyze This
, March 04, 1999
When hitmen wore hats and Cadillacs had running boards, the average Mafia don could knock off the Tattaglia brothers in mid afternoon and sit... More>>
Media Mother
Savoca turns birth and ratings into The 24 Hour Woman
, March 04, 1999
The independent production/distribution company The Shooting Gallery probably got a lot more attention when Monica Lewinsky showed up in... More>>
Cinematic Feet
Tango goes screen dancing
, March 04, 1999
Tango provides a happy intersection of the never-waning craze for the intense, erotic Argentinean dance-and-music art form and venerable Spanish... More>>
Regular Joe
Loach sheds the sentimental in a tender look at a tough hero
, March 04, 1999
In the three decades that director Ken Loach has been a steadfast champion of the British working class, his films have lost none of their sting.... More>>
Oh, Sister
Reality flees this feel-good romantic comedy
, February 25, 1999
Director Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman, Beaches) has always tended toward unrealistically feel-good movies, and The Other Sister is no exception.... More>>
Ultra Lights
200 Cigarettes provides pleasantries, if not substance
, February 25, 1999
Under the opening titles of 200 Cigarettes, we hear Bow Wow Wow's near-peerless bubble-gum anthem "I Want Candy." The movie that follows seems... More>>
Play It Again, Sham
A band reunion becomes gentle satire in Still Crazy
, February 25, 1999
Between the current nostalgia for platform shoes and the epidemic of midlife crisis that has so many baby boomers in its grip, director Brian... More>>
Hungarian Horror
Talking heads handicap the opening of this Holocaust documentary
, February 18, 1999
The Last Days is the first film released by the Shoah Foundation, created by Steven Spielberg, among others, to document the lives and stories of... More>>
Affecting Affliction
A grimly compelling film searches for souls and a murder suspect
, February 18, 1999
In the archetypal dead-end town of Lawford, New Hampshire, cold-eyed men looking for trouble prowl the streets in four-by-fours with chrome... More>>
Retro Rocket
Sputnik-inspired October Sky runs hot and coal
, February 18, 1999
The opening scenes of October Sky don't hold out much promise. They find us back in the extremely familiar territory of the American '50s,... More>>
Cryin' Shame
Too sweet tears turn Message into mush
, February 11, 1999
Short of nuclear holocaust, a major sale at Kmart or a confirmed Clint Eastwood sighting back in rural Iowa, there's probably no way to keep the... More>>
All That Jazz
Masters Mingus and Gordon get their due in Rice documentaries
, February 11, 1999
Now that Houston has become, however fleetingly, a good jazz town, with more live jazz available on a Tuesday night than on a Saturday of even... More>>
Paradise Lost
Junkies on the lam take a trite track through reality
, February 04, 1999
Halfway through Another Day in Paradise, a leather-clad Melanie Griffith hauls a rifle into a hotel room where a drug deal has just gone sour.... More>>
Pulp Friction
Gibson's Payback translates solidly to the screen
, February 04, 1999
The new Mel Gibson vehicle, Payback, is arguably the first major-studio release this year to have even a modicum of aesthetic ambition. For his... More>>
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