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Those Crazy Kids Drive Me Crazy.
A talented cast transcends Drive Me Crazy's cheesy formula
, September 30, 1999
The fact that Drive Me Crazy is actually based on a novel (How I Created My Perfect Prom Date, by Todd Strasser) is a sadder comment on the state... More>>
Bold Beauty American Beauty.
The hilarious and heartbreaking demise of a family
, September 23, 1999
Grown-ups, take heart. Even if you misspent your summer at the movies pigging out on reheated space adventure, slob humor and stubborn, old... More>>
So Far So Good My Life So Far.
Small is better in this story of introspection
, September 23, 1999
Ten-year-old Fraser Pettigrew leads an idyllic existence. He lives on a bucolic estate in Scotland with five siblings, four dogs, his gentle... More>>
Psyched Out Mumford.
Mumford muddles through fantasyland
, September 23, 1999
Have you heard? The only tools a nice fellow needs to repair the damaged psyches of an entire town are a guilty conscience and a dash of insight.... More>>
Solid Delivery For Love of the Game.
Costner scores by striking out the schmaltz
, September 16, 1999
"You and me?" asks catcher Gus Sinski (John C. Reilly) of his old friend, veteran pitcher Billy Chapel (Kevin Costner). "One more time?" It's a... More>>
Minus a Plus The Minus Man.
First-rate acting elevates this film beyond its familiar plot
, September 16, 1999
There's a long tradition of stories about mysterious drifters who arrive in a small town and either create trouble or catalyze an explosion of... More>>
Crimefighter in Spite of Himself Blue Streak
Blue Streak is not quite up to its identity crisis
, September 16, 1999
Since his TV show ended, Martin Lawrence has gotten more ink for his off-camera life than for his movie career. There's nothing about Blue Streak... More>>
History with Honor Return with Honor
Pilot POWs' survival goes far beyond the Vietnam War
, September 16, 1999
It is the wry humor and amazing equanimity of the men profiled in the documentary Return with Honor that proves most astonishing. They were among... More>>
A Stir of Bacon Stir of Echoes.
Ghostly Echoes add up to a posthypnotic thriller
, September 09, 1999
Whether it's bad or good commercial luck that the thriller Stir of Echoes follows so closely on the heels of The Sixth Sense, M. Night... More>>
Danish Dealers Pusher.
The Pusher's convincing, despite the familiar turf
, September 09, 1999
Danish film has been claiming a place for itself the past few years, starting with Lars Von Trier's Breaking the Waves and Thomas Vinterberg's... More>>
Ensemble Excess Illuminata.
Illuminata's quality cast starts strong but loses focus
, September 02, 1999
As a filmmaker, actor John Turturro clearly believes in drawing from personal experience: His directorial debut, the 1992 Mac (which won the... More>>
Outside In Outside Providence.
Farrellys' Providence pits innocence with outrageous fun
, September 02, 1999
When last we encountered Peter and Bobby Farrelly, they were pelting movie houses with industrial-strength jokes about retarded kids, lost semen,... More>>
Sweet Inspiration The Muse.
Brooks crafts another classy comedy with The Muse
, August 26, 1999
\Hollywood has always been one of Hollywood's favorite subjects. Every version of A Star Is Born, and recent black comedies such as Swimming with... More>>
Well Seasoned Autumn Tale.
Autumn Tale takes Rohmer's wisdom to the finish
, August 26, 1999
It has been almost 40 years since Eric Rohmer, riding the crest of the French New Wave, embarked on the first of his Six Moral Tales. The series... More>>
Vanilla Chocolate Better Than Chocolate.
Wheeler's lesbian effort comes up lite
, August 26, 1999
It seems like only yesterday that movies dealing with gay and lesbian life were synonymous with extravagant displays of gloom and doom. From the... More>>
Deep Shallow In Too Deep.
Undercover cop film is underdeveloped, too
, August 26, 1999
LL Cool J is God, at least to the characters of In Too Deep. He's crime lord Dwayne Gittens, otherwise known as "God" to his peeps on the street;... More>>
Soul-searching Twin Falls Idaho.
Conjoined brothers bring unique tenderness to Twin Falls Idaho
, August 19, 1999
There is something fairy-talelike, but also deeply human, about Twin Falls Idaho, a gentle, beautifully realized tale of love and intimacy that... More>>
Mickey Blue Eyes.
Go hide. Hugh Grant's in a gangster movie.
, August 19, 1999
Lo and behold the plight of the American gangster. John Gotti, the Dapper Don, has been sent down the river. His big-time heavy, Sammy "The Bull"... More>>
Tingle Hell Teaching Mrs. Tingle
A monstrous teacher finally meets her match
, August 19, 1999
If Kevin Williamson has anything to say about it, the good works of noble movie schoolteachers like Mr. Chips, Miss Dove and Mr. Holland will be... More>>
Murphy Magic Bowfinger.
Eddie saves the comic Bowfinger from Steve's blahs
, August 12, 1999
Filmmaker Bobby Bowfinger, the lead character in the intermittently funny Hollywood satire Bowfinger starring Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy, has... More>>
KISS Off Detroit Rock City.
Detroit Rock City wallows through teens and concert tickets
, August 12, 1999
Do not be fooled: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss receive top billing in Detroit Rock City, but KISS doesn't actually... More>>
Undeserving Heir Undeserving Heir
This Thomas Crown can't match the sizzle of the original
, August 05, 1999
One of our leading men's fashion magazines runs a column every month titled "What Were We Thinking?" to present a ludicrous photograph of a... More>>
Hysterical Heroes Hysterical Heroes
Loony Mystery Men have the power only to make us laugh
, August 05, 1999
In the highly competitive, dog-eat-dog world of the modern-day superhero, the members of the group that eventually becomes known as the Mystery... More>>
Senseless Senseless
Too many mysteries muddle what tries to be a feel-good horror movie
, August 05, 1999
It's always amusing when the movie industry discovers its spiritual side. Profoundly secular institution that it is, Hollywood promotes, at its... More>>
Iron Beauty Iron Beauty
A cartoon boy and a big metallic man carry a message of peace
, August 05, 1999
First published under the title The Iron Man in Great Britain in 1968, The Iron Giant is a minor classic of 20th-century children's literature.... More>>
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