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Potent Project Potent Project
Sheer suspense sends Blair Witch into legendary horror status
, July 15, 1999
The Blair Witch Project, the bone-chilling indie by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, is easily the scariest horror picture of the 1990s, a... More>>
Sad Finale Sad Finale
Eyes Wide Shut comes up short as Kubrick's last effort
, July 15, 1999
Eyes Wide Shut, the final motion picture from the late, great Stanley Kubrick, is easily the most anticipated adult film of the year. It's The... More>>
Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy Theory
Arlington Road runs through an American insurrection
, July 08, 1999
Do you feel snug and secure in your cozy suburban life? Are you happy in your picture-perfect home, with your carefully manicured lawn, your kids... More>>
Empty Innocence Empty Innocence
Pretty images and sound can't overcome a pointless film
, July 08, 1999
British director Mike Figgis came to filmmaking from the worlds of music and experimental theater. His love of music, coupled with his conception... More>>
Bittersweet Fare Bittersweet Fare
A cabbie confronts his boy and self-confusion in My Son

the Fanatic

, July 08, 1999
London-born novelist-screenwriter Hanif Kureishi doesn't have Margaret Thatcher to kick around anymore, as he did so incisively and effectively... More>>
Hormonal Hilarity Hormonal Hilarity
Raunchy American Pie turns testosterone into a terrific comedy
, July 08, 1999
It's about time we had a talk. Yeah, you know, that talk. The one about how uncomfortable and strange it is to be a young human male, how raging... More>>
Splendor in the Crass
, July 01, 1999
It all happens in a "pissant white-bread town" in Colorado. Just outside Denver is this strange place where people spot UFOs and the school nurse... More>>
Gotta Get the Money!
, July 01, 1999
Run Lola Run is proof that the influence of MTV on feature filmmaking hasn't been all bad. The jagged stylistic excess that dominates short-form... More>>
Wilde Fun
With great wit and cast, Ideal Husband is an ideal comedy
, June 24, 1999
Woe to the scribbler who presumes to rewrite a master -- unless he is so deft that his invasion of privacy produces something new and exciting. ... More>>
Perfect Pop
Sandler shines in the clever comedy Big Daddy
, June 24, 1999
The new Adam Sandler comedy, Big Daddy, isn't just the funniest movie of the summer; it's also the most improbable feel-good movie of the season.... More>>
Twice Is Nice
A light romantic comedy explores second chances
, June 17, 1999
Twice Upon a Yesterday seems almost too geared for the Sliding Doors crowd. By relying on the same kind of conceptual sleight of hand as that... More>>
All Things Irish
Erin goes blah in the gloomy mix of This Is My Father
, June 17, 1999
It has not been lost on the Quinn brothers -- actor Aidan, cinematographer Declan and writer/director Paul -- that in old Gaelic culture the... More>>
Limbo Shtick
Alaskan survival story suffers from Sayles's moralizing
, June 10, 1999
In John Sayles's Limbo, which is set amid the rough-and-tumble of southeast Alaska, an ex-salmon fisherman with guilty memories (David... More>>
Shaggy Dog
The insipid Austin Powers is a total waste
, June 10, 1999
A fine line divides inspired silliness from out-and-out witlessness; it's a short leap from grin to groan. In 1997's Austin Powers: International... More>>
Heart Chords
Bertolucci makes beautiful music with Besieged
, June 10, 1999
Bernardo Bertolucci's Besieged is a movie of enthralling visual poetry. Set almost entirely inside a ravishing Roman villa, it is a love story... More>>
Power Points
A stint in the human jungle pushes Instinct over the edge
, June 03, 1999
In an early scene in Instinct, released by Touchstone, a division of Disney's Buena Vista Pictures, we're told that a brilliant primatologist... More>>
An Heir for Art
, June 03, 1999
While Hong Kong movies have been invading Hollywood through the success of Jackie Chan, John Woo and others, mainland Chinese cinema has invaded... More>>
Guilt Galore
Creepy Six Ways swarms with mom-induced psychoses
, May 27, 1999
Six Ways to Sunday is only director Adam Bernstein's second theatrical film, so it's a little early to attempt a coherent analysis of his career.... More>>
Gay Festfor Films
Ten days of alternative films roll out with Get Real
, May 27, 1999
The Gay and Lesbian Film Festival opens with the British import Get Real, a film that didn't necessarily sound promising. It's the story of... More>>
Mellow Mamet
Director shows warmth for tradition in The Winslow Boy
, May 27, 1999
David Mamet, famous for his in-your-face characters, brutal and frequently raunchy dialogue and deliberate, staccato prose, would seem an... More>>
Notting Off
Star power isn't enough to overcome this hollow romance
, May 27, 1999
Maybe it's the damned blinking thing, because it's not simply the foppish hair and boyish face -- or, for that matter, even the vaguely befuddled... More>>
Oh, Bui!
Three Seasons shows off a young director's purity and purpose
, May 20, 1999
The story behind the making of Three Seasons is almost as interesting as the film itself, and that's saying something. Writer/director Tony Bui,... More>>
Cornball Castle
It's hard to root for little people portrayed as loonies
, May 20, 1999
The Castle is a modest little comedy from Australia that falls into the subgenre of Capraesque idealism, in the... More>>
Episode I: What Did You Expect?
It's Star Wars, all right
, May 20, 1999
Fans call it "that Star Wars feeling": the raw emotional high achieved by watching or even just thinking about the films of George Lucas. It's a... More>>
Write On
The Love Letter is a sunny romance with roots in an earlier era
, May 20, 1999
The Love Letter has the dubious distinction of being the other studio film to open this week. In a week when all the other majors have run for... More>>
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