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Fire and Ice
Arctic Circle's images cleverly reveal a love story
, May 20, 1999
Julio Medem's Lovers of the Arctic Circle is arguably an even more intriguing work than the recent truth-and-illusion triller Open Your Eyes,... More>>
Puck with Pluck
Midsummer Night's Dream masters the Bard's edgy fantasy
, May 13, 1999
A Midsummer Night's Dream came early in Shakespeare's career. He had written it by at least 1598, in roughly the same period as another... More>>
Lust Lessons
A worldly woman and boy-toy tangle in The School of Flesh
, May 13, 1999
The love affair at the heart of Benoit Jacquot's The School of Flesh has to be the longest shot on the board. Pairing a woman of the world with a... More>>
Beyond Teens
Savvy Election shows ageless appeal
, May 06, 1999
The latest release from Paramount Pictures' bouncing baby, MTV Films, is set in a high school and has been inoculated with the usual doses of... More>>
Truth or Fantasy
The Spanish Open Your Eyes toys with reality
, May 06, 1999
We seem to be in the middle of one of those thematic blitzes that happen every now and then in the film world. Last year there was Dark City and... More>>
Dream Urchins
Wrenching Angels does a Euro-take on young angst
, May 06, 1999
When we first see Isa, the 21-year-old heroine of Erick Zonca's The Dreamlife of Angels, she's trudging under the weight of a huge backpack... More>>
Stormin' Mormon
SLC Punk! shows young rebels, but not their relevance
, May 06, 1999
The SLC in SLC Punk! stands for Salt Lake City, but it might as well stand for Some Lucky Chump. The filmmaker, James Merendino, has stated that... More>>
Mood Over Matter
, April 29, 1999
A quality documentary will not only draw in viewers with an interesting story, it will explain and explore the world it is trying to document.... More>>
No Pain, No Gain
Dancemaker glosses over the life of Paul Taylor
, April 29, 1999
Choreographer Paul Taylor's not a happy man. His dances are filled with anger and sadness -- even his happiest, everything-is-beautiful ballet... More>>
Caught in the Act
Connery's charisma flees from the feeble Entrapment
, April 29, 1999
Sean Connery has always been a terse, minimalist actor, spitting out his lines in tight bursts of Scottish brogue. But in Entrapment, the kingly... More>>
Hands Up
Ganja, gore and good humor the fun's back in a horror flick
, April 29, 1999
The most surprising thing about the new teensploitation horror film Idle Hands is the lack of masturbation jokes. It is a movie about a... More>>
Control Freaks
Quality acting overcomes a thin plot in Pushing Tin
, April 22, 1999
In Pushing Tin, the edgy new comedy from British director Mike Newell, the dominant image is a black screen pulsing with obscure fluorescent... More>>
Great Pods
Comic eXistenZ turns erotic mind games into sigh-fi
, April 22, 1999
Just as David Cronenberg's The Fly (1986) came off as an organic reaction to a terrible new wasting disease, his new movie crystallizes the... More>>
Spade and Neutered
Sterile, overdone comedy dogs Lost and Found
, April 22, 1999
Comedian David Spade's chosen shtick -- every line a zinger, every crack calculated to draw blood -- works well in the short bursts... More>>
True Drew's Delight and an Edgy Go
Barrymore's light Never Been Kissed surpasses Liman
, April 15, 1999
Courage comes in an infinite variety of forms and faces, but who among us would be brave enough to go back and relive our high school years, face... More>>
A confused prison comedy locks up Eddie Murphy's talent
, April 15, 1999
Imagine, if you will, one of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby's classic road movies that never leaves the terminal, and you have pretty much described... More>>
Feel-good Fortune
Altman's back with a strong Southern drama
, April 08, 1999
Has any major American director had quite so many career swings as Robert Altman? Maybe not, but if there's one thing the last 30 years have made... More>>
Steve Martin misses the spark in this remake
, April 08, 1999
Steve Martin says he doesn't want audiences to expect the same old Steve Martin whenever he stars in a comedy. But that means one thing when he's... More>>
Drawing Bard
Ten Things is the latest film to follow Shakespeare
, April 01, 1999
A couple of years or so ago Jane Austen suddenly rose from classical obscurity to become the hottest screenwriter in Hollywood. Now, it is... More>>
High-tech High Jinks
Sci-fi Matrix moves beyond reality at warp speed
, April 01, 1999
Stuffed full of fantasy comics, addicted to action and steeped in digital technology, the frenetic moviemakers Andy and Larry Wachowski have done... More>>
Reel Time
EDtv tries to upstage Truman on TV's impact
, March 25, 1999
"I hope it's better than The Truman Show," said the woman in line behind me at the publicized "sneak preview" of EDtv. Afterward a man in my row... More>>
Myles of Ego
Smugness spoils the pursuit of romance in 20 Dates
, March 25, 1999
Self-serving confessions are a mainstay of bestseller lists; now we're doomed to see their ilk on screen. The film 20 Dates is the not-so-verite... More>>
Odd Squad
, March 25, 1999
Ginger and Fred. Shirley Temple and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds. To the list of unforgettable movie dance... More>>
Allah My Children
Thank Heaven and Iran for a solid kids film
, March 18, 1999
The last decade has been an extraordinary period for Iranian cinema. Restricted by minuscule budgets, filmmakers have been forced to fall back on... More>>
Tame Old Story
Forces of Nature walks on the mild side of classics
, March 18, 1999
At the movies, the fun-loving temptress has been liberating the buttoned-up clod ever since Katharine Hepburn's leopard made off with Cary... More>>
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