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The General brilliantly captures a Cagneylike Irish crime boss
, March 18, 1999
Jimmy Cagney brought the same electric physicality to gangsters that he did to song-and-dance men. He gave a bright-eyed mug such as his... More>>
Harmonists Way
A bittersweet tale of German music makers before the fall
, March 11, 1999
In 1993 Disney released Swing Kids, a dead-earnest portrait of rebellious German jazz fans during the Third Reich. This bizarre hybrid -- a blend... More>>
Tarantino's Guy
Hollywood has found a new director in the flawed Lock, Stock
, March 11, 1999
The British caper film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels has been such a success back home that Hollywood studios are now competing intensely... More>>
Lost and Found
A boy and real depth are both missing in this movie
, March 11, 1999
The Deep End of the Ocean starts as a maternal horror movie and ends up as a family therapy session. Michelle Pfeiffer plays the photographer... More>>
Couch Capo
De Niro's comedic mob mastery excels in Analyze This
, March 04, 1999
When hitmen wore hats and Cadillacs had running boards, the average Mafia don could knock off the Tattaglia brothers in mid afternoon and sit... More>>
Media Mother
Savoca turns birth and ratings into The 24 Hour Woman
, March 04, 1999
The independent production/distribution company The Shooting Gallery probably got a lot more attention when Monica Lewinsky showed up in... More>>
Cinematic Feet
Tango goes screen dancing
, March 04, 1999
Tango provides a happy intersection of the never-waning craze for the intense, erotic Argentinean dance-and-music art form and venerable Spanish... More>>
Regular Joe
Loach sheds the sentimental in a tender look at a tough hero
, March 04, 1999
In the three decades that director Ken Loach has been a steadfast champion of the British working class, his films have lost none of their sting.... More>>
Oh, Sister
Reality flees this feel-good romantic comedy
, February 25, 1999
Director Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman, Beaches) has always tended toward unrealistically feel-good movies, and The Other Sister is no exception.... More>>
Ultra Lights
200 Cigarettes provides pleasantries, if not substance
, February 25, 1999
Under the opening titles of 200 Cigarettes, we hear Bow Wow Wow's near-peerless bubble-gum anthem "I Want Candy." The movie that follows seems... More>>
Play It Again, Sham
A band reunion becomes gentle satire in Still Crazy
, February 25, 1999
Between the current nostalgia for platform shoes and the epidemic of midlife crisis that has so many baby boomers in its grip, director Brian... More>>
Hungarian Horror
Talking heads handicap the opening of this Holocaust documentary
, February 18, 1999
The Last Days is the first film released by the Shoah Foundation, created by Steven Spielberg, among others, to document the lives and stories of... More>>
Affecting Affliction
A grimly compelling film searches for souls and a murder suspect
, February 18, 1999
In the archetypal dead-end town of Lawford, New Hampshire, cold-eyed men looking for trouble prowl the streets in four-by-fours with chrome... More>>
Retro Rocket
Sputnik-inspired October Sky runs hot and coal
, February 18, 1999
The opening scenes of October Sky don't hold out much promise. They find us back in the extremely familiar territory of the American '50s,... More>>
Cryin' Shame
Too sweet tears turn Message into mush
, February 11, 1999
Short of nuclear holocaust, a major sale at Kmart or a confirmed Clint Eastwood sighting back in rural Iowa, there's probably no way to keep the... More>>
All That Jazz
Masters Mingus and Gordon get their due in Rice documentaries
, February 11, 1999
Now that Houston has become, however fleetingly, a good jazz town, with more live jazz available on a Tuesday night than on a Saturday of even... More>>
Paradise Lost
Junkies on the lam take a trite track through reality
, February 04, 1999
Halfway through Another Day in Paradise, a leather-clad Melanie Griffith hauls a rifle into a hotel room where a drug deal has just gone sour.... More>>
Pulp Friction
Gibson's Payback translates solidly to the screen
, February 04, 1999
The new Mel Gibson vehicle, Payback, is arguably the first major-studio release this year to have even a modicum of aesthetic ambition. For his... More>>
Rushmore or Less
Murray tries to rescue a comedy stalled in self-importance
, February 04, 1999
In the 1993 hit Groundhog Day, Bill Murray played a show-biz smart-ass who grew into a human being. Murray added a core of warmth and romance to... More>>
Teen Scheme
A weird wager doesn't make She's All That a good bet
, January 28, 1999
You can't escape it. No matter where you run, no matter where you hide, you just can't escape the arsenal of teensploitation flicks that'll be... More>>
French Twist
Desperate village youths delivera grim Life of Jesus
, January 28, 1999
First things first. This ain't your father's Life of Jesus. In fact, it's no life of Jesus at all, not even an allegorical one. Which is just as... More>>
Two for the Road
An affecting odd couple emerge from Brazil's Central Station
, January 21, 1999
The Brazilian film Central Station concerns the relationship between a homeless nine-year-old boy and the insensitive, acerbic woman who... More>>
Wonderfully Wicked
A Simple Plan spins gold from stark greed
, January 21, 1999
Ultra tough guy Jesse "The Body" Ventura says he means business as the new governor of Minnesota. But for now, the nasty crime wave in that state... More>>
Hi-Lo Ho-Hum
A fine Western love story gets reduced into a Mild Bunch
, January 21, 1999
"Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose," Kris Kristofferson sings in his most beguiling song, "Me and Bobby McGee." Stephen... More>>
Heart Failure
Carroll's impressive cast can't overcome this thin film
, January 21, 1999
Here's the first great movie mystery of the year: How did second-time director Willard Carroll line up the likes of Sean Connery, Ellen Burstyn,... More>>
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