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Reality Check
Stylish Shattered Image smashes narrative rules wonderfully
, December 10, 1998
According to the sparse information available in standard reference books, Chilean expatriate director Ral Ruiz, now in his late fifties, ha... More>>
Singing Praises
Little Voice lights up the soul with humor and pathos
, December 03, 1998
British actress Jane Horrocks is thrice-gifted: She can act, she can sing, and she can sing like Judy Garland. And like Shirley Bassey, Marilyn... More>>
Awe That's Eel
A troubled woman and an ex-convict create a compelling Asian film
, December 03, 1998
In The Eel, which won the Palme D'Or at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival, director Shohei Imamura once again demonstrates his empathy for the... More>>
Movie Starr?
Enemy of the State parallels special prosecutor plots
, December 03, 1998
Here we go again. Enemy of the State is Fascism in America 1998, Chapter Four ... or Five ... or whatever we're up to. It readily invites... More>>
Fantastic Antics
A Bug's Life brings out the best of Pixar's new breed
, November 26, 1998
Surprise and pleasure come wrapped together in A Bug's Life. This big adventure about tiny critters is the latest piece of robust whimsy from... More>>
Very Bad It Is
Berg's sour script kills off suspense as well as a stripper
, November 26, 1998
In the rancid nightmare farce called Very Bad Things, Peter Berg, in his movie writing-directing debut, creates characters that you immediately... More>>
Allen's Landing
Woody's clever Celebrity charts the descending pain of fame
, November 19, 1998
Holed up with his Sidney Bechet records, old flannel shirts and dog-eared copy of War and Peace, Woody Allen has made a second career of shunning... More>>
Throne Out
Exotic Elizabeth has admirable themes but an addled plot
, November 19, 1998
Even students of English history may have trouble sorting out the palace intrigues and intragovernmental conspiracies that fill Elizabeth, the... More>>
American History Xploitation
Nobody's clamoring to claim this uncertain neo-Nazi film
, November 12, 1998
American History X, a hard-edged look at American neo-Nazis, arrives in theaters with a lot of behind-the-scenes baggage: First-time director... More>>
Irregular Joe
Plodding pace and humorless Pitt result in dead Meet
, November 12, 1998
Well, now we know why the term "bored to death" was invented. Meet Joe Black takes an interesting idea -- Death assumes human form and comes to... More>>
Great Dane Dogma
Denmark collective debuts with the bitter comedy Celebration
, November 12, 1998
Denmark was the first Scandinavian country to have a film industry, but -- with the exception of the revered Carl Dreyer (The Passion of Joan of... More>>
Stock Shock
Does anybody care that I Still Know What You Did?
, November 12, 1998
First, a disclaimer: Having missed last year's I Know What You Did Last Summer, I deliberately put off seeing it until after viewing its sequel,... More>>
Glam-rock Goldmine
Stylish Velvet unfolds to reveal real substance
, November 05, 1998
Fifteen minutes into Velvet Goldmine, director Todd Haynes's love letter to England's glam-rock scene of the late '60s/early '70s, the film has... More>>
Rights Out
Freedoms and order are at odds in the provocative Siege
, November 05, 1998
Fascism is in the air ... well, at least it's on movie screens. In a two-week stretch we've seen old Nazis (Life Is Beautiful), neo-Nazis... More>>
Surreal Appeal Still
1957 Cabiria returns as a study in Fellini's transition
, November 05, 1998
Postwar Italy's most heralded contribution to world cinema may have been neorealism, but its most distinctive and beloved filmmaker was Federico... More>>
Appealing Alarmist
Dark comedy may be entering a bright new era with this offbeat film
, November 05, 1998
The hero of Evan Dunsky's The Alarmist is a dopey innocent named Tommy Hudler (Scream's David Arquette), whose only sin seems to be falling in... More>>
All in Vein
Clichs are the real killers in the anemic action film Vampires
, October 29, 1998
When Montoya, one of the fearless vampire killers in John Carpenter's Vampires, tells another character that nobody believes in the title... More>>
To Die Laughing
Chaplinesque Life uses humor against Holocaust horrors
, October 29, 1998
In 1994's The Monster (Il mostro), his most recent film to gain wide American release, the Italian writer/director/star Roberto Benigni put... More>>
Hard Body Tex-Zen
, October 29, 1998
The Lone Star State supplies an extremely unlikely subject for a documentary -- Hands On a Hard Body -- that develops into one of those Zen... More>>
Grand Slam
Poetry is the great escape for this prison film
, October 22, 1998
The first time we see Ray Joshua, the young black hero of director Marc Levin's impressive feature debut Slam, we get a vivid taste of the... More>>
Haunting Happiness
A dark comedy takes a compelling look at lonely heartbreak
, October 22, 1998
For filmmaker Todd Solondz, it's always midnight in suburbia. Life is lonely, and the natives can be hostile. In his daring second film,... More>>
Boys in the Bond
The Mighty mixes myth and reality for a fresh fable
, October 15, 1998
The hero of The Mighty -- the title character, in fact -- is an eighth-grader known by the nickname Freak (Kieran Culkin). His might isn't... More>>
Moved by the Spirit
Post-slavery Beloved unleashes emotions
, October 15, 1998
Beloved, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by the much-revered Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, is a tragic, sorrowful affair -- just like... More>>
Gypsy Woman
Gadjo Dilo dances with dark tragedy and humor
, October 15, 1998
Insofar as filmmaker Tony Gatlif's justly admired "Gypsy Trilogy" is an exploration of his roots and a search for his nature -- he was born in... More>>
Seeking the Cure
, October 08, 1998
This Saturday and Sunday, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston holds three screenings of a film that's a mystery, a detective story and a documentary... More>>
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