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Snakes Alive
De Palma and Cage craft a creepy thriller
, August 06, 1998
Nicolas Cage has never seemed more dazzling than he does in the new Brian De Palma thriller Snake Eyes. Playing Rick Santoro, a corrupt Atlantic... More>>
Hour Gang
Slow countdown stifles the cute Clockwatchers
, August 06, 1998
It's a truism that unless your film picks up momentum as it goes along, you'd do well not to put a ticking clock in it. Thrillers like The Big... More>>
Dark Red Star
A boy and a Bolshevik bop steal The Thief
, August 06, 1998
Your first reward for seeing The Thief will be to learn a word of Russian. During the title credits, the word BOP almost covers the screen, but... More>>
The Negotiator surrenders to a silly plot
, July 30, 1998
Do we really need to see the great Kevin Spacey fuming and fussing in one of those we-do-things-my-way-or-we-don't-do-them-at-all roles? In The... More>>
Take Two
A fun documentary follows From Dusk Till Dawn
, July 30, 1998
Thanks to the hungry maw of cable TV, nearly every movie production is now accompanied by a documentary crew, assigned to get enough footage for... More>>
Math Madness
Frenzied II adds up as an original
, July 30, 1998
You'll want to go easy on the caffeine before seeing IIł ("Pi"), the debut feature of writer/director Darren Aronofsky. His tale about th... More>>
Marriage Blahs
Flat characters and script deflate Polish Wedding
, July 30, 1998
The feature directorial debut of writer/director Theresa Connelly is a complete misfire. What is meant to be a somewhat farcical, but also... More>>
Combat Reality
Spielberg desanitizes WWII with the powerful Saving Private Ryan
, July 23, 1998
The first shot in Steven Spielberg's remarkable World War II epic Saving Private Ryan is an American flag with the sun behind it. It's a... More>>
Fool's Gold
Offbeat "epic" Henry Fool hunts for authentic humanity
, July 16, 1998
Epics aren't what they used to be. Hal Hartley's new film Henry Fool has been described using the "e" word by sources ranging from Janet Maslin... More>>
Buffed Up
Stylish Buffalo '66 makes an incomplete pass
, July 16, 1998
Director/writer/composer/star/visionary Vincent Gallo, a left-field character actor whose best work has been in the films of mainstream... More>>
Mark of the Zzzzs
Lame Mask of Zorro lacks cojones
, July 16, 1998
In The Mask of Zorro, Anthony Hopkins plays the eponymous masked hero as if he were doing Shakespeare. He's trying to turn a kitsch hero into a... More>>
Cultural Front
Smoke Signals laughs and cries Native-American style
, July 09, 1998
Smoke Signals is a rare drama about modern life on an Indian reservation that, unlike Hollywood fare such as Dances with Wolves, has been written... More>>
Saharan Stunner
Like its leopard, the sleek and evocative Passion prowls the senses
, July 09, 1998
The winds that sweep across the Sahara kick up ferocious sandstorms. Dunes change shape by the hour, flying particles blind the eye, and all... More>>
Career High
Sheedy shines in the pansexual angst of High Art
, July 02, 1998
High Art is a low-budget American independent movie about a junkie lesbian photographer, Lucy Berliner (Ally Sheedy), who spends most of her time... More>>
All Climax
Feeling is forgotten in hard-sell Armageddon
, July 02, 1998
Michael Bay is the director of Bad Boys and The Rock and the new asteroid-attack movie Armageddon -- which should be called The Very Big Rock. He... More>>
Leonard's Canny Charmer
Out of Sight satisfies the eyes, mind and emotions
, June 25, 1998
Too many post-Woody Allen movies have been made about "sex in the head." The smart, engaging Out of Sight is an action comedy about love in the... More>>
User-Friendly Farce
Mr. Jealousy hits the mark for director Baumbach
, June 25, 1998
Armed again with the comedy of despair, but with a far sight more focus than last time out, Kicking and Screaming director Noah Baumbach takes on... More>>
Hankies Aweigh
The Land Girls takes off as a decent tearjerker, then runs dry
, June 25, 1998
There will always be a Britain; and that means there will always be movies about the pluck and sacrifice, during World War II, of the little... More>>
Unsweet 16
Is this noble effort a coming-of-age film or an ensemble inquiry?
, June 25, 1998
The Opposite of Sex begins at the funeral of a man who deserved to die. We know this because his 16-year-old stepdaughter Dedee (Christina Ricci)... More>>
Tonka Turns Tomboy
Disney goes East in Mulan to give girls their due
, June 18, 1998
It's Christmas vacation, 1958. The movie my dad has chosen for a first-grade pal and me to see is the new Disney live-action adventure Tonka,... More>>
X-Filer Fun
Plot holes aside, Scully and Mulder once again manage to entertain
, June 18, 1998
The X-Files is a movie that answers questions ... no, wait a minute: The X-Files is a movie that asks questions.... The X-Files is a movie that... More>>
Bedroom Banter
Hav Plenty offers light humor, African-American style
, June 18, 1998
With '80s-style torn jeans, pimples strategically adorning his forehead and hair looking like it just came out of a coma, Christopher Scott... More>>
Power Mower
Lawn Dogs yawns first, then surges
, June 11, 1998
For much of its first hour, Lawn Dogs staggers between success and failure. The film's first images, for example, of a "Lawn Dog" (an unfortunate... More>>
Love Bane of Cobain
Kurt and Courtney overcomes serious flaws for an intriguing, offbeat documentary
, June 11, 1998
Nick Broomfield's biggest asset is his ability to keep a straight face. The British documentary-maker's several films about transgressive women... More>>
Tube Message
Everyman's Jim Carrey examines TV's omnipotence in The Truman Show
, June 04, 1998
The Truman Show, starring Jim Carrey, is the zeitgeist movie of the hour. How could it not be? It's all about the omnipotence of television and... More>>
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