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Tolstoy, Stripped for Speed
, May 01, 1997
Bernard Rose, the writer/director of the new movie version of Anna Karenina, talks about how lucky he was to discover "this marvelous story as an... More>>
Pulp Friction
Can the creator of Conan the Barbarian fall in love?
, May 01, 1997
Robert E. Howard, the subject of Dan Ireland's wonderful debut film The Whole Wide World, created the sword-and-sorcery genre with his Conan... More>>
Prisoners of Bore
Bruce Beresford's Paradise Road ends up leading nowhere
, April 24, 1997
No one exploited the historical-epic form better than David Lean. At his peak, he used its spaciousness and breadth to develop characters with... More>>
, April 24, 1997
On the festival-and-promo tour that helped the necrophiliac Kissed net advance praise everywhere from the Atlantic Monthly to Newsweek,... More>>
I Lava L.A.!
Volcano destroys the City of Angels with hot magma and cool affection
, April 24, 1997
If you think that all the ills of the planet can be traced to the stench from the movie, record and television industries, and that Los Angeles... More>>
Dead Heads
In this brainless comedy, the corpses are the liveliest things on the screen
, April 17, 1997
Remember this joke? Question: How can you lose ten pounds of ugly fat? Answer: Cut off your head. Well, according to the press kit for 8... More>>
, April 17, 1997
One of the biggest discussion topics among cinephiles -- courtesy of the recent Oscar season -- is whether Hollywood is petering out because it... More>>
A Killer
Grosse Pointe Blank aims high and hits its target
, April 10, 1997
There are way too many movies about hit men, but that shouldn't dissuade you from seeing Grosse Pointe Blank. It's not quite like any other movie... More>>
Catch Her in the Rye
In the delightful Chasing Amy, there's more to sex than love
, April 10, 1997
Kevin Smith is an impassioned jokester. The young writer/director double-whammies the audience by filling in his stick figures with thick brush... More>>
Hard, Round and Full of Seamen
The ultimate man's movie is back -- and longer than ever
, April 10, 1997
TV programmers and film distributors must be hearing the Call of the Deep. How else to explain the near-simultaneous presentation of two... More>>
From Russia, with Love
With the loopy, retro Saint, Val Kilmer has himself a new franchise
, April 03, 1997
When Val Kilmer walked away from the Batman franchise, it was only a matter of time before he offered up his own competing brand. The Saint isn't... More>>
Abortion for Grins
, April 03, 1997
Nobody is going to accuse writer/director Alexander Payne of being chickenshit. For his first feature, the hilarious Citizen Ruth, he has not... More>>
God Help Them
Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt are shooting blanks in The Devil's Own
, March 27, 1997
In The Devil's Own, Brad Pitt plays Frankie McGuire, an Irish Republican Army gunman with 24 kills to his credit -- 13 British soldiers and 11... More>>
Children on a Train
, March 27, 1997
"Remember?" Lore Segal asks as she holds up a shoelace attached to a cardboard label numbered "152." A gasp escapes from an unseen room of... More>>
Star Bright
Nava paints a safe, pretty and awfully pleasant portrait in Selena
, March 20, 1997
Selena opens with a re-enactment of the Tejano singer's February 1995 concert at the Astrodome. Bedecked in a sparkling purple jumpsuit, the... More>>
Wasted Youth
With subUrbia, the director of Slacker becomes one
, March 20, 1997
The new Richard Linklater film, subUrbia, adapted by Eric Bogosian from his 1994 play, opens with a long, unbroken tracking shot through a... More>>
Angst Among Thieves
City of Industry is too existential for its own good
, March 13, 1997
City of Industry starts out promisingly and then turns into the kind of crime thriller only a pointy-headed postmodernist could love. Since a lot... More>>
Kickin' It
, March 13, 1997
love jones -- writer/director Theodore Witcher's debut film, which won the Audience Award at January's Sundance Film Festival -- takes a lucid... More>>
Jack Squat
Nicholson's latest falls far short of Five Easy Pieces
, March 13, 1997
If we take Bob Rafelson at his word, Blood & Wine completes a trilogy about family relationships that started with the director's two crowning... More>>
Radio Daze
Howard Stern shows off his Private Parts, and they're really quite nice
, March 06, 1997
During the first few minutes of Howard Stern's romp through his inexplicable life, he spells out his mission: Private Parts will both convert the... More>>
, March 06, 1997
Given that hip-hop has begun turning on itself -- gangsta factions splinter between Left and Right coasts, Marion "Suge" Knight is knocked off... More>>
Bumpy Ride
David Lynch barrels down the Lost Highway and crashes into twisted brilliance
, February 27, 1997
In the two decades since Eraserhead, David Lynch has established himself as American cinema's premier surrealist, our own Wizard of Weird.... More>>
A Sharp Right
In When We Were Kings, Ali delivers the performance of a lifetime
, February 27, 1997
In Norman Mailer's The Fight, his great book on the Muhammad Ali/George Foreman "Rumble in the Jungle," he begins by writing of Ali, "There is... More>>
A Deep Cut
Thornton's haunting, droll Sling Blade draws rich blood
, February 20, 1997
Billy Bob Thornton's richly observed Sling Blade opens with a prologue that can only be described as its own small film, a laconically eerie... More>>
Life and Darth
, February 20, 1997
Irvin Kershner's The Empire Strikes Back, the continuation of George Lucas's Star Wars, is a classic in its own right, one I vastly prefer to the... More>>
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