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A Real Girl
, April 18, 1996
On a drearily overcast Sunday afternoon six years ago, I visited Auschwitz. For reasons I didn't entirely understand at first, I felt compelled... More>>
Slavic Surprise
, April 11, 1996
Makarov is not a straightforward, linear movie. Instead, this is an odd, dark and comic film about the problems of being a poet and a gun owner.... More>>
Personal Journey
, April 11, 1996
With The Journey of August King, John Duigan (The Year My Voice Broke, Sirens) has done a masterful job of bringing the audience to another time,... More>>
World of Film
Smaller, and with shorts, WorldFest/Houston cranks up its projectors
, April 11, 1996
Once again, the WorldFest/Houston International Film Festival is offering more of the same, only less. Continuing its evolution into the "lean,... More>>
Price Guide
, April 11, 1996
If you want to catch all that WorldFest has to offer, you have a couple of options. You can buy individual tickets ($20 for the opening night... More>>
A Few Concessions
, April 11, 1996
A film festival is not all art and culture. Like any other celebration of fandom, a film festival is also about indulgence. Aficionados take time... More>>
, April 11, 1996
Despite their high profile on A-list festivals in Europe and Canada, South Korean films are conspicuous by their absence from the diet of U.S.... More>>
Taking Chances
, April 11, 1996
Sitting through Bruno Barreto's Carried Away is a bit like watching someone defuse a bomb. A great deal of your appreciation for what you're... More>>
A Tour of Tavernier
, April 04, 1996
In addition to introducing the Lumiere program at the MFA, Bertrand Tavernier will discuss his own oeuvre during his visit to Houston. At 7:30... More>>
Talked to Death
Headline:Faithful proves too true to the play that birthed it
, April 04, 1996
Anyone searching for a definition of the term "canned theater" need look no further than Faithful. Despite some profanely funny dialogue and... More>>
Lights, Action, History
A century ago, France's Lumiere brothers started something big -- the movies
, April 04, 1996
On the evening of December 28, 1895, two brothers greeted visitors arriving at the basement salon of a popular cafe on Paris' fashionable... More>>
Family Values
Jones and Duvall make a tale of two brothers a tale to remember
, March 28, 1996
Robert Duvall has a couple of moments during the early scenes of A Family Thing that are so emotionally eloquent, so absolutely right, he almost... More>>
Fatal Femmes
, March 28, 1996
Purists will doubtless cringe at the very suggestion that you might have fun with Diabolique, Jeremiah Chechik's Americanized remake of... More>>
Talk It Up
Spike Lee works the phone-sex lines, but loses his connection
, March 21, 1996
It says a lot about Spike Lee's creative energy, and his adherence to the American work ethic, that within the space of a decade he's made nine... More>>
Antonio Times Two
A Banderas bounty is just one of the pleasures of Two Much
, March 21, 1996
Double your pleasure, double your fun -- Antonio Banderas, the sexiest man in movies today, plays two roles, sort of. As Rock Hudson did in... More>>
Foreign Affairs
, March 21, 1996
What a difference a year -- and several imported American stars -- can make. The 1995 Berlin International Film Festival boasted only a... More>>
Fall Down, Go Thud
, March 14, 1996
Seldom has any movie illustrated the Peter Principle more vividly than If Lucy Fell. This obnoxiously smug little comedy is the second feature to... More>>
Murder, She Said
Fargo gives us comedy, killing -- and an eight-month pregnant detective
, March 14, 1996
The career of Joel and Ethan Coen -- the writing/producing/directing pair of brothers (both write, Ethan produces, Joel directs, with some... More>>
Family Values
The Birdcage updates La Cage Aux Folles with some political bite
, March 07, 1996
They share a loving, long-term relationship based on shared interests, mutual respect and an immensely satisfying joint career. Of course, they... More>>
Stage Play
, February 29, 1996
Why, indeed, must the show go on? This question is of more than academic interest to Joe Harper (Michael Maloney), a high-strung, chronically... More>>
Choice Chan
, February 29, 1996
There are two scenes in Rumble in the Bronx that go a long way toward explaining why, in Asia, Jackie Chan is a movie star who eclipses the likes... More>>
Family Troubles
Before and After asks: When a son's accused of a crime, what do you do?
, February 29, 1996
At the beginning of Barbet Schroeder's new Before and After, we're shown a winter landscape of steel blue skies and crisp snow; as the camera... More>>
City Hall Confusion
, February 22, 1996
City Hall is a frustrating near-miss movie. On the plus side, it's got John Cusack in a lead role, sharp and intriguing character interplay and... More>>
Ready for Takeoff
Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket is a whimsical delight
, February 22, 1996
At a time when it seems as though half the new young filmmakers want to be Quentin Tarantino, while the other half want to be Martin Scorsese,... More>>
Woo? Wow!
John Woo's latest isn't his best, but he still leads the action pack
, February 15, 1996
Given the current state of high-tech trickery available to filmmakers, just about any director with an adequate budget can give you maximum bang... More>>
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