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Genre Man Genre Man
Grand Piano’s Elijah Wood gives his all to indie thrillers.
, March 13, 2014
Like James Bond, Elijah Wood spends his latest film in a tuxedo trying to save a beautiful blonde from an assassin. Only he's gotta do it sitting... More>>
The Welcome Return of Kurt Russell The Welcome Return of Kurt Russell
Here are a few of our favorite Kurts.
, March 13, 2014
A wise man — or, more precisely, a wiseass trucker named Jack Burton — once opined that "it’s all in the reflexes." Few actors... More>>
There's More to Streaming Than Netflix There's More to Streaming Than Netflix
, March 13, 2014
As of this writing, the Netflix Instant catalog boasts more than 10,000 titles available for online streaming -- a number that, as per the... More>>
I'm Trying to Love Wes Anderson, That Miniaturist Puppet-Master I'm Trying to Love Wes Anderson, That Miniaturist Puppet-Master
, March 13, 2014
If you were to survey people who pay attention to movies -- to go door-to-door with a clipboard, a sharpened No. 2 pencil, and a sheaf of forms... More>>
May Catch On Sparks
Indie superhero flick Sparks almost soars — and is grimly promising.
, March 13, 2014
Here's a hearty keep-at-it award for Christopher Folino and Todd Burrows, directors of this restless, reckless superhero crime curio, an... More>>
These Kids Yesterday Teenage
The engrossing Teenage shows why they are who they are.
, March 13, 2014
Today it's hard for us to fathom why preachers used to rail so vehemently against jitterbugging. Even with cultural context — black music... More>>
Endless Love Earns Its Title the Bad Way Endless Love Earns Its Title the Bad Way
, March 13, 2014
The endless love in question unfolds in that universe where shy, bookish teenage girls are always catalog-model beautiful, not a pimple in sight... More>>
He’s Gotta Have It He’s Gotta Have It
In Nymphomaniac, von Trier plunges deep.
, March 13, 2014
Let's start with the ending, the closing credits disclaimer that insists that none of the lead actors in Lars von Trier's two-part erotic epic... More>>
Life Carved From Clay Life Carved From Clay
Surviving the Khmer Rouge, with puppets.
, March 13, 2014
A friend of mine, who's in his fifties, is getting an MFA in nonfiction writing. Many of the other students in his program are in their twenties,... More>>
The Dune That Died The Dune That Died
Could the surrealist have made a blockbuster?
, March 13, 2014
The most perfect works of art are those suspended between conception and realization, the ones that seize you up with how great they're gonna be.... More>>
Fans’ Fiction Fans’ Fiction
Veronica Mars gets kickstarted into adulthood.
, March 13, 2014
According to lore, Liberace used to greet the tourists who'd come by bus to gawk at his bejeweled home with the line, "I hope you like it. After... More>>
Fourteen Going on Everything Fourteen Going on Everything
A bracing look at what girls want.
, March 13, 2014
In her pitch-perfect feature film debut, writer-director Eliza Hittman explores the terrible uncertainties of adolescence, and in the process... More>>
Speaking Truth to the Choir Speaking Truth to the Choir
The Anita Hill doc doesn’t bother making a case.
, March 13, 2014
Have you ever felt that you needed to see Anita Hill's family doing the Electric Slide? It's clear from the subtitle that Freida Mock's... More>>
Missing Dads Missing Dads
Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club isn’t bad if you bring a bullshit detector.
, March 13, 2014
Tyler Perry probably wishes he'd been raised by a single mom. As he has said in interviews, his father, Emmitt, was abusive and once beat him so... More>>
300: Rise of an Empire Offers More Bloody Hunks — and Eva Green 300: Rise of an Empire
There's something for everyone in this XXL sequel.
, March 06, 2014
Man, woman, gay, straight, bi: There's something for everyone in 300: Rise of an Empire, the XXL sequel to the also-larger-than-life... More>>
Three Reasons Why HBO's Looking Is the Perfect Show for Women Three Reasons Why HBO's Looking Is the Perfect Show for Women
, March 06, 2014
(Spoiler alert: The following piece discusses up to the February 16 episode of Looking.)HBO's Looking has had a tough time winning over its... More>>
Alain Resnais Imagined the Whole Memory of the World Alain Resnais Imagined the Whole Memory of the World
, March 06, 2014
Alain Resnais's last completed film, Life of Riley (2014), presents a group of aging friends who plan, hope, wish, dream and scheme after they... More>>
The Meh Wayback: Mr. Peabody & Sherman The Meh Wayback: Mr. Peabody & Sherman
, March 06, 2014
First, the pleasant surprises. In puffing up the slight, absurd Mr. Peabody and Sherman shorts from Jay Ward’s The Rocky and Bullwinkle... More>>
Squeezing the Globe Big Men
Big Men reveals how the world of oil actually turns.
, March 06, 2014
Here's the rare current-affairs documentary that doesn't just show us something gone wrong in some part of our world. Rachel Boynton's first-rate... More>>
You Won’t Feel It You Won’t Feel It
Need for Speed goes nowhere fast.
, March 06, 2014
Think adapting War and Peace is hard? Try adapting the race car video game Need for Speed. Tolstoy's 1,225-page behemoth has nothing on the... More>>
Diorama Hard Diorama Hard
Wes Anderson's moving elegy for his teensy world.
, March 06, 2014
Leave it to Wes Anderson to make a film about World War II without mentioning Germany. In The Grand Budapest Hotel, a wundercabinet set in the... More>>
Virtuosity Is Enough Virtuosity Is Enough
Grand Piano is all suspenseful invention.
, March 06, 2014
Blockbuster spectacles are a dime a dozen. The thing we almost never see is the ambitious trifle, the smaller movie that strives to tell a story... More>>
If Only Non-Stop Were Worthy of Liam Neeson Non-Stop
Film wastes its star, and our time and goodwill.
, February 27, 2014
Action heroes with nothing to lose are the best kind, perhaps the only kind worth watching. In the opening seconds of Jaume Collet-Serra's... More>>
A Master’s Farewell The Wind Rises
Miyazaki bows with the gorgeous The Wind Rises.
, February 27, 2014
In 1998 Douglas Adams published a sweet, funny essay called "Riding the Rays," about an excursion to Hayman Island to try a kind of underwater... More>>
Meet Skinaflix, the Netflix for Aficionados of Old-School Porn Meet Skinaflix, the Netflix for Aficionados of Old-School Porn
, February 27, 2014
“Sex films sell, and other stuff doesn't . . . or at least not nearly as well,” says film preservationist Joe Rubin. Rubin, 24 years... More>>
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