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Love and Abstinence
Director Julie Davis barely connects with I Love You, Don't Touch Me!
, April 16, 1998
With I Love You, Don't Touch Me!, first-time filmmaker Julie Davis has made a low-budget movie about love and abstinence among under-30s that... More>>
One Little, Two Little, 40 Little Indies
Worldfest-Houston offers movies you won't otherwise see
, April 16, 1998
If it's April, then Worldfest-Houston -- Houston's biggest annual film festival -- must be back. Never mind that after 30 years here, Hunter... More>>
Travels with Mikey
Michael Moore's liberal heart is in the right place. But what about his head?
, April 09, 1998
If nothing else, the current edition of Michael Moore's continuing self-love fest does have a great subject: the desperation hidden inside a... More>>
Mean Streets
Ice Cube's Player's Club takes African-American film to a new low point in sexism
, April 09, 1998
Rapper Ice Cube's debut as a director/ screenwriter is a big step backward in terms of the representation of African-Americans and women in film.... More>>
Do the Time Warp
Lost in Space is dumb -- but it's a good dumb
, April 09, 1998
Danger, Will Robinson! Sensors detect boomer-TV redux once again. This time the victim is Lost in Space, Irwin Allen's enjoyably absurd sci-fi TV... More>>
Mash and Trash
, April 09, 1998
If American movie moguls really thought like Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, they'd probably spend more time blowing up Federal Reserve banks... More>>
A Boy's Guide to Death
In Wide Awake, a crisis of faith is kid stuff
, April 02, 1998
Rosie O'Donnell sure makes a believable nun. In the kids' movie Wide Awake, she plays Sister Terry, a sports-loving teacher at a swanky private... More>>
I Wanna Be Sedated
Barney's Great Adventure drops us in a lobotomized, manic kid hell
, April 02, 1998
What's six feet tall, giggles incessantly and is known as both "the Elvis of the preschool set" and "The Purple Antichrist?" Whether you're... More>>
Oys and Girls
Renee Zellweger as an Orthodox Jew? A Price Above Rubies proves the actress's worth.
, April 02, 1998
Some of the smartest, most surprising films about women have been made by men; and some of the best films about men have been made by the rare... More>>
Phony Folksy
Linklater tries to break out of the slacker doldrums, but misfires
, March 26, 1998
Probably every film director itches to make a western, so let's be thankful that, with The Newton Boys, Austin's Richard Linklater has scratched... More>>
Brown and White
, March 26, 1998
Lovers of American movies used to joke that foreign films wouldn't look so good if you saw them without subtitles. John Sayles's latest movie,... More>>
No Going Forward
Edward Burns hasn't improved with practice
, March 26, 1998
The flimsiest hustle in movie promotion today -- one perpetrated by film festivals and their camp followers -- is that independent movies are... More>>
Japan's Tough Guy
In Fireworks, Takeshi Kitano mixes Dirty Harry with Zen
, March 19, 1998
Takeshi Kitano, the reigning Renaissance man of Japanese pop culture, is a scriptwriter, movie actor and director and the star of seven TV shows.... More>>
Clinton Without Contrasts
Primary Colors gets the libido, misses the idealism
, March 19, 1998
If ever there was an op-ed movie -- a movie destined to be written about in an "elevated" realm beyond just the movie pages -- it's Primary... More>>
Women on the Brink
This slow, meditative Woolf adaptation captures Woolf's mood and her genteel era
, March 19, 1998
Though critics of her era often compared Virginia Woolf's nonlinear, almost cubist narratives to the then-burgeoning cinema's use of montage,... More>>
Blond Leading the Blind
In Tom DiCillo's new movie, it's not the blonds who are dumb
, March 12, 1998
One of the half-dozen main characters in Tom DiCillo's ensemble comedy The Real Blonde is obsessed with finding a literal specimen of the title... More>>
Murder to Watch
, March 12, 1998
At first glance, Jonathan Darby's Hush appears to have a couple of things going for it. There's some high-wattage star power in the persons of... More>>
Look Back in Anger
Nil by Mouth is so gritty, it verges on the unwatchable
, March 05, 1998
British actor Gary Oldman, who made his mark playing a punk in Sid and Nancy and a playwright in Prick Up Your Ears, wrote and directed Nil by... More>>
Too Late
Twilight is dim indeed
, March 05, 1998
A movie starring Paul Newman, Susan Sarandon, Gene Hackman, James Garner and Stockard Channing ought to be a whole lot better than Robert... More>>
Coens Go to Pot
, March 05, 1998
Jeff Bridges is so euphorically wacked as a social dropout in The Big Lebowski that you get a secondhand high just looking at him. Padding around... More>>
Venus Envy
, March 05, 1998
Dangerous Beauty presents a 16th-century Venice filled with statesmen who hop from bed to bed without fear of "bimbo eruptions." That's because... More>>
Primal Time
, February 26, 1998
Back in the '60s and '70s, when its animation unit was in the doldrums, the Disney studio made a number of live-action "family" comedies (No... More>>
City of Forgetting
Dark City asks: Who are you, if you can't remember who you are?
, February 26, 1998
The science-fiction works of the late, great Philip K. Dick haven't been served particularly well on screen. The most recent adaptation,... More>>
Twice Removed
The faux-noir Palmetto winks at the audience instead of staring it down
, February 19, 1998
Palmetto is a film noir set in a torpid seaside Florida town. It's based on the James Hadley Chase novel Just Another Sucker, and when we first... More>>
Unconventional Wisdom
In Four Days in September, the political is personal
, February 19, 1998
Despite the tides of government repression and suspected U.S. chicanery that have afflicted his country for the last 35 years, Brazilian... More>>
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