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  • The ludicrous but amusing teen social-media thriller Nerve is committed to pinning its characters into a world we understand as ours. It opens with Skype, Spotify, Gmail and Chrome, all on the MacBook screen of a mousily beautiful teen,...

  • A more appropriate title for Jason Bourne might be Walking: The Motion Picture. This fifth entry in the franchise loosely (very loosely) based on Robert Ludlum's best-selling novels brings back director Paul Greengrass and...

  • Fast-moving zombies are the only thing holding back South Korean horror-thriller Train to Busan from greatness. The zombies that attack cross-country train passengers during a never-explained crisis instantly change from infected humans...

  • Does it matter that Freddy Krueger was a pedophilic middle-school janitor who died in a blazing fire when parents sought revenge? No. David F. Sandberg's feature debut Lights Out, based on the internet sensation short film of the same...


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