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Royal Pain
Mrs. Brown fails to interest us in Queen Victoria's grief
, July 24, 1997
Mrs. Brown (a Cannes hit and Miramax release) is dignified to the dead max -- brownish-gray in mood and look and spirit. It's based on the true... More>>
Going Down
Air Force One nose-dives into an ocean of ennui
, July 24, 1997
Not satisfied with the president you have? Here's Harrison Ford's James Marshall in Air Force One -- Vietnam war hero, straight as a ramrod,... More>>
Waltz on the Wild Side
In Shall We Dance?, a midlife crisis resolves itself in the ballroom
, July 17, 1997
At first glance, the new Japanese comedy Shall We Dance? appears to be an Asian remake of the Australian hit Strictly Ballroom -- but, in fact,... More>>
Robbins and Lawrence make something out of Nothing
, July 17, 1997
What must those poor guys in Insane Clown Posse be thinking? After all, the sad white rap act only made a record that included profanity, and... More>>
Family Reunion
The Van joy rides through an ordinary life
, July 10, 1997
The Van is being billed as "the final chapter in the Barrytown Trilogy," Irish author Roddy Doyle's group of novels set in a fictional north... More>>
To Coldly Go
Contact is more like a close encounter of the turgid kind
, July 10, 1997
A lot of ink has been shed in the press lately about the "seriousness" of the new Robert Zemeckis film Contact, starring Jodie Foster as an... More>>
Galactic Mediocrity
Men in Black thinks small and tries too hard
, July 03, 1997
One speech and one prop from Men in Black combine to sum up the movie. An alien in four-legged Earthly form delivers the speech: "You humans,... More>>
Hit and Myth
Hercules fritters away its strengths
, July 03, 1997
Slapstick decadence is the dominant style at the Disney studios this summer, reaching all the way from Touchstone Pictures' action hit Con Air to... More>>
A Gay Question
When is a movie about two women in love not "lesbian" enough?
, July 03, 1997
Dallas screenwriter Gretchen Dyer fully expected that some heterosexuals would resist the plot of her debut feature Late Bloomers. The film,... More>>
Twin Towers
Travolta and Cage make Face/Off more than skin-deep
, June 26, 1997
The title of John Woo's Face/Off is meant to be taken literally. John Travolta and Nicolas Cage play adversaries who swap faces. Here's how: FBI... More>>
Batman on Ice
Director Joel Schumacher, not Mr. Freeze, kills the Dark Knight
, June 26, 1997
Bring earplugs to Batman & Robin. A pair of noseplugs wouldn't hurt either. The fourth installment in the Batman franchise is one long... More>>
Petty Woman
Wedding smothers the romantic comedy -- by embracing it hard
, June 19, 1997
Nothing against My Best Friend's Wedding, but it's a sign of just how vacuous things have become in Hollywood when folks start getting excited... More>>
In Ulee's Gold, Victor Nunez's sticky-sweet direction lacks sting
, June 19, 1997
To get into a good-lovin' mood before each date, a college housemate of mine croaked along to Van Morrison's "Tupelo Honey" while blasting it... More>>
The Write Stuff
The Pillow Book successfully mixes calligraphy and sex
, June 12, 1997
Director Peter Greenaway's films are an acquired taste -- quasi-surrealist fare at its most annoying or resplendent, depending on who you're... More>>
Rough Magic has plenty up its sleeve
, June 12, 1997
In a season of lumbering big-screen circuses, Rough Magic provides a rowdy creative sideshow. It's the kind of haywire high-wire act that... More>>
That Sinking Feeling
Speed 2 runs aground before the ship starts its engine
, June 12, 1997
First, the good news: Unlike most action film sequels, Speed 2: Cruise Control is not a mere retread of the original. Now the bad news: Better it... More>>
War Story
, June 05, 1997
A film about no less than an entire century, Theo Angelopoulos's broodingly majestic Ulysses' Gaze, the Grand Jury Prize winner at Cannes two... More>>
Air Disaster
Bruckheimer's production shows all his Con-temptible traits
, June 05, 1997
It wouldn't be fair to say that the string of hits produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer from 1983 through 1996 are stylistically... More>>
'Til There Was You revisits yuppie angst
, May 29, 1997
It lasted a mere four seasons, but thirtysomething lives on. Its legacy began the moment the show went off the air in 1991: The yuppie angst... More>>
Black to the Future
In The Watermelon Woman, Cheryl Dunye creates her own history
, May 29, 1997
Labels, when they're accurate, can help alert a niche audience to films so close to their lives they're sure to want to see them, almost... More>>
Double Dare
Twin Town isn't another Trainspotting -- but it's not bad, either
, May 29, 1997
Make no mistake: Twin Town ain't Trainspotting, baby. Even though on its poster -- and the soundtrack -- two of its stars are posed in mid-lunge,... More>>
Gay Old Time
, May 22, 1997
It is perhaps a measure of the Houston gay community's clout that the first Houston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is sponsored not by queer... More>>
Warm! Fuzzy! Gay!
The Houston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival opens with a movie even breeders can love
, May 22, 1997
In the age of don't ask, don't tell, when networks are rating their own shows for mature content, Ellen DeGeneres has very publicly declared... More>>
Spielberg's Lost
The Jurassic Park sequel isn't nearly nasty enough
, May 22, 1997
The appearance of The Lost World: Jurassic Park carries a double burden. Not only is it the sequel to the most popular movie ever made but it is... More>>
Time to Kill
, May 15, 1997
Claude Chabrol, one of the original lights of the French New Wave, makes thrillers that would simply never be produced anywhere near a Hollywood... More>>
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