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Silver Balls
Arnold goes last-minute Christmas shopping, and he buys a turkey
, November 28, 1996
In the golden age of Hollywood, no less than Frank Capra owned Christmas on the big screen. But if you want Proof Number 496 of how far things... More>>
Disney's Dalmatians ain't the puppy chow it could have been
, November 28, 1996
In the post-Babe era, can you make a live-action movie about animals and not have them talk to one another? For me, this is the deep... More>>
Love and War
, November 21, 1996
Anthony Minghella believes in ghosts -- and, at his best, makes believers out of viewers, too. The writer/director of Truly Madly Deeply and this... More>>
Boldly Going
The latest voyage of the Enterprise is a trip worth taking
, November 21, 1996
On its 30th anniversary, Star Trek exists only as fetish or fool's pastime. The original series continues to air as a faded relic; the Next... More>>
Show Bees-ness
, November 21, 1996
The ratings system has its inconsistencies, but, after reading a synopsis of Microcosmos, you'd have to wonder just what the MPAA was thinking.... More>>
An Off Night
, November 14, 1996
After the rowdy cacophony of Baz Luhrmann's turbo-charged Romeo & Juliet, the prospect of a more traditional Shakespearean adaptation is more... More>>
Partners in Crime
, November 14, 1996
Palookaville is an engaging trifle about three unemployed buddies who are just desperate enough to consider larceny as a means of temporary... More>>
Mel as Mogul
Gibson's star power drives Ransom
, November 07, 1996
Fresh from his epic adventures in the Oscar-winning Braveheart, Mel Gibson returns to the 20th century as a somewhat less heroic figure in... More>>
More Panting than Painting
, November 07, 1996
Whenever someone makes a film about a great artist, it is much easier, and a great deal more cinematic, to show him hopping into bed instead of... More>>
Irish Republican Angst
Michael Collins examines the man behind the IRA
, October 31, 1996
To his credit, Neil Jordan never attempts to disguise his sympathies in Michael Collins, his forlorn epic of blood and thunder. This sweeping... More>>
Larding the Bard
, October 31, 1996
The movie is respectfully titled William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, but don't expect anything like a traditional interpretation of the Bard.... More>>
Revenge Is... Adequate
Sleepers aims for the gut -- and misses
, October 24, 1996
Writer Lorenzo Carcaterra claims that it's all true, that he only changed a few names -- and altered a few identifying details -- to protect the... More>>
Brothers on the Bus
, October 24, 1996
Spike Lee bounces back from the aimless doodling of Girl 6 with Get on the Bus, a labor of love that has the vigor and urgency of something made... More>>
Blasts from the Past
Geena Davis and Gene Hackman exhume some explosive histories
, October 17, 1996
Screenwriter Shane Black may have received the record sum of $4 million for writing The Long Kiss Goodnight, but the movie itself is a fairly... More>>
Mad for Art
Examining Werner Herzog, the director who ate his shoe
, October 17, 1996
German film director Werner Herzog has a couple of reputations. He is an important artist, and he is also a prankster in the style of Dennis... More>>
Woman Trouble
, October 10, 1996
Bound promises a lesbian revenge thriller starring quirky actress Jennifer Tilly and she-came-from-Showgirls vamp Gina Gershon. Given that... More>>
Life, and How We Live it
In Secrets and Lies, Mike Leigh creates fiction with the feel of fact
, October 10, 1996
British filmmaker Mike Leigh often evidences genuine sympathy, if not boundless affection, for the characters who populate his bleakly comical,... More>>
Girl on Film
, October 03, 1996
It isn't often that a filmmaker can take credit for single-handedly creating a brand-new genre. But that is just what writer/director Michael... More>>
Pop Sensation
Tom Hanks shows how it feels at the top of the charts
, October 03, 1996
Given the number of one-hit wonders on the golden-oldie radio stations, it's surprising that no one came up with the idea for a movie like That... More>>
Intensive Care
After Extreme Measures, Hugh Grant's career is in stable condition
, September 26, 1996
During the opening minutes of Extreme Measures, we find Hugh Grant cast as Dr. Guy Luthan, a British-born doctor hard at work in the emergency... More>>
, September 26, 1996
If you are dieting, you might do well to avoid Big Night, a rhapsodic ode in the delicious tradition of Babette's Feast and Eat Drink Man Woman.... More>>
Hard to Believe
Amazingly, Bogus pulls off its high concept
, September 12, 1996
In synopsis, Bogus sounds like something too precious for words and too cute by half. A seven-year-old boy, devastated by the loss of his mother,... More>>
The Power of Pop
, September 12, 1996
Illeana Douglas made an unforgettable impression in her first movie role, but it wasn't her fault. She played the unfortunate young woman in... More>>
The Lawman & the Weasel
, September 05, 1996
Rude and crude with apologies to no one, Bulletproof is the sort of guilty pleasure that should be savored in a crowded theater on a Saturday... More>>
Good-bye to Summer
What this year's movies portend for next year
, September 05, 1996
It was the summer when audiences cheered while the White House burned. When a singing hunchback was more popular than a frisky dolphin. When... More>>
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