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Disney's Dalmatians ain't the puppy chow it could have been
, November 28, 1996
In the post-Babe era, can you make a live-action movie about animals and not have them talk to one another? For me, this is the deep... More>>
Love and War
, November 21, 1996
Anthony Minghella believes in ghosts -- and, at his best, makes believers out of viewers, too. The writer/director of Truly Madly Deeply and this... More>>
Boldly Going
The latest voyage of the Enterprise is a trip worth taking
, November 21, 1996
On its 30th anniversary, Star Trek exists only as fetish or fool's pastime. The original series continues to air as a faded relic; the Next... More>>
Show Bees-ness
, November 21, 1996
The ratings system has its inconsistencies, but, after reading a synopsis of Microcosmos, you'd have to wonder just what the MPAA was thinking.... More>>
An Off Night
, November 14, 1996
After the rowdy cacophony of Baz Luhrmann's turbo-charged Romeo & Juliet, the prospect of a more traditional Shakespearean adaptation is more... More>>
Partners in Crime
, November 14, 1996
Palookaville is an engaging trifle about three unemployed buddies who are just desperate enough to consider larceny as a means of temporary... More>>
Mel as Mogul
Gibson's star power drives Ransom
, November 07, 1996
Fresh from his epic adventures in the Oscar-winning Braveheart, Mel Gibson returns to the 20th century as a somewhat less heroic figure in... More>>
More Panting than Painting
, November 07, 1996
Whenever someone makes a film about a great artist, it is much easier, and a great deal more cinematic, to show him hopping into bed instead of... More>>
Irish Republican Angst
Michael Collins examines the man behind the IRA
, October 31, 1996
To his credit, Neil Jordan never attempts to disguise his sympathies in Michael Collins, his forlorn epic of blood and thunder. This sweeping... More>>
Larding the Bard
, October 31, 1996
The movie is respectfully titled William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, but don't expect anything like a traditional interpretation of the Bard.... More>>
Revenge Is... Adequate
Sleepers aims for the gut -- and misses
, October 24, 1996
Writer Lorenzo Carcaterra claims that it's all true, that he only changed a few names -- and altered a few identifying details -- to protect the... More>>
Brothers on the Bus
, October 24, 1996
Spike Lee bounces back from the aimless doodling of Girl 6 with Get on the Bus, a labor of love that has the vigor and urgency of something made... More>>
Blasts from the Past
Geena Davis and Gene Hackman exhume some explosive histories
, October 17, 1996
Screenwriter Shane Black may have received the record sum of $4 million for writing The Long Kiss Goodnight, but the movie itself is a fairly... More>>
Mad for Art
Examining Werner Herzog, the director who ate his shoe
, October 17, 1996
German film director Werner Herzog has a couple of reputations. He is an important artist, and he is also a prankster in the style of Dennis... More>>
Woman Trouble
, October 10, 1996
Bound promises a lesbian revenge thriller starring quirky actress Jennifer Tilly and she-came-from-Showgirls vamp Gina Gershon. Given that... More>>
Life, and How We Live it
In Secrets and Lies, Mike Leigh creates fiction with the feel of fact
, October 10, 1996
British filmmaker Mike Leigh often evidences genuine sympathy, if not boundless affection, for the characters who populate his bleakly comical,... More>>
Girl on Film
, October 03, 1996
It isn't often that a filmmaker can take credit for single-handedly creating a brand-new genre. But that is just what writer/director Michael... More>>
Pop Sensation
Tom Hanks shows how it feels at the top of the charts
, October 03, 1996
Given the number of one-hit wonders on the golden-oldie radio stations, it's surprising that no one came up with the idea for a movie like That... More>>
Intensive Care
After Extreme Measures, Hugh Grant's career is in stable condition
, September 26, 1996
During the opening minutes of Extreme Measures, we find Hugh Grant cast as Dr. Guy Luthan, a British-born doctor hard at work in the emergency... More>>
, September 26, 1996
If you are dieting, you might do well to avoid Big Night, a rhapsodic ode in the delicious tradition of Babette's Feast and Eat Drink Man Woman.... More>>
Hard to Believe
Amazingly, Bogus pulls off its high concept
, September 12, 1996
In synopsis, Bogus sounds like something too precious for words and too cute by half. A seven-year-old boy, devastated by the loss of his mother,... More>>
The Power of Pop
, September 12, 1996
Illeana Douglas made an unforgettable impression in her first movie role, but it wasn't her fault. She played the unfortunate young woman in... More>>
The Lawman & the Weasel
, September 05, 1996
Rude and crude with apologies to no one, Bulletproof is the sort of guilty pleasure that should be savored in a crowded theater on a Saturday... More>>
Good-bye to Summer
What this year's movies portend for next year
, September 05, 1996
It was the summer when audiences cheered while the White House burned. When a singing hunchback was more popular than a frisky dolphin. When... More>>
, August 29, 1996
Manny & Lo is an odd movie: the story of two runaway sisters who kidnap a spinster, and how all three turn out to be remarkable people. ... More>>
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