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A blackout scratches civilization's thin veneer
, August 29, 1996
On the day I saw The Trigger Effect, David Koepp's disquieting thriller about survival and suspicion in the wake of a massive power blackout, I... More>>
Field of Nightmares
In The Fan, Robert De Niro would kill for the Giants -- literally
, August 22, 1996
Tony Scott, the auteur of such blunt-instrument entertainments as Top Gun and True Romance, is not a director for whom subtlety is a way of life.... More>>
Brotherly Love
Ed Burns returns to the subject of sex and sibling rivalry
, August 22, 1996
Talk about beating the sophomore jinx: Ed Burns, the multihyphenate fi filmmaker who burst onto the scene last year with The Brothers McMullen,... More>>
All That Jazz
Robert Altman finds his way home to Kansas City
, August 15, 1996
At once brutally cynical and romantically nostalgic, Robert Altman's Kansas City is a moody and bluesy pipe dream of a movie. Altman describes it... More>>
The Games Men Play
Shelton and Costner team up again for more sporting success
, August 15, 1996
Now that Kevin Costner has gotten Wyatt Earp and Waterworld out of his system, and Ron Shelton has gotten Cobb out of his, it's good to see both... More>>
Sweet Jane
, August 15, 1996
And the hits just keep on coming from Jane Austen, the early 19th-century novelist who's become a late 20th-century hot property. In the past two... More>>
No Escape
, August 08, 1996
Snake Plissken is back, and he's still pissed. This singularly surly antihero first appeared in Escape from New York, John Carpenter's 1981... More>>
They Grow Up Fast
Matilda is a girl wise beyond her years; Jack, a boy trapped in a man's body
, August 08, 1996
Everyone from Oprah Winfrey to William Bennett agrees that, given the societal changes of the past two decades, today's children have to grow up... More>>
Knowing Arnaud
Once again, director Claude Sautet constructs a tantalizing mystery without a solution
, August 01, 1996
Pierre Arnaud (Michel Serrault) is an aging Parisian gentleman of courtly manner and considerable means. Elegant in his speech and impeccable in... More>>
Six Legs, One Joke
, August 01, 1996
All-singing, all-dancing -- and, yes, all-crawling -- Joe's Apartment is the world's first live-action musical comedy in which singing and... More>>
Black, White and a Few Shades of Gray
A Time to Kill does John Grisham proud
, July 25, 1996
John Grisham wrote A Time to Kill long before he became a fixture on the bestseller lists, and he continues to claim it as his personal favorite... More>>
Highs and Lows
A needle, a junkie, a heroin habit -- welcome to Great Britain in the '90s
, July 25, 1996
Trainspotting may well be the most exuberantly vital and scabrously funny movie ever made about heroin addiction. Which is just part of the... More>>
, July 25, 1996
When's the last time you saw John Astin, America's beloved Gomez Addams, in a film? He's here, in Peter Jackson's The Frighteners -- and so is... More>>
Clonesome Blues
No, says Multiplicity, you don't want to be two places at once
, July 18, 1996
In Groundhog Day, director Harold Ramis set forth a charmingly provocative proposition: even the most obnoxious and self-absorbed person could... More>>
M(eg) I(n) A(ction)
, July 18, 1996
The "starring Meg Ryan" line suggests that Courage Under Fire is the moppet's annual Oscar bid (a la Flesh and Bone or When a Man Loves a Woman).... More>>
The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
, July 11, 1996
Since 1974, Louise Fitzhugh's Harriet the Spy has been a hit in libraries. Our heroine is serious and uncute, an obsessive notebook-keeper and a... More>>
Art with Heart
Director Krzysztof Kieslowski made highbrow films with feeling
, July 11, 1996
This year, the Museum of Fine Arts devotes its entire Summer Cinematheque series to one director: the recently deceased Polish filmmaker... More>>
Independence Day has a concept. What it needs is a plot.
, July 04, 1996
Quite a summer for flying cars -- much-hyped summer movies such as Eraser, Mission Impossible and Twister have sedans flipping like pancakes. But... More>>
Hold the Creamed Corn
Striptease captures the essence of Carl Hiaasen's darkly funny novel
, July 04, 1996
Greater love hath no mom than the mom who takes off her clothes at the Eager Beaver. From this dubious premise, author Carl Hiaasen fashioned... More>>
Four Hankies
, July 04, 1996
Just nine months after Hollywood Pictures released Powder, a sentimental science-fiction fable about a sweet-natured outcast with magical mental... More>>
Sayles' Pitch
, June 27, 1996
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Lone Star, a film richly steeped in Texas traditions and eccentricities, is that it was written and... More>>
Mood Over Matter
Stealing Beauty offers more scenery than plot
, June 27, 1996
If you can't get away to the rolling hills of Tuscany this summer, you can enjoy the next best thing by spending a couple of hours with Bernardo... More>>
The Lies of Texas
In Lone Star, a modern border town confronts race, murder and history
, June 27, 1996
Early in John Sayles' Lone Star, there is a heated discussion about textbooks that, quite obviously, is really about something else. The... More>>
Junior High Pariahs
, June 20, 1996
Welcome to the Dollhouse is not a wacky "revenge of the nerds" movie. This is a delicate, unhappy story about being 11 years old and not being... More>>
Scary Carrey
The Cable Guy reveals Jim Carrey's dark side -- but not enough of it
, June 20, 1996
It's usually safe to assume that a comic is speaking metaphorically when he talks about "murdering the audience." With Jim Carrey, however, you... More>>
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