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Clonesome Blues
No, says Multiplicity, you don't want to be two places at once
, July 18, 1996
In Groundhog Day, director Harold Ramis set forth a charmingly provocative proposition: even the most obnoxious and self-absorbed person could... More>>
M(eg) I(n) A(ction)
, July 18, 1996
The "starring Meg Ryan" line suggests that Courage Under Fire is the moppet's annual Oscar bid (a la Flesh and Bone or When a Man Loves a Woman).... More>>
The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
, July 11, 1996
Since 1974, Louise Fitzhugh's Harriet the Spy has been a hit in libraries. Our heroine is serious and uncute, an obsessive notebook-keeper and a... More>>
Art with Heart
Director Krzysztof Kieslowski made highbrow films with feeling
, July 11, 1996
This year, the Museum of Fine Arts devotes its entire Summer Cinematheque series to one director: the recently deceased Polish filmmaker... More>>
Independence Day has a concept. What it needs is a plot.
, July 04, 1996
Quite a summer for flying cars -- much-hyped summer movies such as Eraser, Mission Impossible and Twister have sedans flipping like pancakes. But... More>>
Hold the Creamed Corn
Striptease captures the essence of Carl Hiaasen's darkly funny novel
, July 04, 1996
Greater love hath no mom than the mom who takes off her clothes at the Eager Beaver. From this dubious premise, author Carl Hiaasen fashioned... More>>
Four Hankies
, July 04, 1996
Just nine months after Hollywood Pictures released Powder, a sentimental science-fiction fable about a sweet-natured outcast with magical mental... More>>
Sayles' Pitch
, June 27, 1996
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Lone Star, a film richly steeped in Texas traditions and eccentricities, is that it was written and... More>>
Mood Over Matter
Stealing Beauty offers more scenery than plot
, June 27, 1996
If you can't get away to the rolling hills of Tuscany this summer, you can enjoy the next best thing by spending a couple of hours with Bernardo... More>>
The Lies of Texas
In Lone Star, a modern border town confronts race, murder and history
, June 27, 1996
Early in John Sayles' Lone Star, there is a heated discussion about textbooks that, quite obviously, is really about something else. The... More>>
Junior High Pariahs
, June 20, 1996
Welcome to the Dollhouse is not a wacky "revenge of the nerds" movie. This is a delicate, unhappy story about being 11 years old and not being... More>>
Scary Carrey
The Cable Guy reveals Jim Carrey's dark side -- but not enough of it
, June 20, 1996
It's usually safe to assume that a comic is speaking metaphorically when he talks about "murdering the audience." With Jim Carrey, however, you... More>>
Big Bang Theory
The Rock tests the hypothesis that moviegoers like 'em fast, splashy and loud
, June 13, 1996
Don Simpson is gone -- he died last January at 52, the victim of prodigious self-indulgence -- but, as The Rock indicates, his influence lingers... More>>
Hail the Cabbie
, June 13, 1996
Just a few hours after John W. Hinckley Jr. tried to gatecrash his way into history by shooting President Ronald Reagan, the Associated Press... More>>
Deft and Daft
A willful heroine warms Cold Comfort Farm
, June 06, 1996
For more than 60 years, readers have delighted in the sly satire of Stella Gibbons' Cold Comfort Farm, a mischievous send-up of D.H. Lawrence,... More>>
The Happy Hero
The Phantom delivers a comic-book masked guy from the days before angst
, June 06, 1996
After wading through the angst of three doom-and-gloom Batman movies, wouldn't you like to see a masked superhero who enjoys his work? Who... More>>
Black Is Back
, May 30, 1996
Shaft? Damn right. And Super Fly, Foxy Brown and Sweet Sweetback, too. Throughout June at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, you can return to... More>>
Buddy and the Beast
A pair of unlikely allies trade wisecracks and fight evil. The twist: one's a dragon.
, May 30, 1996
If there were such a thing as an Academy Award for Best Computer-Generated Actor, it would be hard to imagine a more worthy Oscar hopeful than... More>>
Slow Death
, May 23, 1996
Every great filmmaker is allowed at least one grand folly. Jim Jarmusch, the poet laureate of sub-zero cool and laid-back absurdism, has... More>>
Mission: Irrelevant
Sure, you can upgrade a TV series to the big screen -- but why bother?
, May 23, 1996
Get a load of this: Tom Cruise thinks fast, and acts faster, to get out of harm's way in a Prague restaurant. With the aid of some explosive... More>>
Storm Troopers
, May 16, 1996
Twister opens with a dark and stormy night, the darkest and stormiest ever filmed, thanks to contemporary effects technology. Against a symphony... More>>
Cajun 12-Step
An old-fashioned detective story. A newfangled detective.
, May 16, 1996
Dave Robicheaux is a former New Orleans homicide detective who stopped being a cop right around the time he quit drinking, because he figured... More>>
Robinson Redux
The Pallbearer follows in The Graduate's footsteps
, May 09, 1996
Sometimes a movie will stake its claim to a particular premise or subject so firmly, so definitively, that it must be acknowledged any time... More>>
, May 09, 1996
There's a thin line between muttering bitterly to yourself and casting spells -- at least that's the way it works in The Craft. Here, the bright... More>>
Dead Woman Walking
Sharon Stone's Last Dance has good intentions, and absolutely awful timing
, May 02, 1996
Somewhere down the road, maybe a year or two from now, it may be possible to pass impartial judgment on Last Dance, a death row drama that... More>>
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