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Love Madness
Tony Richardson's last film is compellingly complex
, October 20, 1994
It's gratifying to see that the late Tony Richardson's final film, Blue Sky, is so complex, adult and moving. To see, in other words, that... More>>
Pulped Fiction
Quentin Tarantino talks his sophomore film into an early grave
, October 13, 1994
Quentin Tarantino's opening move in Pulp Fiction is so similar to its Natural Born Killers counterpart that you're reminded that Tarantino,... More>>
Good Wood
, October 13, 1994
"Visions are worth fighting for," a minor character informs a major one late in Tim Burton's visually striking, charmingly loopy Ed Wood, and we... More>>
The Scout Strikes Out
, October 06, 1994
There isn't much baseball in The Scout, but there hasn't been much baseball in baseball the past few years either. And we know how that ended up:... More>>
The Fun of Falling
, October 06, 1994
Because the early reviews of Terminal Velocity weren't particularly kind, and because I'm of the a-little-Charlie-Sheen-goes-a-long-way school of... More>>
Song of India
Alone at last, Ismail Merchant strikes out
, October 06, 1994
As the producing half of the famed Ivory/ Merchant moviemaking team, Ismail Merchant is responsible for creating the luminous look of such films... More>>
The Sound of Muzak
Jason's Lyric puts cliched words to an inept tune
, October 06, 1994
With the release of the Houston-filmed Jason's Lyric, the wave of black movies that began with She's Gotta Have It has well and truly ended. The... More>>
Streep in the Wild
Move aside Sly and Arnold, Meryl's gone muscular
, September 29, 1994
Meryl Streep is as good as Arnold Schwarzenegger. I never thought I'd be saying this. But then again, I never thought that Streep, she of the... More>>
Sodomy and Sentiment
, September 29, 1994
Seductive, lyric fantasy and the horrors of genuine human suffering don't usually work together. And it's not often that the American moviegoing... More>>
Questions and Answers
Redford's Quiz Show asks: how far will a man go to win?
, September 15, 1994
Quiz Show opens with a series of scenes so precisely and artfully realized that you think you're in for a masterpiece. During the credit... More>>
Sins of the Brother
, September 15, 1994
Current-events inspired movies usually fail to live up to the drama that provoked them. In part, that's because they usually appear on... More>>
Lost in Africa
, September 15, 1994
What's Bruce Beresford, acclaimed director of Driving Miss Daisy, doing making a film in which an aged duchess is shown naked from behind as she... More>>
End Games
Director Boaz Yakin gives a Fresh twist to tales of the drug trade
, September 08, 1994
This has been a strong year for first-time independent filmmakers. David O. Russell's Spanking the Monkey was one of 1994's pleasant surprises;... More>>
Wagons Ho Hum
, September 08, 1994
John Candy galloping on horseback is not a pretty picture. Of course, it's not intended to be. But it's not an especially amusing picture,... More>>
A Sad Fate
, September 08, 1994
It would be hard to overstate the ineptitude of Steve Martin's new film, A Simple Twist of Fate, so I won't try. The poor, misshapen thing speaks... More>>
Queens of Australia
Song and dance in the Outback, where guys will be gals
, September 01, 1994
Drag queens in the Outback, laddies. Wearing Scarlett O'Hara outfits and showing a Carmen Miranda flair. Lip-synching to the Village People, ABBA... More>>
Gallic Glories
, September 01, 1994
That right now is roughly the 100th anniversary of the birth of the movies is a little-noted fact, even by the Hollywood studios. Maybe that's as... More>>
Media Mad
Combine TV, killing and crowds, and what do you have? Oliver Stone
, September 01, 1994
Forget James Brown. Oliver Stone is the hardest-working man in show business. He's directed nine films since 1986's Salvador, and in each of them... More>>
Eat Drink, Go To Sleep
, August 25, 1994
Director Ang Lee registered pretty much a perfect score on last year's The Wedding Banquet. His low-budget story of a gay Taiwanese man living in... More>>
The Sick and the Dead
In Color of Night, Bruce Willis bares less of his body than expected, but more of his soul
, August 25, 1994
Only in the movies could a therapist speak inconsiderately to a frayed patient, watch her commit suicide by jumping out his office window, quit... More>>
Mao Mania
Picture-perfect film's sincerity is true-blue, but the familiar story has nothing new to share
, August 25, 1994
In China, The Blue Kite has provoked a political backlash for its bleak depiction of the "anti-Rightist" campaigns of the 1950s as well as of the... More>>
Denial of the Will
Leni Riefenstahl looks at her past, but fails to confront it
, August 18, 1994
Ironic juxtaposition is often the order of the day in the movie-watching business. When we critics see movies in advance, and not on their... More>>
Surface matter
Metropolitan maker goes abroad with the American bourgeoisie
, August 18, 1994
Whit Stillman's debut film, Metropolitan, made many a top-10 list in 1990. With its nuanced, self-aware and hyper-verbal characters, it displayed... More>>
Rotten Rascals
Our Gang today stuck on shtick from yesterday
, August 18, 1994
Who among us cannot warble their happy theme tune? The Little Rascals, originally Our Gang, was introduced in the 1930s, was tweaked to fit into... More>>
Animal Acts
The return of Hollywood's most famous dog and pony show
, August 11, 1994
Following that great show biz tradition, a couple of long-ago Hollywood icons are making a comeback. After decades of being relegated to fond... More>>
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