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Art with Heart
Director Krzysztof Kieslowski made highbrow films with feeling
, July 11, 1996
This year, the Museum of Fine Arts devotes its entire Summer Cinematheque series to one director: the recently deceased Polish filmmaker... More>>
Independence Day has a concept. What it needs is a plot.
, July 04, 1996
Quite a summer for flying cars -- much-hyped summer movies such as Eraser, Mission Impossible and Twister have sedans flipping like pancakes. But... More>>
Hold the Creamed Corn
Striptease captures the essence of Carl Hiaasen's darkly funny novel
, July 04, 1996
Greater love hath no mom than the mom who takes off her clothes at the Eager Beaver. From this dubious premise, author Carl Hiaasen fashioned... More>>
Four Hankies
, July 04, 1996
Just nine months after Hollywood Pictures released Powder, a sentimental science-fiction fable about a sweet-natured outcast with magical mental... More>>
Sayles' Pitch
, June 27, 1996
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Lone Star, a film richly steeped in Texas traditions and eccentricities, is that it was written and... More>>
Mood Over Matter
Stealing Beauty offers more scenery than plot
, June 27, 1996
If you can't get away to the rolling hills of Tuscany this summer, you can enjoy the next best thing by spending a couple of hours with Bernardo... More>>
The Lies of Texas
In Lone Star, a modern border town confronts race, murder and history
, June 27, 1996
Early in John Sayles' Lone Star, there is a heated discussion about textbooks that, quite obviously, is really about something else. The... More>>
Junior High Pariahs
, June 20, 1996
Welcome to the Dollhouse is not a wacky "revenge of the nerds" movie. This is a delicate, unhappy story about being 11 years old and not being... More>>
Scary Carrey
The Cable Guy reveals Jim Carrey's dark side -- but not enough of it
, June 20, 1996
It's usually safe to assume that a comic is speaking metaphorically when he talks about "murdering the audience." With Jim Carrey, however, you... More>>
Big Bang Theory
The Rock tests the hypothesis that moviegoers like 'em fast, splashy and loud
, June 13, 1996
Don Simpson is gone -- he died last January at 52, the victim of prodigious self-indulgence -- but, as The Rock indicates, his influence lingers... More>>
Hail the Cabbie
, June 13, 1996
Just a few hours after John W. Hinckley Jr. tried to gatecrash his way into history by shooting President Ronald Reagan, the Associated Press... More>>
Deft and Daft
A willful heroine warms Cold Comfort Farm
, June 06, 1996
For more than 60 years, readers have delighted in the sly satire of Stella Gibbons' Cold Comfort Farm, a mischievous send-up of D.H. Lawrence,... More>>
The Happy Hero
The Phantom delivers a comic-book masked guy from the days before angst
, June 06, 1996
After wading through the angst of three doom-and-gloom Batman movies, wouldn't you like to see a masked superhero who enjoys his work? Who... More>>
Black Is Back
, May 30, 1996
Shaft? Damn right. And Super Fly, Foxy Brown and Sweet Sweetback, too. Throughout June at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, you can return to... More>>
Buddy and the Beast
A pair of unlikely allies trade wisecracks and fight evil. The twist: one's a dragon.
, May 30, 1996
If there were such a thing as an Academy Award for Best Computer-Generated Actor, it would be hard to imagine a more worthy Oscar hopeful than... More>>
Slow Death
, May 23, 1996
Every great filmmaker is allowed at least one grand folly. Jim Jarmusch, the poet laureate of sub-zero cool and laid-back absurdism, has... More>>
Mission: Irrelevant
Sure, you can upgrade a TV series to the big screen -- but why bother?
, May 23, 1996
Get a load of this: Tom Cruise thinks fast, and acts faster, to get out of harm's way in a Prague restaurant. With the aid of some explosive... More>>
Storm Troopers
, May 16, 1996
Twister opens with a dark and stormy night, the darkest and stormiest ever filmed, thanks to contemporary effects technology. Against a symphony... More>>
Cajun 12-Step
An old-fashioned detective story. A newfangled detective.
, May 16, 1996
Dave Robicheaux is a former New Orleans homicide detective who stopped being a cop right around the time he quit drinking, because he figured... More>>
Robinson Redux
The Pallbearer follows in The Graduate's footsteps
, May 09, 1996
Sometimes a movie will stake its claim to a particular premise or subject so firmly, so definitively, that it must be acknowledged any time... More>>
, May 09, 1996
There's a thin line between muttering bitterly to yourself and casting spells -- at least that's the way it works in The Craft. Here, the bright... More>>
Dead Woman Walking
Sharon Stone's Last Dance has good intentions, and absolutely awful timing
, May 02, 1996
Somewhere down the road, maybe a year or two from now, it may be possible to pass impartial judgment on Last Dance, a death row drama that... More>>
Punchy Fun
, May 02, 1996
Very much like politicians on the campaign trail, most mainstream Hollywood movies try to be all things to all people. And that goes a long way... More>>
To Lie For
Janeane Garofalo makes a little deception go a very long (and very funny) way
, April 25, 1996
The best date movie around right now is The Truth About Cats and Dogs, an extremely clever romantic comedy that strikes just the right balance... More>>
Big Screen TV
, April 25, 1996
True happiness requires laughing so suddenly and so hard that soda comes out your nose, and doing so often. Luckily, to help us do just that, we... More>>
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