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Sweet Revenge?
Eye for an Eye wants to appeal to the vigilante within us
, January 11, 1996
Eye for an Eye is a B movie that somehow won the lottery and got an A movie cast and director. It's thoroughly shameless in the way it exploits a... More>>
Monkey Shines
Director Terry Gilliam travels through time to find a winner
, January 04, 1996
Once again, Terry Gilliam has seen the future, and it's a mess. In Brazil, his exuberantly paranoid vision of a post-1984 totalitarian state, he... More>>
Four Rooms, All Vacant
, January 04, 1996
Biologist Thomas Henry Huxley was counseling medical students, not hip young filmmakers, when he noted, not entirely in jest, "There is the... More>>
The Year in Film
Though not great, 1995 still produced some movies worth seeing (and reseeing)
, December 28, 1995
This past year will not be remembered as a vintage one for movies -- or even, judging from recent trade paper reports, for the movie industry --... More>>
Camp Vamp
Mel Brooks' Dracula isrise-from-the-dead funny
, December 28, 1995
Mel Brooks has said that he sees his new Dracula: Dead and Loving It as a companion piece to his Young Frankenstein. That's giving himself a lot... More>>
Sad Country
, December 21, 1995
Some films are perfect products of their time; other films are such that they transcend their time; and then others are simply lost in time,... More>>
Power Trip
Oliver Stone takes a measured look at how Richard Nixon rose and why he fell
, December 21, 1995
Near the very end of Nixon, Oliver Stone's surprisingly evenhanded examination of this century's most notorious U.S. president, there is a scene... More>>
Good Sense
, December 14, 1995
"Farce," wrote critic Stefan Kanfer, "is tragedy out for a good time. Its characters miss catastrophe by a pulse beat. What if the husband had... More>>
Making Mr. Right
Sabrina doesn't mimic the old Hollywood feel, it revives it
, December 14, 1995
Perhaps the very best fairy tales are those that allow for the possibility that, sometimes, Prince Charming gets lost along the way and doesn't... More>>
Family Matters
, December 07, 1995
Talking about remakes is always sticky ground for reviewers. There are valid reasons for reminding people that a story is not original --... More>>
Critic's Choice
Appalachia Calling
, December 07, 1995
Blessed with R.E.M.'s mystical sense of Southernness and Uncle Tupelo's command of the loud-and-soft dynamic, and possessing Toad the Wet... More>>
Trading Places
John Travolta shines again in an intriguing, if uneven, look at race in America
, December 07, 1995
In the parallel universe of White Man's Burden, things really aren't all that different from what they are in the real world. America continues... More>>
Byte Me
, September 14, 1995
Since the title of the film is Hackers, not Garbage Men or Meter Maids, it should come as no great surprise that this is a story about... More>>
Running Out of Time
With Clockers, Spike Lee givesa touching, and harrowing, view of inner-city life
, September 14, 1995
You're still getting settled in your seat, balancing the popcorn on your lap, when Clockers first backhands you across the face. The opening... More>>
Beyond Dreck
John Boorman's new film has some, uh, interesting color tones
, August 31, 1995
Beyond Rangoon has the style of John Boorman's signature films -- it's lovely to look at but ultimately uninteresting, like The Emerald Forest or... More>>
Child Abuse
Larry Clark's Kids is an unsettling exercise in cheap sensationalism
, August 31, 1995
Kids is a cunning little art-house fraud that has somehow managed to impress a good number of people who should know a great deal better. Ever... More>>
Top Fright
, August 31, 1995
Clive Barker may not appear on the bestseller lists as often or as prominently as Stephen King, but there are many devotees -- chief among them... More>>
Pollyanna for the '90s
, August 31, 1995
With 125 million well-thumbed copies in circulation, the Baby-sitters Club books are a trusted series whose stories of seven adolescent girls and... More>>
Hot Shots
Desperado hits the bull's-eye with a fusillade of bullets
, August 24, 1995
There's a scene about two-thirds of the way through Robert Rodriguez's Desperado where the stylish villain of the piece, a white-suited drug lord... More>>
Heavenly Stroll
, August 24, 1995
A glance at the names associated with Like Water for Chocolate director Alfonso Arau's big budget filmic fable A Walk in the Clouds is enough to... More>>
Back to the Future
, August 17, 1995
The trouble with so many movies about tomorrow is that they seem so much like yesterday's news. Take Virtuosity, the latest in the current... More>>
Hot Topics
Two new films take on the issues, but only one entertains with its answers
, August 17, 1995
Dangerous Minds and Jeffrey come shining onto the big screen secure of a certain success based on their high-minded and topical subject matter.... More>>
The Wet Look
Waterworld is a whirlpool of dazzling action, and muddled ideas
, August 03, 1995
Given what we've heard about the film's chaotic production history, the opening image of Waterworld has a certain juvenile charm: the... More>>
Unkind Cuts
, August 03, 1995
It's been a long time since I've despised a film character the way I despised Chad Palomino (James Le Gros), a rich, handsome, spoiled young... More>>
Fashion Plate
Clueless is an improbably entertaining time-waster
, August 03, 1995
About 30 minutes into Clueless, a disposable new teen comedy starring MTV-spawned glamour girl Alicia Silverstone as a spoiled Beverly Hills... More>>
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