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Punchy Fun
, May 02, 1996
Very much like politicians on the campaign trail, most mainstream Hollywood movies try to be all things to all people. And that goes a long way... More>>
To Lie For
Janeane Garofalo makes a little deception go a very long (and very funny) way
, April 25, 1996
The best date movie around right now is The Truth About Cats and Dogs, an extremely clever romantic comedy that strikes just the right balance... More>>
Big Screen TV
, April 25, 1996
True happiness requires laughing so suddenly and so hard that soda comes out your nose, and doing so often. Luckily, to help us do just that, we... More>>
Respected to Death
Jane Eyre has everything it needs to succeed -- except life
, April 18, 1996
There isn't anything glaringly wrong with Franco Zeffirelli's film version of Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre. Indeed, quite a few things are... More>>
A Real Girl
, April 18, 1996
On a drearily overcast Sunday afternoon six years ago, I visited Auschwitz. For reasons I didn't entirely understand at first, I felt compelled... More>>
Slavic Surprise
, April 11, 1996
Makarov is not a straightforward, linear movie. Instead, this is an odd, dark and comic film about the problems of being a poet and a gun owner.... More>>
Personal Journey
, April 11, 1996
With The Journey of August King, John Duigan (The Year My Voice Broke, Sirens) has done a masterful job of bringing the audience to another time,... More>>
World of Film
Smaller, and with shorts, WorldFest/Houston cranks up its projectors
, April 11, 1996
Once again, the WorldFest/Houston International Film Festival is offering more of the same, only less. Continuing its evolution into the "lean,... More>>
Price Guide
, April 11, 1996
If you want to catch all that WorldFest has to offer, you have a couple of options. You can buy individual tickets ($20 for the opening night... More>>
A Few Concessions
, April 11, 1996
A film festival is not all art and culture. Like any other celebration of fandom, a film festival is also about indulgence. Aficionados take time... More>>
, April 11, 1996
Despite their high profile on A-list festivals in Europe and Canada, South Korean films are conspicuous by their absence from the diet of U.S.... More>>
Taking Chances
, April 11, 1996
Sitting through Bruno Barreto's Carried Away is a bit like watching someone defuse a bomb. A great deal of your appreciation for what you're... More>>
A Tour of Tavernier
, April 04, 1996
In addition to introducing the Lumiere program at the MFA, Bertrand Tavernier will discuss his own oeuvre during his visit to Houston. At 7:30... More>>
Talked to Death
Headline:Faithful proves too true to the play that birthed it
, April 04, 1996
Anyone searching for a definition of the term "canned theater" need look no further than Faithful. Despite some profanely funny dialogue and... More>>
Lights, Action, History
A century ago, France's Lumiere brothers started something big -- the movies
, April 04, 1996
On the evening of December 28, 1895, two brothers greeted visitors arriving at the basement salon of a popular cafe on Paris' fashionable... More>>
Family Values
Jones and Duvall make a tale of two brothers a tale to remember
, March 28, 1996
Robert Duvall has a couple of moments during the early scenes of A Family Thing that are so emotionally eloquent, so absolutely right, he almost... More>>
Fatal Femmes
, March 28, 1996
Purists will doubtless cringe at the very suggestion that you might have fun with Diabolique, Jeremiah Chechik's Americanized remake of... More>>
Talk It Up
Spike Lee works the phone-sex lines, but loses his connection
, March 21, 1996
It says a lot about Spike Lee's creative energy, and his adherence to the American work ethic, that within the space of a decade he's made nine... More>>
Antonio Times Two
A Banderas bounty is just one of the pleasures of Two Much
, March 21, 1996
Double your pleasure, double your fun -- Antonio Banderas, the sexiest man in movies today, plays two roles, sort of. As Rock Hudson did in... More>>
Foreign Affairs
, March 21, 1996
What a difference a year -- and several imported American stars -- can make. The 1995 Berlin International Film Festival boasted only a... More>>
Fall Down, Go Thud
, March 14, 1996
Seldom has any movie illustrated the Peter Principle more vividly than If Lucy Fell. This obnoxiously smug little comedy is the second feature to... More>>
Murder, She Said
Fargo gives us comedy, killing -- and an eight-month pregnant detective
, March 14, 1996
The career of Joel and Ethan Coen -- the writing/producing/directing pair of brothers (both write, Ethan produces, Joel directs, with some... More>>
Family Values
The Birdcage updates La Cage Aux Folles with some political bite
, March 07, 1996
They share a loving, long-term relationship based on shared interests, mutual respect and an immensely satisfying joint career. Of course, they... More>>
Stage Play
, February 29, 1996
Why, indeed, must the show go on? This question is of more than academic interest to Joe Harper (Michael Maloney), a high-strung, chronically... More>>
Choice Chan
, February 29, 1996
There are two scenes in Rumble in the Bronx that go a long way toward explaining why, in Asia, Jackie Chan is a movie star who eclipses the likes... More>>
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