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Fall Down, Go Thud
, March 14, 1996
Seldom has any movie illustrated the Peter Principle more vividly than If Lucy Fell. This obnoxiously smug little comedy is the second feature to... More>>
Murder, She Said
Fargo gives us comedy, killing -- and an eight-month pregnant detective
, March 14, 1996
The career of Joel and Ethan Coen -- the writing/producing/directing pair of brothers (both write, Ethan produces, Joel directs, with some... More>>
Family Values
The Birdcage updates La Cage Aux Folles with some political bite
, March 07, 1996
They share a loving, long-term relationship based on shared interests, mutual respect and an immensely satisfying joint career. Of course, they... More>>
Stage Play
, February 29, 1996
Why, indeed, must the show go on? This question is of more than academic interest to Joe Harper (Michael Maloney), a high-strung, chronically... More>>
Choice Chan
, February 29, 1996
There are two scenes in Rumble in the Bronx that go a long way toward explaining why, in Asia, Jackie Chan is a movie star who eclipses the likes... More>>
Family Troubles
Before and After asks: When a son's accused of a crime, what do you do?
, February 29, 1996
At the beginning of Barbet Schroeder's new Before and After, we're shown a winter landscape of steel blue skies and crisp snow; as the camera... More>>
City Hall Confusion
, February 22, 1996
City Hall is a frustrating near-miss movie. On the plus side, it's got John Cusack in a lead role, sharp and intriguing character interplay and... More>>
Ready for Takeoff
Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket is a whimsical delight
, February 22, 1996
At a time when it seems as though half the new young filmmakers want to be Quentin Tarantino, while the other half want to be Martin Scorsese,... More>>
Woo? Wow!
John Woo's latest isn't his best, but he still leads the action pack
, February 15, 1996
Given the current state of high-tech trickery available to filmmakers, just about any director with an adequate budget can give you maximum bang... More>>
Film Culture
, February 15, 1996
Mohammed Kamara remembers vividly the first time he saw a movie. He was a teenager living in Liberia, and a Land Rover bearing representatives of... More>>
City of Lost Children has a familiar look -- the look of a winner
, February 08, 1996
Some moviegoers settling down to watch Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro's City of Lost Children might think they've wandered into a Terry Gilliam... More>>
Independent Heaven
, February 08, 1996
At the recently concluded Sundance Film Festival, Robert Redford's annual winter wonderland for independent cinema, the stakes were at an... More>>
Crippled Inside
Shakespeare's most malevolent monarch is marvelously remade for the movies
, February 01, 1996
In Richard Loncraine's audacious and hugely entertaining version of Richard III, the "poisonous hunchbacked toad" of William Shakespeare's... More>>
Death and Doubts
Dead Man Walking finds no easy answers to the hard questions of capital punishment
, January 25, 1996
Given the long and not always glorious tradition of death-row melodramas, not to mention the unabashed and frequently expressed liberalism of Tim... More>>
Say It with Flowers
, January 25, 1996
Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson are fine actors -- in Masterson's case, sometimes an inspired one -- who tend to do their best work in... More>>
Sly Evil
The name of the film may be Othello, but Iago's the star
, January 18, 1996
Very much in the tradition of Franco Zeffirelli's 1991 film of Hamlet, in which Mel Gibson did himself proud as Shakespeare's melancholy Dane,... More>>
Bloody Fun
Tarantino meets Rodriguez and, no surprise, all hell breaks loose
, January 18, 1996
Early in a marathon battle with undead predators, a clash that takes up most of the second half of From Dusk till Dawn, a flustered antihero is... More>>
Sisters Song
Georgia gets the lyrics right, but it's still out of tune
, January 11, 1996
If it had been made 50 years ago, when Bette Davis and Joan Crawford ruled Hollywood, it's likely that Georgia would be better than it is. That's... More>>
Moving History
, January 11, 1996
If you love movies, consider this grim statistic provided by Librarian of Congress James H. Billington: more than half of all the movies produced... More>>
Sweet Revenge?
Eye for an Eye wants to appeal to the vigilante within us
, January 11, 1996
Eye for an Eye is a B movie that somehow won the lottery and got an A movie cast and director. It's thoroughly shameless in the way it exploits a... More>>
Monkey Shines
Director Terry Gilliam travels through time to find a winner
, January 04, 1996
Once again, Terry Gilliam has seen the future, and it's a mess. In Brazil, his exuberantly paranoid vision of a post-1984 totalitarian state, he... More>>
Four Rooms, All Vacant
, January 04, 1996
Biologist Thomas Henry Huxley was counseling medical students, not hip young filmmakers, when he noted, not entirely in jest, "There is the... More>>
The Year in Film
Though not great, 1995 still produced some movies worth seeing (and reseeing)
, December 28, 1995
This past year will not be remembered as a vintage one for movies -- or even, judging from recent trade paper reports, for the movie industry --... More>>
Camp Vamp
Mel Brooks' Dracula isrise-from-the-dead funny
, December 28, 1995
Mel Brooks has said that he sees his new Dracula: Dead and Loving It as a companion piece to his Young Frankenstein. That's giving himself a lot... More>>
Sad Country
, December 21, 1995
Some films are perfect products of their time; other films are such that they transcend their time; and then others are simply lost in time,... More>>
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