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Lover Men
Three films offer differing takes on the myth of the romantic hero
, April 06, 1995
Nick Nolte's craggily handsome face, steely eyes and whiskey-and-cigarettes voice are the epitome of ravaged old-movie grandeur. But in his... More>>
Into the Tank
, April 06, 1995
Based on the cult-fave comic series by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett, Tank Girl is more a psychedelic fusion of comic and film than a movie... More>>
High School Lessons
, March 30, 1995
In case you missed it on PBS last fall, High School II -- documentarian Frederick Wiseman's look at a secondary school in Spanish Harlem -- will... More>>
A Dog's Life
Kathy Bates makes an art of being a bitch in Dolores Claiborne
, March 30, 1995
Sometimes, being a bitch is all a woman has to hang onto. This is what the women in Dolores Claiborne say. Vera Donovan (Judy Parfitt), the... More>>
Killer Elite
, March 30, 1995
You know a work of art is significant when its first public exhibition degenerates into a near-riot. It happened in Kansas City almost 25... More>>
Coal-Colored Glasses
Atom Egoyan, Canada's poet laureate of cinematic gloom, courts mainstream popularity
, March 23, 1995
Atom Egoyan's vision of a world full of misfits, nomads and wounded souls is so peculiar -- and, frankly, so generally off-putting -- that it's... More>>
Shotgun Marriage
, March 23, 1995
The new Australian feature Muriel's Wedding evokes a couple of other independently funded hits from recent years, Four Weddings and a Funeral and... More>>
Battle Scars
, March 23, 1995
Being a warrior, a true warrior, is a noble life. Pretending to be a warrior, but being a coward, is hopeless and brings disaster. The difference... More>>
Houston On Screen
, March 23, 1995
The Museum of Fine Arts' First Look: New Films Made in Houston is essentially a well-intentioned attempt to support local filmmaking. On view are... More>>
Distant Thunder
, March 16, 1995
Before the Rain, a three-part anthology of stories from the war-torn Balkan nation of Macedonia, is as powerful and passionate an examination of... More>>
Vile and Viral
, March 16, 1995
Outbreak is a true paranoid's wet dream, and something very scary for those with normal fears. For two thrilling hours, the audience is... More>>
A Cultural Question
Jewish Worlds is back after two years. It should have waited a third.
, March 16, 1995
"So," a Holocaust survivor demands of a fellow concentration camp victim, now a famous musician, whom he hasn't seen for 50 years, "if you are so... More>>
Tales of the Father
Though not true to its source, Roommates is a delight
, March 09, 1995
Picture this: A bunch of Hollywood suits sitting around discussing making a movie from a memoir about the two most important people in the... More>>
To Hell and Back
Image is all (but not enough) in the supernatural thriller Hideaway
, March 09, 1995
There's a good reason why the new thriller Hideaway is proudly designated as "A Film by Brett Leonard," a name few casual moviegoers would... More>>
Walking Dead Arrives D.O.A.
, March 09, 1995
My father served in the Air Force in the 1950s, and was the lone black man in his unit. His not-so-close-knit group did almost everything... More>>
The Evil and the Stupid
Reactionary and racist, Just Cause is just too dumb to get worked up about
, March 02, 1995
It's pointless to respectfully review a film as ineptly written, indifferently directed and slothfully performed as Just Cause, the new legal... More>>
Buried Deep
, March 02, 1995
Outside a stylish Glasgow flat rests a doormat with the message, "Not today, thank you." It's been put there by the flat's residents, a trio of... More>>
Lone Star
, March 02, 1995
The Hunted has packs of lithe ninjas and, like so many Asian-flavored films, has an instructive subtext. Between the bouts of swordplay, we learn... More>>
Married to Poetry
, February 23, 1995
"Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion," we hear T.S. Eliot lecture a room full of admirers in Tom and Viv, "but an escape from emotion." We... More>>
Audience Reaction
, February 23, 1995
It's time for "Punitive Damages," everyone's favorite segment of the game show Payback Time, where scumbags get what's coming to them. Today's... More>>
The Brady Bomb
Growing up with the Bunch wasn't meant to be this ugly
, February 23, 1995
For those of us on the evolutionary ladder between the Baby Boomers and the Gen X-ers, The Brady Bunch had a purpose. When the Bunch first aired,... More>>
Dead Bang
Gonzo Western The Quick and the Dead is ludicrously entertaining
, February 16, 1995
About ten minutes into Sam Raimi's Western The Quick and the Dead, his nomadic, gunslinging heroine, Ellen (Sharon Stone), slouches down in a... More>>
The Lure of the Irish
, February 16, 1995
Moments before the screening of The Secret of Roan Inish a buddy of mine said, "John Sayles is my favorite director, even though I don't like... More>>
Barely There
, February 16, 1995
Set in 1817 during the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars, Colonel Chabert is about a legendary soldier, presumed dead, who returns home to... More>>
Death Done Wrong
, February 09, 1995
It would seem that Death and the Maiden couldn't miss. A psychological thriller set somewhere in South America after the fall of a dictator,... More>>
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