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Not Worth Remembering
Billy Crystal says Forget Paris; good idea
, May 25, 1995
Some movies are so bad that they make you look back over your recent moviegoing life with the merciless eye of an FBI agent assembling a dossier,... More>>
Love for Sale
, May 25, 1995
When 16-year-old mail-order bride Riyo (Youki Kudoh) gets off the boat that has borne her from her old home in Japan to her new one on a sugar... More>>
Third Time, Semi-Lucky
, May 25, 1995
When an action movie proves to be a success, there's almost inevitably a sequel. And hey, if it works twice, why not try for three?... More>>
Mad Mel's Epic Adventure
Mel Gibson puts himself on the line for Braveheart
, May 25, 1995
In the 16 years since he made his screen debut, Mel Gibson has seen plenty of action. Part of what makes him so charismatic is his ability to... More>>
War Games
Crimson Tide dives deep, but ends up dead in the water
, May 18, 1995
With their latest offering, the post-Cold War thriller Crimson Tide, the creative team of director Tony Scott and producers Don Simpson and Jerry... More>>
First, There Was a Mountain
Brash and bashful, Hugh Grant stars in yet another fey English tale, this one with a twist
, May 18, 1995
In The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill, But Came Down a Mountain, the titular Englishman is Hugh Grant, and Grant makes of his role another genial,... More>>
Cat Man Dues
Panther is a sincere, but self-defeating, exercise
, May 11, 1995
For nearly three decades, some of Hollywood's most powerful African-American players have labored unsuccessfully to bring the story of the Black... More>>
The Time of Their Lives
, May 11, 1995
When director Bob Balaban read Richard Bausch's award-winning novel about a trio of senior citizens, he knew immediately that he wanted to make... More>>
America, America
, May 11, 1995
The Perez Family and My Family (Mi Familia) don't glance off of you the way most movies do. Full of hardship, deprivation, bitterness and death... More>>
Make 'em Laugh
With Funny Bones, Peter Chelsom dips into humor's dark side
, May 04, 1995
Peter Chelsom, co-writer and director of the new film about comedy (as opposed to comedy film) Funny Bones, says his latest work is another of... More>>
Hot Love
, May 04, 1995
There's a happy ending to A Pyromaniac's Love Story; this film is a fairy tale after all, albeit a modernized, live action version of Fractured... More>>
Bad Seeds
, May 04, 1995
In the past two decades, filmmaker John Carpenter has directed 17 movies, and has established himself as a towering figure in modern horror -- a... More>>
Talking (and Talking) Film
, May 04, 1995
WorldFest Houston, the city's annual international film festival, is like any other annual event: a select crowd waits eagerly all year for it to... More>>
Getting Hooked, Brilliantly
With The Basketball Diaries, Leonardo DiCaprio becomes a star
, April 27, 1995
As Jim Carroll, the teenage prep-school junkie hero of The Basketball Diaries, Leonardo DiCaprio gives a performance so brilliant it's scary. ... More>>
Chopped to Death
, April 27, 1995
The casting of Nicolas Cage as Little Junior in the thriller Kiss of Death might seem at first to be foolhardy. Cage as a bad guy? More... More>>
Engaging Postures
, April 20, 1995
Don't be put off by the fact that this is a movie about over-educated, alienated young men trying to make it big in Los Angeles. The Low Life... More>>
Good and Rotten
, April 20, 1995
One of the most welcome surprises of WorldFest is the premiere of Joe's Rotten World, a terrific comedy from Los Angeles-based writer/director... More>>
Price and Time
, April 20, 1995
This year, all the WorldFest films save three -- Someone Special, Self Portrait and Manhattan by Numbers -- will be seen in a pair of... More>>
The Why of WorldFest
Houston's film festival returns a "lean, mean movie machine"
, April 20, 1995
It's baaaaack! WorldFest/Houston International Film Festival, which has zapped through so many incarnations it probably should be known as the... More>>
Red Summer
, April 20, 1995
There's a big difference between films about Russians, and Russian films. It's the difference between David Lean's Doctor Zhivago and Nikita... More>>
, April 20, 1995
Gregory Nava's My Family (Mi Familia), a multigenerational epic about a Chicano family in east Los Angeles, is one of the most satisfying... More>>
Not So True Confessions
The didactic Priest is an overheated but honorable melodrama
, April 13, 1995
Your hooey detector will probably start beeping about ten minutes into British filmmaker Antonia Bird's controversial melodrama Priest when... More>>
Where the Boys Aren't
, April 13, 1995
"Don't you want to deal with problems when they happen?" Rachel demands. She's just moved in with someone and, being level-headed, isn't quite... More>>
Action by the Book
, April 13, 1995
There's no denying that Bad Boys follows Hollywood's action comedy formula by the book. But where most films only end up bombing in the process,... More>>
Lover Men
Three films offer differing takes on the myth of the romantic hero
, April 06, 1995
Nick Nolte's craggily handsome face, steely eyes and whiskey-and-cigarettes voice are the epitome of ravaged old-movie grandeur. But in his... More>>
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