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Histoire(s) du Cinema
, January 06, 1994
Ever wonder what happened to Jean-Luc Godard? The idiosyncratic renegade of French New Wave filmmaking, the auteur of Breathless, Alphaville... More>>
The Old Couple
Don't hope for much from Grumpy Old Men. You'll probably get less anyway.
, January 06, 1994
I wasn't expecting great things from Grumpy Old Men. I just wanted a chance, rare nowadays, to marvel at Walter Matthau's cragginess of face and... More>>
That's a Wrap
And the year ends with a surprise twist: fall movies that are falling flat
, December 30, 1993
1993 will likely be remembered as both the year of Schindler's List and as a year of surprisingly strong, reasonably intelligent summer films. In... More>>
What It Is, What It Was, What It Shall Be
A review of the films of '93, and hopes for an adventurous '94
, December 30, 1993
You know it's been an interesting year at the movies when the Paramount takeover is relegated to the business pages. I wonder which studio... More>>
Standing at the Gates of Heaven
Oliver Stone is knock-knock-knockin', but he just can't get inside his latest Vietnam epic
, December 23, 1993
Watching Heaven and Earth, I was reminded of Pauline Kael's quip upon her retirement: "At least I won't have to see any more Oliver Stone... More>>
Pretty Woman, Bad Movie
Julia Roberts picked the wrong vehicle for her comeback
, December 23, 1993
Woodward and Bernstein, meet Roberts and Washington (as in Julia and Denzel). The 1970s real-life investigative team that Hoffman and Redford... More>>
The Summer House
, December 23, 1993
Not even the legendary Jeanne Moreau can spice up this mild, familiar, domestic comedy-drama about the attempt by a 1950s English girl to escape... More>>
Nothing But a Man
, December 16, 1993
Michael Roemer has had to be very patient about winning anything like his due as a filmmaker. His The Plot Against Harry, made in 1969,... More>>
The Liberation of Steven Spielberg
Freed from his earlier studies in pop redemption, the prince of schmaltz has made what might be the year's best movie
, December 16, 1993
This has not been a memorable fall and winter movie season. If last summer was unusually long on intelligent, well-crafted films, this -- the... More>>
Wayne's World 2
, December 16, 1993
The production notes to Wayne's World 2 begin, "What's new with Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar? They've cut their hair, enrolled in college and... More>>
Geronimo: An American Legend
, December 16, 1993
The surrender of Geronimo is functionally brought to life, this time, though, with white-eyes as the bad guys. Focusing on the final months of... More>>
"My Culture Is My Beauty"
Iranian director Bahram Beizai lays bare his country's cinema
, December 09, 1993
"I love films that project the culture of the filmmaker, that make observations about his world and his background," Iranian filmmaker Bahram... More>>
Rich Man, Pork Man
The class struggle and menage a six of Jamon Jamon are plenty salty, but there's not enough meat on these bones
, December 09, 1993
Jamon Jamon, the intriguingly titled film by the Spanish director Bigas Luna (he has a rather wonderful name himself), opens with a shot of a... More>>
A Dangerous Woman
, December 09, 1993
The marketeers evidently knew they had a tough sell on their hands with this one, a story about (among other things) a sexual triangle between... More>>
Fatwa This
Ayatollah you once, ayatollah you again: Abbas Headline:Kiarostami's movies just aren't that interesting
, December 02, 1993
Thanks to an occassional entry in the old Worldfest film festival, we knew that Iran was why past tense? in a surprising filmmaking boom. The... More>>
Mrs. Doubtfire
, December 02, 1993
Imagine Robin Williams playing a character who crossdresses as a 60-ish woman so that he can get a job as nanny to his children, whom he misses... More>>
Dinosaurs Run Amuck Again, This Time B-Movie Style
, December 02, 1993
What with Steven Spielberg's dinosaurs stomping through Jurassic Park, Roger Corman's got left behind in the prehistoric shuffle. ThatÕs... More>>
The Heavenly Twins
, December 02, 1993
The mysterious symbiotic relationship between identical twins is penetratingly rendered in Christa Ritter and Rainer Langhans' documentary, The... More>>
Boys' Shorts: The New Queer Cinema
, December 02, 1993
There's not much new in Boys' Shorts: The New Queer Cinema, a feature-length program of six short gay films. In mostly uninspired ways, it... More>>
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