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Rockets Redux
That championship season makes its way to video
, July 28, 1994
Paranoid Houstonians such as yourself and myself may be forgiven for wondering if Clutch City (a phrase that, ohmigod, is starting to worm its... More>>
Perils of the Paralyzed
, July 21, 1994
It's about time Jim Broadbent starred in a movie. An immensely endearing actor whose supporting roles provided ballast to such films as Enchanted... More>>
Living With Lies
Cameron and Schwarzenegger take action movies in a new, and interesting, direction
, July 21, 1994
True Lies is a film whose best moments are not given away by its trailer, which promises only a dated combination of Walter Mitty and... More>>
The Age of Innocents
With Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks shows, again, that it's a gift to be simple
, July 14, 1994
Here's a movie that could have fallen flat on its face. By all rights, its juxtaposition of a mildly retarded Southern man and the Big Events of... More>>
Gotta Dance
, July 14, 1994
That's Entertainment comes back, bouncingly, for a second encore That's Entertainment III didn't sound like an appealing prospect. Part two of... More>>
Blue Thoughts
Can a film without pictures really be a film?
, July 14, 1994
If ever there were an avant-garde film that tested a cinephile's resolve, it's Blue: 75 minutes of a swimming-pool shade of the titular color... More>>
No Bang, No Bing, No Boom
Blown Away isn't just about bombs. It is one.
, July 07, 1994
I wish I could've seen the looks on the suits' faces at MGM, the studio behind Blown Away, when they first saw Speed. We were robbed, they must... More>>
Good Combination
, July 07, 1994
As its title indicates, Combination Platter fits nicely into the Chinese-American food-film genre, joining Dim Sum, Eat a Bowl of Tea and The... More>>
A Lame, and Troubling, Lion
Disney's latest can't compare with its greatest
, July 07, 1994
"Sometimes bad things happen and there's nothing you can do about it." This sobering message -- only one of several downbeat pronouncements in... More>>
Kevin Costner makes a mess of a cowboy legend
, June 30, 1994
When seated in front of a three-hours-and-then-some movie, impatient filmgoers sometimes begin a mental editing process, wishing that the story... More>>
Hat Trick
Fear of a Black Hat is no Spinal Tap -- but it comes close
, June 30, 1994
While there's no deep meaning in a rap song entitled "Come Pet the P.U.S.S.Y.," the fictional rap group that performs it in Fear of a Black Hat... More>>
The Wild, Wild East
A pistol-packing Pole takes on the new European reality
, June 30, 1994
White has been billed (if that's not too strong a term for a film that's arriving this quietly) as the sequel to Krzysztof Kieslowski's Blue and... More>>
Dictatorial Love
A chubby little Slav learns there's more to life than Tito
, June 23, 1994
Cheery samba music certainly isn't the soundtrack you'd expect to accompany newsreel footage of Marshal Tito, the former Yugoslavian dictator,... More>>
On the Fast Track
Speed proves there's still life in the old car chase
, June 23, 1994
If you want to be sure that the Reagan-Bush era has finally ended, look to Speed. Instead of having a killing machine at the heart of what may... More>>
Jack's Back
Nicholson makes Wolf savage fun
, June 23, 1994
Wolf was preceded by enough bad vibes to set me on my guard. Early press releases stated -- yikes! -- that Jack Nicholson's character becomes... More>>
A Shudder of the Soul
Cronos makes something new from old-fashioned horror
, June 16, 1994
The Mexican horror film may well have been the spiritual ancestor of the Halloween and Jason splatter movies of the '70s and early '80s. The... More>>
Surfing Safari
Bruce Brown goes back to the beach to hang ten, again
, June 16, 1994
If you know what "gank" means, you're the target audience for Bruce Brown's The Endless Summer II. As its title suggests, this movie is a sequel... More>>
Music Man
Glenn Gould gets a film portrait to match his genius
, June 09, 1994
In a posh hotel room in Hamburg, dashing classical pianist Glenn Gould (Colm Feore), with rumpled clothes and abstracted gait, is feeling too ill... More>>
Lady of Spain
, June 09, 1994
Plot summary is normally the lazy way out of a movie review; not so with Kika. The latest by Spanish director Pedro Almodovar has a story arc... More>>
The Sound of Silents
Rice's festival of non-talkies shows that silence can be golden
, June 09, 1994
Middle-aged Americans such as myself likely got their first taste of silent films by watching the '60s television program Fractured Flickers. For... More>>
Yee-haw City
The Cowboy Way takes a fun ride through New York
, June 02, 1994
What's with all these summertime Westerns? The cheesy Maverick and the stilted Even Cowgirls Get the Blues have already tumbled into town, while... More>>
The Mild, Mild West
Maverick proves harmless -- and charmless
, June 02, 1994
If awards were given on the basis of inoffensiveness, Maverick's would fill a trophy case. Who could get mad at the sight of Mel Gibson mugging... More>>
Widows' Wonderland
, June 02, 1994
With exceptions that I can count on one hand, the movies I've seen since the end of last year's strong summer have been numbingly bad. Even... More>>
Travels with Charlie
, May 26, 1994
The recent short films of River Oaks native Alex Georges have been a mixed bag. A Bit of Chartreuse was a small, very stylish black comedy, while... More>>
Murder Most Fine
A tasty noir treat is rescued from the video heap
, May 26, 1994
Film noir might soon experience a renaissance, thanks to John Dahl, one of the most exciting American directors to come along in years. His... More>>
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