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Sentiment and Sneering
, February 17, 1994
Reality Bites is promoted, in print and electronic ads, as a comedy about love in the '90s. It's not about love in the '90s; it's about love,... More>>
It's All Great
A finished documentary about an incomplete Orson Welles masterwork
, February 10, 1994
Shortly after the 1941 premiere of his classic Citizen Kane, Orson Welles was prevailed upon by Nelson Rockefeller, the State Department's... More>>
Getaway from Me
Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger sprout personalities to save an otherwise lackluster thriller
, February 10, 1994
For nearly half its length, I thought the current remake of The Getaway would be just one more failed thriller. The idea of casting Alec Baldwin... More>>
Anything Goes?
, February 10, 1994
What's wrong with a movie musical? Everything, apparently. Preview audiences so hated the musical version of I'll Do Anything that mindful... More>>
8 1/2 Fellini Films
, February 03, 1994
Not much has been left unsaid about Federico Fellini. If ever there has been a filmmaker for whom a "lifetime achievement" Oscar was a career... More>>
Dumb Guns
, February 03, 1994
If you wouldn't think twice about finding rap stars hanging out in a bar in the Amazon jungle, if you'd agree that a prudent way to make a... More>>
Peter X
, February 03, 1994
An opening image in Stepping Razor -- Red X, a disappointing biography of reggae legend Peter Tosh, is graffiti on a Jamaican boulder reading... More>>
Rotten Johnny
, January 27, 1994
Naked arrives preceded by glowing reviews and perched on numerous critics' year-end best-of lists. And it's the latest product from the generally... More>>
Into Africa
, January 27, 1994
Rice University professor and acclaimed writer Max Apple (author of two novels, Zip and The Propheteers, and two collections of short stories,... More>>
Innocent on the Lam
, January 27, 1994
After seeing Flight of the Innocent, you won't be surprised to learn that Italian director Carlo Carlei has already signed a deal to make movies... More>>
The Belfasters
Be glad that In the Name of the Father was made. But don't expect this Irish movie to leave anyone's eyes crying.
, January 20, 1994
In recent years the Irish have quietly begun a sort of national cinema. I say "quietly" because they haven't received the fanfare of the Chinese... More>>
Anatomy of a Scam
Six Degrees of Separation, one of the best movies in months, takes the jump from play to screen with wit and brilliance
, January 20, 1994
The movie season is about to get interesting -- finally. Six Degrees of Separation, with its wit, structural and visual daring, and bracing take... More>>
, January 20, 1994
The Museum of Fine Arts kicks off its Greek film festival in fine form with Stella (1955), a good old-fashioned melodrama about a small town's... More>>
Wrestling Ernest Hemingway
, January 20, 1994
If you want to see four old pros who really know what they're doing, watch Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, a small, touching movie about elderly... More>>
Last Call at Maud's
, January 13, 1994
Tired of the typical bar scene? Then check out Paris Poirier's Last Call at Maud's, a witty yet serious, entertaining yet informative, intimate... More>>
The Silence of the Lambs
Hollywood emerges from its AIDS innocence to produce the engaging, but predictable, Philadelphia
, January 13, 1994
Given that the AIDS epidemic has been a matter of public record for a decade, it's sobering to think that a film like Philadelphia is only now... More>>
Bad Behaviour
, January 13, 1994
There's a new kid on Mike Leigh's block. The British director of acutely funny, character-driven, improvised films (Nuts in May, Life is Sweet)... More>>
The Chronicles of Lewis
Anthony Hopkins gets weepy in Shadowlands
, January 13, 1994
If you want a good cry, a really good cry, watch the amazing Anthony Hopkins. Watch his staid, removed C.S. Lewis summon the courage to forsake... More>>
Histoire(s) du Cinema
, January 06, 1994
Ever wonder what happened to Jean-Luc Godard? The idiosyncratic renegade of French New Wave filmmaking, the auteur of Breathless, Alphaville... More>>
The Old Couple
Don't hope for much from Grumpy Old Men. You'll probably get less anyway.
, January 06, 1994
I wasn't expecting great things from Grumpy Old Men. I just wanted a chance, rare nowadays, to marvel at Walter Matthau's cragginess of face and... More>>
That's a Wrap
And the year ends with a surprise twist: fall movies that are falling flat
, December 30, 1993
1993 will likely be remembered as both the year of Schindler's List and as a year of surprisingly strong, reasonably intelligent summer films. In... More>>
What It Is, What It Was, What It Shall Be
A review of the films of '93, and hopes for an adventurous '94
, December 30, 1993
You know it's been an interesting year at the movies when the Paramount takeover is relegated to the business pages. I wonder which studio... More>>
Standing at the Gates of Heaven
Oliver Stone is knock-knock-knockin', but he just can't get inside his latest Vietnam epic
, December 23, 1993
Watching Heaven and Earth, I was reminded of Pauline Kael's quip upon her retirement: "At least I won't have to see any more Oliver Stone... More>>
Pretty Woman, Bad Movie
Julia Roberts picked the wrong vehicle for her comeback
, December 23, 1993
Woodward and Bernstein, meet Roberts and Washington (as in Julia and Denzel). The 1970s real-life investigative team that Hoffman and Redford... More>>
The Summer House
, December 23, 1993
Not even the legendary Jeanne Moreau can spice up this mild, familiar, domestic comedy-drama about the attempt by a 1950s English girl to escape... More>>
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