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Lost Knight
Hollywood (and Gere, and Connery) turn Arthurian legend into Arthurian mush
, July 06, 1995
First Knight, a new effort from Ghost director Jerry Zucker, purports to tell the tale of King Arthur's ill-fated marriage to Lady Guinevere -- a... More>>
Female Trouble
Two offbeat films chronicle three offbeat young women's struggles
, June 29, 1995
The absence of good movie roles for women has been bemoaned in the press so many times over the past few years that film critics might as well... More>>
Jazz Notes
, June 29, 1995
It's hard to imagine a more mismanaged photo session than the one that took place in New York City in 1958. The upstart graphics editor at... More>>
Trey and Mantis
, June 29, 1995
At one point in Mantis, a video project by Houston Ballet Choreographic Associate Trey McIntyre that's receiving its official debut this week, a... More>>
Uncharted Waters
Though flawed, Pocahontas is a big step forward for animated films
, June 22, 1995
I'm worried about the fate of Pocahontas. Of all the big-budget, feature-length cartoons released by Disney in the past six years, this one --... More>>
Batman, At Last
Sexy and soulful, Schumacher's epic proves the third time's the charm
, June 22, 1995
I was disappointed in the first two Batman movies. Despite moments of dark wit and visual brilliance, they didn't move me emotionally, and I... More>>
Smoking Out a Story
, June 15, 1995
Paul Benjamin (William Hurt) is a novelist who can't tell stories anymore, not since the tragic death of his beloved wife in a random act of... More>>
Monkey Business
Congo is a fine old film, in afine old-fashioned way
, June 15, 1995
The latest adaptation of a Michael Crichton bestseller is about as realistic, and almost as entertaining, as that other one -- what was it? -- oh... More>>
Classic Keaton, Classic Comedy
100 years on, the MFA gives a silent-screen genius his due
, June 08, 1995
The oeuvre of silent-film comedian Buster Keaton, a body of work being celebrated this month at the Museum of Fine Arts, has snob appeal in... More>>
Best of the Breast
, June 08, 1995
Russ Meyer didn't have it easy. Today, there are plastic mam jobs on almost every corner just bursting to be in exploitation movies. But when... More>>
Bedtime for Boo Boy
, June 01, 1995
The new Casper -- the 28 trillion bytes of Industrial Light and Magic created Casper -- does not inhabit the gently hokey realm of the original... More>>
Flings, First and Final
Two new romances approach doomed passion, as seen at different ages and stages
, June 01, 1995
If you need proof that what we enjoy in art has nothing to do with what we'll accept in life, then consider love stories. When you look back... More>>
Not Worth Remembering
Billy Crystal says Forget Paris; good idea
, May 25, 1995
Some movies are so bad that they make you look back over your recent moviegoing life with the merciless eye of an FBI agent assembling a dossier,... More>>
Love for Sale
, May 25, 1995
When 16-year-old mail-order bride Riyo (Youki Kudoh) gets off the boat that has borne her from her old home in Japan to her new one on a sugar... More>>
Third Time, Semi-Lucky
, May 25, 1995
When an action movie proves to be a success, there's almost inevitably a sequel. And hey, if it works twice, why not try for three?... More>>
Mad Mel's Epic Adventure
Mel Gibson puts himself on the line for Braveheart
, May 25, 1995
In the 16 years since he made his screen debut, Mel Gibson has seen plenty of action. Part of what makes him so charismatic is his ability to... More>>
War Games
Crimson Tide dives deep, but ends up dead in the water
, May 18, 1995
With their latest offering, the post-Cold War thriller Crimson Tide, the creative team of director Tony Scott and producers Don Simpson and Jerry... More>>
First, There Was a Mountain
Brash and bashful, Hugh Grant stars in yet another fey English tale, this one with a twist
, May 18, 1995
In The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill, But Came Down a Mountain, the titular Englishman is Hugh Grant, and Grant makes of his role another genial,... More>>
Cat Man Dues
Panther is a sincere, but self-defeating, exercise
, May 11, 1995
For nearly three decades, some of Hollywood's most powerful African-American players have labored unsuccessfully to bring the story of the Black... More>>
The Time of Their Lives
, May 11, 1995
When director Bob Balaban read Richard Bausch's award-winning novel about a trio of senior citizens, he knew immediately that he wanted to make... More>>
America, America
, May 11, 1995
The Perez Family and My Family (Mi Familia) don't glance off of you the way most movies do. Full of hardship, deprivation, bitterness and death... More>>
Make 'em Laugh
With Funny Bones, Peter Chelsom dips into humor's dark side
, May 04, 1995
Peter Chelsom, co-writer and director of the new film about comedy (as opposed to comedy film) Funny Bones, says his latest work is another of... More>>
Hot Love
, May 04, 1995
There's a happy ending to A Pyromaniac's Love Story; this film is a fairy tale after all, albeit a modernized, live action version of Fractured... More>>
Bad Seeds
, May 04, 1995
In the past two decades, filmmaker John Carpenter has directed 17 movies, and has established himself as a towering figure in modern horror -- a... More>>
Talking (and Talking) Film
, May 04, 1995
WorldFest Houston, the city's annual international film festival, is like any other annual event: a select crowd waits eagerly all year for it to... More>>
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