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Despite its Oscar,
Fernando Trueba's new film isn't a prizewinner
, April 21, 1994
Belle Epoque arrives on the wings of its recent Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. The voters were apparently in a playful mood, as they chose... More>>
Manners To Die For
, April 21, 1994
At first blush, Serial Mom appears to mark a departure for John Waters. This time his lead actress is Kathleen Turner, rather than the mighty... More>>
WorldFest's World View
Hunter Todd returns with a slimmed-down film festival
, April 14, 1994
After taking his show on the road -- specifically, to Charleston, South Carolina -- for a film festival last fall, Hunter Todd will, on April 15,... More>>
American Potluck
At WorldFest, variety doesn't always prove spicy
, April 14, 1994
If there's anything that binds the American films presented at this year's WorldFest, it's that they offer derivative pleasures. There is no... More>>
Falling Stars
The Taviani brothers face their own family curse
, April 07, 1994
There was a time when the Taviani brothers, Paolo and Vittorio, were regarded as standard-bearers for Italian film. Their 1981 movie The Night of... More>>
Hollywood Lives, Hollywood Lies
Barry Levinson takes a loopy look at the realities of Tinsel Town
, April 07, 1994
Barry Levinson's 1992 fantasy Toys was an interesting flop. Who would have thought that the man who directed Bugsy, The Natural and Rain Man; who... More>>
New Wave AIDS
In the French Savage Nights, HIV provides the catalyst for a fierce, complex love story
, March 31, 1994
Savage Nights dominated last year's Cesars, the French equivalent of the Oscars. But it could scarcely be more different from Hollywood's... More>>
Cultivating a Career
River Oaks native Alex Georges crosses his fingers and hopes for a chance at the movies
, March 31, 1994
Houston filmmaker Alex Georges wasn't hard to pick out of the crowd of cinephiles entering Austin's venerable Dobie Theater last Monday. The... More>>
A Comedy of Marryment
, March 31, 1994
If real-life nuptials are even a quarter as funny as those portrayed in Four Weddings and a Funeral, get me to the church on time. Mike Newell's... More>>
The Paper Delivers
, March 24, 1994
Two minor characters, veteran reporters on a big-city newspaper, are battling over turf on a late-breaking crime story. "You got the cops," one... More>>
The Raising Arizona Proxy
The Coen brothers' best movies couldn't make it, so they sent this one instead
, March 24, 1994
I could tell you that The Hudsucker Proxy is a Capra-esque film "about" a little guy's skyrocket ride to the top of American industry, and that... More>>
The Delirium of Society
A woman's portrait of her disturbed mother highlights an evening of women's independent videos
, March 24, 1994
In Suburban Queen, video artist Mindy Faber fantasizes that her mentally ill mother, Patricia, using "everyday grease and grime" as war paint,... More>>
Extended Labor
Martha Coolidge and Geena Davis are slow to develop the promise of Angie
, March 17, 1994
It's hard not to root for Angie, the new film by director Martha Coolidge. Its story has a handful of familiar elements: we're back among the... More>>
24 Lies Per Second
, March 17, 1994
East German newsreels and educational films can be funny, if a bit pathetically so. A miner supposedly digs four times his coal quota: "From this... More>>
Barely Down Under
, March 10, 1994
If D.H. Lawrence ever were to get a film past the censors, Sirens might be it. Ripe with explicit nudity and suggestive encounters, the movie... More>>
Yucking It Up
, March 10, 1994
As creator, writer, director and producer of the TV series WKRP in Cincinnati, Frank's Place and The Famous Teddy Z, Hugh Wilson took standard... More>>
On Location with Boy Rifkin
The director of The Chase considers Houston and Keaton
, March 10, 1994
Last August, the production of The Chase cluttered our freeways and city streets -- and gave Houstonians a sample of Hollywood action. Star... More>>
My Life As A Grape
What's Eating Gilbert Grape -- growing up eccentric in a small Iowa town
, March 10, 1994
After Swedish filmmaker Lasse Hallstrsm made the magical and heartfelt My Life as a Dog in 1985, he went the route of almost all successful... More>>
Lost Patrol
, March 10, 1994
That a new Alex Cox film is opening is welcome news. Highway Patrolman is his first release since 1987's Straight to Hell, which the current... More>>
The Chips Are Down
, March 03, 1994
Instead of calling his latest sports screenplay Blue Chips, Ron Shelton (writer/director of Bull Durham and White Men Can't Jump) should've... More>>
The Little Mexican Tramp
Cantinflas kicks off the MFA's series of classic Mexican films
, March 03, 1994
The 1993 death of the great Mexican comic actor Mario Moreno, better known as "Cantinflas," was an event noted in some detail in the U.S. press,... More>>
The Whoo-oo Highway
, March 03, 1994
The Chase harkens back to The A-Team, Batman (the TV version) and old-fashioned movie serials, with a little mushy stuff on the side. It's set... More>>
The Celluloid of the President
A winning documentary about the Clinton campaign's inner circle
, February 17, 1994
What's remarkable about The War Room, D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus' Oscar-nominated, behind-the-scenes documentary on the Clinton campaign's... More>>
Juliet Done It
, February 17, 1994
It took me a while to make up my mind about Romeo Is Bleeding. It has quite a chestnut of an opening: a wasted-looking Gary Oldman stands behind... More>>
, February 17, 1994
As the MFA's French film noir series winds down, we get The Raven, an interesting, if genre-fuzzy entry from Henri-Georges Clouzot. This isn't... More>>
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