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Distant Thunder
, March 16, 1995
Before the Rain, a three-part anthology of stories from the war-torn Balkan nation of Macedonia, is as powerful and passionate an examination of... More>>
Vile and Viral
, March 16, 1995
Outbreak is a true paranoid's wet dream, and something very scary for those with normal fears. For two thrilling hours, the audience is... More>>
A Cultural Question
Jewish Worlds is back after two years. It should have waited a third.
, March 16, 1995
"So," a Holocaust survivor demands of a fellow concentration camp victim, now a famous musician, whom he hasn't seen for 50 years, "if you are so... More>>
Tales of the Father
Though not true to its source, Roommates is a delight
, March 09, 1995
Picture this: A bunch of Hollywood suits sitting around discussing making a movie from a memoir about the two most important people in the... More>>
To Hell and Back
Image is all (but not enough) in the supernatural thriller Hideaway
, March 09, 1995
There's a good reason why the new thriller Hideaway is proudly designated as "A Film by Brett Leonard," a name few casual moviegoers would... More>>
Walking Dead Arrives D.O.A.
, March 09, 1995
My father served in the Air Force in the 1950s, and was the lone black man in his unit. His not-so-close-knit group did almost everything... More>>
The Evil and the Stupid
Reactionary and racist, Just Cause is just too dumb to get worked up about
, March 02, 1995
It's pointless to respectfully review a film as ineptly written, indifferently directed and slothfully performed as Just Cause, the new legal... More>>
Buried Deep
, March 02, 1995
Outside a stylish Glasgow flat rests a doormat with the message, "Not today, thank you." It's been put there by the flat's residents, a trio of... More>>
Lone Star
, March 02, 1995
The Hunted has packs of lithe ninjas and, like so many Asian-flavored films, has an instructive subtext. Between the bouts of swordplay, we learn... More>>
Married to Poetry
, February 23, 1995
"Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion," we hear T.S. Eliot lecture a room full of admirers in Tom and Viv, "but an escape from emotion." We... More>>
Audience Reaction
, February 23, 1995
It's time for "Punitive Damages," everyone's favorite segment of the game show Payback Time, where scumbags get what's coming to them. Today's... More>>
The Brady Bomb
Growing up with the Bunch wasn't meant to be this ugly
, February 23, 1995
For those of us on the evolutionary ladder between the Baby Boomers and the Gen X-ers, The Brady Bunch had a purpose. When the Bunch first aired,... More>>
Dead Bang
Gonzo Western The Quick and the Dead is ludicrously entertaining
, February 16, 1995
About ten minutes into Sam Raimi's Western The Quick and the Dead, his nomadic, gunslinging heroine, Ellen (Sharon Stone), slouches down in a... More>>
The Lure of the Irish
, February 16, 1995
Moments before the screening of The Secret of Roan Inish a buddy of mine said, "John Sayles is my favorite director, even though I don't like... More>>
Barely There
, February 16, 1995
Set in 1817 during the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars, Colonel Chabert is about a legendary soldier, presumed dead, who returns home to... More>>
Death Done Wrong
, February 09, 1995
It would seem that Death and the Maiden couldn't miss. A psychological thriller set somewhere in South America after the fall of a dictator,... More>>
Tears and Fears
, February 09, 1995
"Don't tell anybody about what you've seen," a strong-willed matriarch warns her daughter-in-law in the quiet soap opera Women from the Lake of... More>>
Where the Boys Aren't
, February 02, 1995
Listen, this is a movie that uses Carpenters songs and makes you like them. Oh, and Boys on the Side uses flashbacks from The Way We Were and... More>>
History's Shadows
, February 02, 1995
One tranquil evening in 1949 in the Chinese countryside, a group of traveling shadow puppeteers are putting on a performance when, suddenly, a... More>>
Disorder in the Court
In The Madness of King George, it's not good to be king
, February 02, 1995
Many people in the court of King George III, the protagonist of a fascinating new British comedy by director Nicholas Hytner, suspected something... More>>
Slack time
Before Sunrise is something new from Richard Linklater -- a failure
, January 26, 1995
Most movie fans have a filmmaker they latch onto, take to heart and enthusiastically root for. Their triumphs make you euphoric and their... More>>
Epic Flop
Legends of the Fall is pretty, but only skin deep
, January 26, 1995
You wouldn't think a frontier family saga that includes sibling rivalry, tragic deaths, illicit longings and searing revenge would make for a... More>>
Throne of Blood
, January 26, 1995
Raucous, bawdy, sexy and violent, Queen Margot is history as feverishly overwrought soap opera -- history painted in tears, sweat, blood and... More>>
Baseball's Rough Beast
, January 19, 1995
While Tyrus Raymond Cobb may or may not have been the greatest baseball player of all time, there's no question that he was the meanest player in... More>>
Mother Lode
, January 19, 1995
It's not at all surprising that now Susan Sarandon has finally edged away from earthy sexpot roles and begun embracing characters with maternal... More>>
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