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Combine TV, killing and crowds, and what do you have? Oliver Stone
, September 01, 1994
Forget James Brown. Oliver Stone is the hardest-working man in show business. He's directed nine films since 1986's Salvador, and in each of them... More>>
Eat Drink, Go To Sleep
, August 25, 1994
Director Ang Lee registered pretty much a perfect score on last year's The Wedding Banquet. His low-budget story of a gay Taiwanese man living in... More>>
The Sick and the Dead
In Color of Night, Bruce Willis bares less of his body than expected, but more of his soul
, August 25, 1994
Only in the movies could a therapist speak inconsiderately to a frayed patient, watch her commit suicide by jumping out his office window, quit... More>>
Mao Mania
Picture-perfect film's sincerity is true-blue, but the familiar story has nothing new to share
, August 25, 1994
In China, The Blue Kite has provoked a political backlash for its bleak depiction of the "anti-Rightist" campaigns of the 1950s as well as of the... More>>
Denial of the Will
Leni Riefenstahl looks at her past, but fails to confront it
, August 18, 1994
Ironic juxtaposition is often the order of the day in the movie-watching business. When we critics see movies in advance, and not on their... More>>
Surface matter
Metropolitan maker goes abroad with the American bourgeoisie
, August 18, 1994
Whit Stillman's debut film, Metropolitan, made many a top-10 list in 1990. With its nuanced, self-aware and hyper-verbal characters, it displayed... More>>
Rotten Rascals
Our Gang today stuck on shtick from yesterday
, August 18, 1994
Who among us cannot warble their happy theme tune? The Little Rascals, originally Our Gang, was introduced in the 1930s, was tweaked to fit into... More>>
Animal Acts
The return of Hollywood's most famous dog and pony show
, August 11, 1994
Following that great show biz tradition, a couple of long-ago Hollywood icons are making a comeback. After decades of being relegated to fond... More>>
Spy Games
Tom Clancy and Harrison Ford take aim at the War On Drugs
, August 11, 1994
First, the good news. Clear and Present Danger is much easier to take than its predecessor, Patriot Games, though history and casting keep it... More>>
It's a Wonderful Lottery
It Could Happen To You proves itself a winning ticket
, August 04, 1994
Judging by the films he's made -- most particularly his latest, It Could Happen To You -- Andrew Bergman is no relation whatsoever to the great... More>>
British India
, August 04, 1994
It was inevitable, I suppose, that India's frenzied level of movie-making would begin to follow Indian immigration to the U.S. and the U.K. Here,... More>>
Out of Africa
, August 04, 1994
In Guelwaar, a Senegalese film director raised a Muslim takes on the Christian-Muslim conflict in Africa by focusing on a tiny Senegalese village... More>>
Mother Love
Spanking the Monkey gives a wicked twist to an ancient taboo.
, July 28, 1994
Apparently your mother liks to spend her time in a horizontal position," a doctor chides bedridden Susan in front of her home-from-college son... More>>
The Boy Who Knew Too Much
Another Grisham thriller hits the screen, with middling results
, July 28, 1994
The Client is such a dispiriting film that I find it hard to summon up the energy to write about it. My colleague on the restaurant beat doesn't... More>>
Rockets Redux
That championship season makes its way to video
, July 28, 1994
Paranoid Houstonians such as yourself and myself may be forgiven for wondering if Clutch City (a phrase that, ohmigod, is starting to worm its... More>>
Perils of the Paralyzed
, July 21, 1994
It's about time Jim Broadbent starred in a movie. An immensely endearing actor whose supporting roles provided ballast to such films as Enchanted... More>>
Living With Lies
Cameron and Schwarzenegger take action movies in a new, and interesting, direction
, July 21, 1994
True Lies is a film whose best moments are not given away by its trailer, which promises only a dated combination of Walter Mitty and... More>>
The Age of Innocents
With Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks shows, again, that it's a gift to be simple
, July 14, 1994
Here's a movie that could have fallen flat on its face. By all rights, its juxtaposition of a mildly retarded Southern man and the Big Events of... More>>
Gotta Dance
, July 14, 1994
That's Entertainment comes back, bouncingly, for a second encore That's Entertainment III didn't sound like an appealing prospect. Part two of... More>>
Blue Thoughts
Can a film without pictures really be a film?
, July 14, 1994
If ever there were an avant-garde film that tested a cinephile's resolve, it's Blue: 75 minutes of a swimming-pool shade of the titular color... More>>
No Bang, No Bing, No Boom
Blown Away isn't just about bombs. It is one.
, July 07, 1994
I wish I could've seen the looks on the suits' faces at MGM, the studio behind Blown Away, when they first saw Speed. We were robbed, they must... More>>
Good Combination
, July 07, 1994
As its title indicates, Combination Platter fits nicely into the Chinese-American food-film genre, joining Dim Sum, Eat a Bowl of Tea and The... More>>
A Lame, and Troubling, Lion
Disney's latest can't compare with its greatest
, July 07, 1994
"Sometimes bad things happen and there's nothing you can do about it." This sobering message -- only one of several downbeat pronouncements in... More>>
Kevin Costner makes a mess of a cowboy legend
, June 30, 1994
When seated in front of a three-hours-and-then-some movie, impatient filmgoers sometimes begin a mental editing process, wishing that the story... More>>
Hat Trick
Fear of a Black Hat is no Spinal Tap -- but it comes close
, June 30, 1994
While there's no deep meaning in a rap song entitled "Come Pet the P.U.S.S.Y.," the fictional rap group that performs it in Fear of a Black Hat... More>>
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