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The Sucking Game
Monsters that go dull in the night
, November 17, 1994
The nation can rest easy now; another burning question has been answered. Tom Cruise can play a vampire, and he can do so well enough that you... More>>
Neither Man nor Monster
Frankenstein claims to go by the book, but fails in the final chapter
, November 10, 1994
Kenneth Branagh's Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (what a mouthful) gets off to a roaring start. In the opening scene, composer Patrick Doyle's score... More>>
Decadent Glories
, November 10, 1994
Film lovers have begun to look on the early '70s as the last golden age of Western film (the golden age of Asian film is on us right now). Those... More>>
A Fine Finney Version
, November 03, 1994
I confess; I used to be a Latin teacher. So there's a soft spot in my heart for any film in which the protagonist attempts the impossible, i.e.... More>>
Enema of the People
, November 03, 1994
Alan Parker's The Road to Wellville is a prettily detailed movie about the prettily detailed fascination with bodily functions that marked... More>>
Making Change
, November 03, 1994
Here's another independent filmmaker's dream come true. Like Hal Hartley, Richard Linklater and Richard Rodriguez before them, Kevin Smith... More>>
Not Much to Like
, October 27, 1994
Late in I Like It Like That, a smalltime ex-con shares a cup of ice cream with two of his children. It's the Bronx; they're on a stoop across the... More>>
A Bust on Broadway
Good idea, good characters, bad result; Allen's roll comes to a stop
, October 27, 1994
The scandal that entered Woody Allen's life a few years ago seemed not to enervate the filmmaker, but rather invigorate him. Not only did he keep... More>>
Love Crimes
, October 27, 1994
Before beginning the review proper, I should confess to not remembering the title of the new Warren Beatty/Annette Bening film, which I only... More>>
Nothing Special
, October 20, 1994
The Specialist has fewer explosions than most of this year's other "blowed up real good" movies. This is not a plus, since The Specialist also... More>>
Hoop Dreams of Glory
A basketball documentary delves deep into the dangerous lure of the game
, October 20, 1994
Hoop Dreams arrives just in time to add a level of irony to the opening of the NBA season. We grateful Houstonians (myself certainly included)... More>>
Love Madness
Tony Richardson's last film is compellingly complex
, October 20, 1994
It's gratifying to see that the late Tony Richardson's final film, Blue Sky, is so complex, adult and moving. To see, in other words, that... More>>
Pulped Fiction
Quentin Tarantino talks his sophomore film into an early grave
, October 13, 1994
Quentin Tarantino's opening move in Pulp Fiction is so similar to its Natural Born Killers counterpart that you're reminded that Tarantino,... More>>
Good Wood
, October 13, 1994
"Visions are worth fighting for," a minor character informs a major one late in Tim Burton's visually striking, charmingly loopy Ed Wood, and we... More>>
The Scout Strikes Out
, October 06, 1994
There isn't much baseball in The Scout, but there hasn't been much baseball in baseball the past few years either. And we know how that ended up:... More>>
The Fun of Falling
, October 06, 1994
Because the early reviews of Terminal Velocity weren't particularly kind, and because I'm of the a-little-Charlie-Sheen-goes-a-long-way school of... More>>
Song of India
Alone at last, Ismail Merchant strikes out
, October 06, 1994
As the producing half of the famed Ivory/ Merchant moviemaking team, Ismail Merchant is responsible for creating the luminous look of such films... More>>
The Sound of Muzak
Jason's Lyric puts cliched words to an inept tune
, October 06, 1994
With the release of the Houston-filmed Jason's Lyric, the wave of black movies that began with She's Gotta Have It has well and truly ended. The... More>>
Streep in the Wild
Move aside Sly and Arnold, Meryl's gone muscular
, September 29, 1994
Meryl Streep is as good as Arnold Schwarzenegger. I never thought I'd be saying this. But then again, I never thought that Streep, she of the... More>>
Sodomy and Sentiment
, September 29, 1994
Seductive, lyric fantasy and the horrors of genuine human suffering don't usually work together. And it's not often that the American moviegoing... More>>
Questions and Answers
Redford's Quiz Show asks: how far will a man go to win?
, September 15, 1994
Quiz Show opens with a series of scenes so precisely and artfully realized that you think you're in for a masterpiece. During the credit... More>>
Sins of the Brother
, September 15, 1994
Current-events inspired movies usually fail to live up to the drama that provoked them. In part, that's because they usually appear on... More>>
Lost in Africa
, September 15, 1994
What's Bruce Beresford, acclaimed director of Driving Miss Daisy, doing making a film in which an aged duchess is shown naked from behind as she... More>>
End Games
Director Boaz Yakin gives a Fresh twist to tales of the drug trade
, September 08, 1994
This has been a strong year for first-time independent filmmakers. David O. Russell's Spanking the Monkey was one of 1994's pleasant surprises;... More>>
Wagons Ho Hum
, September 08, 1994
John Candy galloping on horseback is not a pretty picture. Of course, it's not intended to be. But it's not an especially amusing picture,... More>>
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