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Tabu Tabu
Miguel Gomes offers more.
, December 27, 2012
Perhaps in response to bombastic mainstream Hollywood, international auteurs often veer toward minimalism — quieter emotions, slower... More>>
A History of Violence Django Unchained
Django Unchained upends the western — and America's original sin.
, December 27, 2012
Watching Django Unchained, it's easy to imagine that Quentin Tarantino had such a blast making his last picture, the ebullient Holocaust fantasia... More>>
Films of 2012: The Ultimate Review Films of 2012: The Ultimate Review
Quentin Tarantino emerges from a chaotic couple of years with his most ambitious film to date, Django Unchained. Will the academy really, really like it?
, December 20, 2012
Quentin Tarantino has been Googling himself, and it's starting to become a problem. The filmmaker, whose eighth feature, Django Unchained, opens... More>>
Films of 2012: Ten Best Films of 2012 Films of 2012: Ten Best Films of 2012
Just because you live in Houston doesn't mean you can't see all these films.
, December 20, 2012
It's the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus, but Top 10 list time, when a year's worth of cinematic output is... More>>
Films of 2012: Getting Better and Better Films of 2012: Getting Better and Better
The end of cinema? Hardly.
, December 20, 2012
More than ever, boiling this concluding year down to the 10 "best" movies feels both arbitrary and reductive. Ideally, I'd have 25 unnumbered... More>>
This Is 40 This Is 40
Like marriage, film is long, aimless and worth it.
, December 20, 2012
Sadly, country songwriters stand as nearly the only entertainers in our popular culture who craft memorable art on the subject of marriage, the... More>>
The 2012 Village Voice Film Critic's Poll The 2012 Village Voice Film Critic's Poll
Movies are alive in the Age of McConaughey.
, December 20, 2012
Squeaking by with an Obama-size victory margin, Paul Thomas Anderson's thrillingly strange The Master tops this year's Voice Film Critics' Poll,... More>>
Tom Cruise Reaches Tom Cruise Reaches
As the strapping Jack Reacher, the star scores.
, December 20, 2012
In his 2005 novel One Shot, writer Lee Child lays out nine rules for surviving a five-against-one alley fight, a challenge his hero, the ex-Army... More>>
Modern Prematurity Modern Prematurity
Seth Rogan takes his Centrum Silver in Guilt Trip
, December 20, 2012
Once comic actors reach a particular career stage, they often choose one of two paths: A) They stop being funny and start being all Hallmark... More>>
On His Majesty’s Secret Service On His Majesty’s Secret Service
In Hyde Park on Hudson, it’s patriotic to pleasure a president.
, December 20, 2012
It's dispiriting that a film about the romantic life of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who cultivated a small coterie of mistresses, should exhibit so... More>>
Slouching Toward Erebor Slouching Toward Erebor
The Hobbit gets neither there nor back again.
, December 13, 2012
Welcome back to Middle-Earth. It has been nearly a decade since writer-director Peter Jackson last set foot on J.R.R. Tolkien's hallowed ground,... More>>
David Chase Achieves His Rock-'n'-Roll Dreams David Chase Achieves His Rock-'n'-Roll Dreams
, December 13, 2012
David Chase looks like he wants to whack somebody. Not just anybody, mind you, but the middle-age guy with the bad dye job a few tables away from... More>>
The Trouble with Hitchcock Hitchcock
Shouldn't the making of Psycho be more interesting?
, December 06, 2012
Early in Hitchcock, Alfred Hitchcock (played by Sir Anthony Hopkins with a sack of fat connecting chin to neck) walks the red carpet at the... More>>
The Best Action Director Working Today The Best Action Director Working Today
John Hyams is dedicated to the abstract and the ass-kicking.
, November 29, 2012
If David Cronenberg and Luc Besson had a mutant baby, it still wouldn't be able to make a movie quite as hypnotically badass as Universal... More>>
The Way We Die Now The Way We Die Now
Movie violence has never been better — or more reckless.
, November 29, 2012
Part of the renascent body-count action industry, Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning's mere existence might shock many Americans. "There are... More>>
The Punishers Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning
To see the fights, Universal Soldier 4 demands you suffer.
, November 29, 2012
Depending on whether you count direct-to-video releases, Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning is either the fourth or sixth film in the low-rent,... More>>
Making a Killing in Obama's America Killing Them Softly
Killing Them Softly argues crime is just business.
, November 29, 2012
An adaptation of George V. Higgins's 1974 novel Cogan's Trade, Andrew Dominik's Killing Them Softly anatomizes a self-policing underground... More>>
Path of Khan Path of Khan
Life of Pi star Irrfan Khan forges a cross-cultural career.
, November 22, 2012
"I can't think of a more pathetic situation for an actor than to do a film and not connect to it," Irrfan Khan says. "And I pray to God that I... More>>
Christ, It's Another "Red Dawn" Red Dawn
North Korea (and audiences) go home unhappy.
, November 22, 2012
America has had its national traumas — its Antietams and Pearl Harbors and 9/11s — but what we haven't faced since the Battle of New... More>>
Tiger, Tiger, Pixels Bright Life of Pi
Life of Pi is the story of how important Life of Pi is.
, November 22, 2012
A stacked-deck theological inquiry filtered through a Titanic-by-way-of–Slumdog Millionaire narrative, Life of Pi manages occasional... More>>
Lincoln: A Tall, Tall Film Lincoln: A Tall, Tall Film
Daniel Day-Lewis and Steven Spielberg ably fill the hat.
, November 15, 2012
There's an unfun tendency in American life to fictionalize our national heroes as rigid statue-people who only speak as though they are... More>>
Death of Cinema Death of Cinema
A short history of an art form's long passing.
, November 15, 2012
That the American cinema is deader than Dillinger is a fact no right-thinking observer unwilling to be laughed out of the room would even think... More>>
Good Spielberg's Bad Moments Good Spielberg's Bad Moments
What should we make of radiant Lincoln and blubbering Private Ryan?
, November 15, 2012
The first few minutes of Lincoln play out like a parody of the expectations of Steven Spielberg's detractors. The Great Emancipator rests like a... More>>
Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy
Looking for David O. Russell in Silver Linings Playbook.
, November 15, 2012
Silver Linings Playbook, which stars Bradley Cooper as a manic-depressive man-child attempting to get his life back together after a breakdown,... More>>
Puppets and Starlets Puppets and Starlets
Sean Baker's latest film goes inside the porn biz.
, November 08, 2012
Sean Baker's Starlet stars Dree Hemingway (Ernest's great-granddaughter) as Jane, a 21-year-old "girl next door" porn performer whose off-hours... More>>
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