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Stand Up Guys Stand Up Guys
A blow to Al Pacino's Legacy
, February 07, 2013
Please, for his own good, somebody clap Dustin Hoffman into a chastity belt. Based on what Al Pacino suffers in Stand Up Guys, and the identical... More>>
Side Effects and Collaborations Side Effects and Collaborations
Steven Soderbergh and Scott Z. Burns talk partnerships.
, February 07, 2013
"I've been lucky in that I've always worked with writers whose voices are so specific that there really isn't any way to recalibrate things... More>>
Melissa McCarthy Is Not Your Best Friend Anymore Melissa McCarthy Is Not Your Best Friend Anymore
, February 07, 2013
To watch Melissa McCarthy as lovable chef Sookie St. James on seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls was to see an actress perfect the art of playing... More>>
Hansel & Gretel Too Much Candy Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Fear a steady diet of movies like Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.
, January 31, 2013
Steven Spielberg and his jaunty little apologue about the 16th President of the United States aside, it's no longer enough in movies for a... More>>
Oscar's Feast of Appetizers Oscar's Feast of Appetizers
Gorge on this year's Oscar-nominated short films.
, January 31, 2013
There's scant dialogue but plenty of eloquent storytelling in the five animated short films up for a 2013 Oscar, all of which — along with... More>>
Aw, Nuts Aw, Nuts
A brief history of movie characters getting whacked in the balls.
, January 31, 2013
Being a lucky guy, I've only been kicked in the balls once. How did it rate on the comedy scale? Well, it was funnier than a monologue by Chelsea... More>>
Kings of the Stone Age Sound City
Dave Grohl and other rockers toast L.A.'s Sound City.
, January 31, 2013
Here's something you don't get to say too often: It's a shame when Paul McCartney turns up. Before McCartney arrives, rasping, puppy-eyed, and... More>>
Ass Kicking, Plato-Style Ass Kicking, Plato-Style
The great director Walter Hill brings a Bullet (and ideas) to your head.
, January 31, 2013
'It's hard to get these things started," says Walter Hill, the dean of the American action movie, speaking to me from Los Angeles. "Action films... More>>
Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Face Monsters Mama
Mama is less scary than a call from Mom.
, January 24, 2013
A chiller about two abandoned little girls and their bond to the wraith of the title, Mama never delivers the primal terror its premise would... More>>
George Stark's Parker George Stark's Parker
Rough guide to a rough guy
, January 24, 2013
In George A. Romero's deeply silly 1993 Stephen King adaptation The Dark Half, Timothy Hutton stars as Thad Beaumont, a writer whose highbrow... More>>
'Girls' Boy Makes Good 'Girls' Boy Makes Good
In movies and TV, Alex Karpovsky is only playing an asshole.
, January 24, 2013
The coffee shop in New York's Union Square might be packed on this cold afternoon, but scanning the crowded bar it's hard to miss Alex Karpovsky... More>>
Park City's Breakouts Park City's Breakouts
The movies to know from Sundance - and the year ahead.
, January 17, 2013
For the next ten days, all Hollywood eyes — and those of many a filmgoer — will turn toward the frigid wilds of Park City, Utah,... More>>
Gangster Squad Gangster Squad
retelling the stories of better movies.
, January 17, 2013
Originally slated to open in September 2012, Gangster Squad was delayed when the movie-theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, suddenly made a... More>>
The Selling of Schwarzenegger, 2013 The Selling of Schwarzenegger, 2013
Arnold returns - but do we still need him?
, January 17, 2013
We're now a generation removed from Arnold Schwarzenegger's brief, odd reign as the biggest star in movies. This Coppertone age lasted from 1990,... More>>
Promised Land's Hard Sell Promised Land
For Matt Damon and company, the message is the message.
, January 10, 2013
Salesmen are typically depicted in screen drama as the quintessential American phonies. The exceptions — in Barry Levinson's Avalon or Whit... More>>
Darkness on the Edge of Town Darkness on the Edge of Town
The thrilling manhunt of Zero Dark Thirty.
, January 10, 2013
'Just so you know, it's going to take a while," says the CIA officer to his newly arrived colleague at the start of Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark... More>>
Godzilla and Flowers Godzilla and Flowers
The films of Kim Jong Il
, January 10, 2013
When he died in December 2011, Kim Jong Il left behind more than a dynastic regime and a closet full of drab pantsuits. Jong Il, who ruled the... More>>
Team Kerouac Team Kerouac
Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund chat about the film version of On the Road.
, January 03, 2013
There's traffic from Silver Lake. That's why Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund, the stars of On the Road, are late to the Benedict Room of the... More>>
L.A.'s Finest L.A.'s Finest
Gangster Squad's cop-turned-screenwriter faces the thin blue line edit.
, January 03, 2013
"Like a lot of other stuff in my life, I sort of fell backwards into it," screenwriter Will Beall says of his unexpected perch atop Hollywood's... More>>
Defending Tarantino Defending Tarantino
What critics who attack the director's borrowings miss.
, January 03, 2013
Ah, here it is again: that special time we experience every two to six years when Quentin Tarantino makes a new movie, and people dig out the old... More>>
10 Movies to Watch in 2013 10 Movies to Watch in 2013
In theaters, on demand or wherever.
, December 27, 2012
Most of the blathering this year about the death of film and film culture has already evaporated from the mind, like so much inert gas. But one... More>>
Les Misérables Les Miserables
The follies of 1832
, December 27, 2012
You can hear the people sing — really hear them — in the long-gestating screen version of that Broadway juggernaut Les... More>>
Tabu Tabu
Miguel Gomes offers more.
, December 27, 2012
Perhaps in response to bombastic mainstream Hollywood, international auteurs often veer toward minimalism — quieter emotions, slower... More>>
A History of Violence Django Unchained
Django Unchained upends the western — and America's original sin.
, December 27, 2012
Watching Django Unchained, it's easy to imagine that Quentin Tarantino had such a blast making his last picture, the ebullient Holocaust fantasia... More>>
Films of 2012: The Ultimate Review Films of 2012: The Ultimate Review
Quentin Tarantino emerges from a chaotic couple of years with his most ambitious film to date, Django Unchained. Will the academy really, really like it?
, December 20, 2012
Quentin Tarantino has been Googling himself, and it's starting to become a problem. The filmmaker, whose eighth feature, Django Unchained, opens... More>>
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