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David Koepp at the End of Civilization David Koepp at the End of Civilization
The writer/director on filming in NYC, George Romero and saying no to bad script notes.
, August 23, 2012
David Koepp writes, and now directs, superior B-movies. This is an admirable and tough-to-master skill given how few major movie studios are... More>>
Celeste and Jesse Forever Celeste and Jesse Forever
Rom-com too scattered to transcend its genre.
, August 16, 2012
In Celeste and Jesse Forever, the titular, newly-separated female protagonist's un-flamboyant queer co-worker (Elijah Wood) tells her "it's time... More>>
Julie Delpy Rocks New York Julie Delpy Rocks New York
Always more than an ingenue, she's taking on everything that's wrong with movies - and she's bringing Chris Rock.
, August 09, 2012
"My son is sick right now, covered in zits. It's not contagious — I mean, it's contagious, but don't worry: Grown-ups don't catch it. It's... More>>
The Old, Good Total Recall The Old, Good Total Recall
, August 09, 2012
Just because it made loads of money, stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, and features a three-titted mutant doesn't mean Total Recall isn't ruggedly... More>>
Whitney Houston, Actress Whitney Houston, Actress
Surveying the great diva's checkered film career.
, August 09, 2012
In anticipation of the remake of the 1976 girl-group melodrama I (which didn't screen in time for our deadline) — Whitney Houston's... More>>
Killer Joe And What's Wrong With Hollywood Killer Joe And What's Wrong With Hollywood
William Friedkin tells us why modern action films disappoint.
, August 09, 2012
"I'll just tell you straight out, Killer Joe is the most disturbing film I've ever made," William Friedkin admits. This is really something,... More>>
Compliance Compliance
Craig Zobel on documenting sexual degradation -- with humanity.
, August 09, 2012
Like antidepressants, artificial sugars, Botox, and other miracle inventions of the past century, corporate culture became an omnipresent fact of... More>>
The Bourne Legacy The Bourne Legacy
Who's the new guy?
, August 09, 2012
The Bourne films have more than just overstayed their welcome and outlasted the Ludlum books — they've been Van Halenized, with an abrupt... More>>
Killer Joe Killer Joe
Finger-lickin' wrong
, August 09, 2012
At one point in Killer Joe, a hideously funny tabloid noir set on the outskirts of Dallas County, Chris Smith (Emile Hirsch) is let into the... More>>
The Campaign The Campaign
Hijinks and f-bombs on the campaign trail.
, August 09, 2012
The Campaign begins with an on-screen quote attributed to Ross Perot: "War has rules. Mud-wrestling has rules. Politics has no rules." The Texas... More>>
Ruby Sparks Ruby Sparks
Finally, the fantasy girlfriend is fiction.
, August 02, 2012
It's one of the most cherished legends of the American indie: A socially retarded ugly duck, despite making no effort to regulate his glaring... More>>
Trishna Trishna
Michael Winterbottom takes Hardy's Tess to today's Mumbai.
, July 26, 2012
Michael Winterbottom is multitasking — like that's a surprise. He has made a dozen films in the past decade, as varied as the Steve... More>>
Red Lights Red Lights
Rodrigo Cortés's thriller Red Lights doesn't inspire faith.
, July 26, 2012
Red Lights aspires to be a genre movie of ideas. Like a great number of films dealing with supernatural and extraterrestrial phenomena, it's a... More>>
Why So Serious? The Dark Knight Rises
Self-important and overstuffed, The Dark Knight Rises feels like Batman forever.
, July 19, 2012
Christopher Nolan's ponderous, pontifical action movies are written less as screenplays than as operator's manuals, guiding an audience through... More>>
She Endures Beasts of the Southern Wild
In Beasts of the Southern Wild, a child -- and child performer -- thrive despite adverse conditions.
, July 12, 2012
A zealous gumbo of regionalism, magical realism, post-Katrina allegory, myth and ecological parable, Beasts of the Southern Wild, the southern... More>>
Amazing Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man
The spider becomes a man and a joy.
, July 05, 2012
The Amazing Spider-Man, an inexcusably good reboot-thing from director Marc Webb, celebrates the heartwarming arachno-genetic bar mitzvah in... More>>
To Rome with Love To Rome with Love
Everything continues apace in Woody Allen's latest comedy, and that's not so bad.
, July 05, 2012
In Woody Allen's new film, To Rome with Love, people — like, really young people — still talk, improbably, about "neuroses." Horny,... More>>
Savages Savages
Oliver Stone's drug-trade drama settles for sensation.
, July 05, 2012
"Welcome to the recession, boys," says John Travolta's DEA-double-agent profiteer in Oliver Stone's Savages, based on Don Winslow's novel.... More>>
Magic Mike Magic Mike
No so revealing.
, June 28, 2012
When Channing Tatum stood up and revealed his bare ass to the camera a minute or two into Steven Soder-bergh's Magic Mike — which the actor... More>>
Woody's Roman Holiday Woody's Roman Holiday
Woody Allen and two co-stars meet in L.A. to talk about his new film, To Rome With Love, and some old themes (art, death, love).
, June 28, 2012
Woody Allen has just had the biggest hit of his career with Manhattan — a love letter to the titular city, a romantic celebration of its... More>>
Ted Ted
Seth McFarlane's new film is stuffed with more of the same.
, June 28, 2012
Fans of Seth MacFarlane's Fox mainstay Family Guy who wish he would run afoul of FCC regulations every week might be pleased with Ted, the story... More>>
The Amazing Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man
The spider becomes a man - and a joy.
, June 28, 2012
The Amazing Spider-Man, an inexcusably good reboot-thing from director Marc Webb, celebrates the heartwarming arachno-genetic bar mitzvah in... More>>
The Real Gurl Katy Perry: Part of Me
A tour doc reveals Katy Perry's essential Katy Perry-ness.
, June 28, 2012
From bubblegum-bi-curious novelty "I Kissed a Girl" on, Katy Perry has built a career on glorious brain-dead-with-a-wink odes to playacting in a... More>>
Brave, A Rare Family Film Brave
A movie about courage that actually has some.
, June 21, 2012
With her flame-colored ringlets, Merida, the barely adolescent heroine of Pixar's 13th feature, looks like a wee Rebekah Brooks, maybe a... More>>
The Apocalypse Drag Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
If everyone's seeing Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, you might want to be left behind.
, June 21, 2012
Apocalypse movies are a venerable enough genre (and reliable enough as box-office cash spigots) to support a few lightweight, funny-sad-romantic... More>>
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