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Tommy Lee Jones's The Homesman Brings a Lost America to Life. The Homesman
A bleak yet accomplished account of defeat.
, November 27, 2014
Tales of the Old West continue to make up a significant portion of our cultural narrative, mostly because we still like to comfort ourselves with... More>>
Wrestling Drama Foxcatcher Engages but Doesn't Pin Foxcatcher
Steve Carell Is unrecognizable as a lonely tyrant.
, November 27, 2014
The du Pont family made its fortune selling gunpowder during the War of 1812, and soldiered on to invent everything ever worn by a cop: Kevlar,... More>>
The War Goes Viral in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1
Mockingjay is sharp on propaganda but soft on celebrity.
, November 20, 2014
Over the first two Hunger Games films, we've watched coal miner's daughter Katniss Everdeen become the pawn, then the pest, of the Capitol, whose... More>>
Jon Stewart's Rosewater Is Outraged, Cinematic and Even Funny Rosewater
Stewart tackles the stupidity of evil.
, November 20, 2014
During a 2009 Daily Show interview with Maziar Bahari, the Canadian-Iranian journalist who, earlier that year, had been imprisoned in Iran for... More>>
Men in the Landslide Men in the Landslide
Östlund’s first-rate Force Majeure exposes the act of manliness.
, November 20, 2014
Ruben Östlund makes films the way sociologists devise thought experiments: by posing a hypothesis and thinking fully through its... More>>
The Theory of Everything: Stephen Hawking's Marriage Makes for a Wise but Glossy Drama The Theory of Everything
Even brainiacs have to muddle through marriage.
, November 13, 2014
If the universe is infinitely finite, an entity whose mystery is knowable only through an evolving progression of theories and equations, it's... More>>
Big Hero 6 Upgrades Disney's Cartoon Kid's Flicks Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6 is easier to admire than it is to love.
, November 13, 2014
Imagine if nerdy Clark Kent didn't have to remove his glasses and pocket protector to save the world. Then imagine him as fat and sweet as a... More>>
A Star Survives Beyond the Lights
Showbiz drama Beyond the Lights is familiar but cutting.
, November 13, 2014
Tales of fame and its trappings — and the way they're never enough to build a life — are as old as show business itself. Maybe for... More>>
Dumb and Dumber To Is Missing the Original's Magic Idiocy Dumb and Dumber To
, November 13, 2014
In the mid 1990s, self-appointed cultural gatekeepers used to wield Peter and Bobby Farrelly’s Dumb and Dumber as proof of the... More>>
How Reality TV Went From Launchpad to Dumpster How Reality TV Went From Launchpad to Dumpster
, November 13, 2014
Minor spoilers for the second episode of The Comeback's sophomore season. It's no mystery why The Comeback, which returned for its second season... More>>
Christopher Nolan's Interstellar May Be Grand, but It Doesn't Connect Interstellar
So much space there isn't room for people.
, November 06, 2014
There's so much space in Christopher Nolan's nearly three-hour intergalactic extravaganza Interstellar that there's almost no room for people.... More>>
Birdman Gives Michael Keaton a Role Worthy of Him Birdman
Birdman is marvelously entertaining.
, November 06, 2014
Before there was a Birdman, there was a Batman — several, in fact, though the best was played by Michael Keaton in the two Tim Burton films... More>>
Laggies Gets Adult Loneliness and Cross-Generational Friendship Laggies
The film drifts between charming and off-putting.
, November 06, 2014
It's an unwritten rule that we're supposed to feel most in step with people our own age, as if sharing the same cultural and historical... More>>
It's Conservationists vs. Oil and Militias in the Stunner Virunga Virunga
, November 06, 2014
Here's a question the rest of us are lucky never to have had to think about: How many people does it take to bear away the corpse of a grown... More>>
Citizenfour Captures Urgent, Nerve-Racking History in Progress Citizenfour
A look at Edward Snowden you won't believe you're seeing.
, October 30, 2014
Director Laura Poitras's Citizenfour boasts an hour or so of tense, intimate, world-shaking footage you might not quite believe you're watching.... More>>
Horns Lets Daniel Radcliffe Be Bad, But Not in a Good Way Horns
Religious metaphor strangles the fun from the film.
, October 30, 2014
Alexandre Aja's Horns is the rare YA-ish romance that doesn't make like a guidance counselor and force the characters to shake hands and forgive.... More>>
Nightcrawler's Jake Gyllenhaal Aces Being an Everyday Media Monster Nightcrawler
Film is chilling, but also wickedly funny and strange.
, October 30, 2014
Jake Gyllenhaal, not a particularly bulky guy to begin with, dropped 20 pounds or so to play a Los Angeles misfit who finds his calling as a... More>>
How John Wick Restored My Faith in Violent Movies How John Wick Restored My Faith in Violent Movies
, October 30, 2014
This essay contains a spoiler or two for John Wick. There’s too much violence in movies today -- too much of the wrong kind, though if you... More>>
Frances McDormand Is an Unpredictable Curmudgeon in HBO’s Magnificent Olive Kitteridge Frances McDormand Is an Unpredictable Curmudgeon in HBO’s Magnificent Olive Kitteridge
, October 30, 2014
When we first meet the title character in Olive Kitteridge, she considers the revolver in her hands and looks up at the cloudless sky above the... More>>
As Lit's Biggest Prick, Jason Schwartzman Wears Us Down in Listen Up Philip Listen Up Philip
The writers you hate make for better viewing than the writers you love.
, October 23, 2014
You can't live in New York for more than ten days without meeting some truly dreadful people: couples who fret about having to choose between... More>>
School Colors School Colors
Campus comedy Dear White People braves tough questions of race.
, October 23, 2014
Among its many attributes, Justin Simien's exuberant debut feature, Dear White People, proves that we're not yet living in a "post-racial... More>>
Citizenfour's Laura Poitras Explains Why Edward Snowden Did It Citizenfour's Laura Poitras Explains Why Edward Snowden Did It
...and asks you to consider your relationship with Google.
, October 23, 2014
With the first two documentaries in her post–9-11 trilogy -- My Country, My Country, a portrait of Iraq under American occupation, and The... More>>
The Dark Comes From Us The Dark Comes From Us
Nightcrawler's Jake Gyllenhaal on why we're to blame for tabloid news
, October 23, 2014
Jake Gyllenhaal is used to exhaustion. During his research for the LAPD drama End of Watch, he spent five months patrolling the streets with... More>>
Whiplash Offers a Painful and Joyous Jazz Education Whiplash
Whiplash soars when it focuses on the music.
, October 23, 2014
Jazz isn't dead. Miraculously, there's always a small but steady stream of young people who continue to fall in love with this most dazzling and... More>>
Copy Master Copy Master
Art and Craft’s trickster forger is an American original.
, October 23, 2014
Knocking out the first-rate forgeries that fooled 60 American museums? That was a curiously mundane miracle, something for Mark Landis to do... More>>
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