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Giving Up the Ghost What Lies Beneath
The only thing deader than the haunted spirit in What Lies Beneath is the movie itself
, July 20, 2000
Rather than asking if this senseless and expensive new film from wunderkind entertainer Robert Zemeckis is devoid of merit (it is), or "worth... More>>
Mystery Men X-Men
Comic-book characters remain two-dimensional in the special effects-laden X-Men
, July 20, 2000
In Bryan Singer's last movie, 1998's Apt Pupil, Ian McKellen portrayed a Nazi war criminal hiding out in the suburbs, passing himself off as an... More>>
Arresting Development Chuck & Buck
When Mommy goes away, Buck just wants to play. And Chuck rues the day he ever met the fay.
, July 20, 2000
The bewildering penchant of recent American movies for glorifying the lovable naÏf, the perpetual adolescent and the village idiot takes a... More>>
Blueprint in Blood Blood Simple
Restored and recut, the Coen brothers' debut film provides clues on the gruesomeness to come
, July 13, 2000
So who are these celebrated Coen brothers anyway, and what's their point? These days, it's pretty easy to switch over to critical autopilot, to... More>>
Living in a Scream Scary Movie
Scary Movie aims for all the obvious horror targets - and actually nails some
, July 13, 2000
Is there a more bankrupt genre than the parody movie? So many flicks nowadays are so painfully self-aware and referential anyway that there often... More>>
Whistlin' Trixie Trixie
You'll lap it up as the title character in Alan Rudolph's quirky comedy trips over her own tongue
, July 13, 2000
Murphy and Pryor. Skywalker and Kenobi. Amos and Zeppelin. Regardless of the creative universe, the maverick apprentice tends to stride off into... More>>
Heigh Ho, It's Off to Work They Go American Pimp
Hughes brothers make pimpin' seem as benign as the cartoonish caricature of the profession
, July 13, 2000
Call it the second-oldest profession in the world. It's certainly one of the most quintessentially American: Few professions combine sex,... More>>
Cry Hard Disney's The Kid
In a story almost too slick, Bruce Willis really gets in touch with his inner child
, July 06, 2000
Why is the film called Disney's The Kid? Is it really possible that the studio was so concerned that someone might actually mistake the film for... More>>
Ain't No Sunshine Sunshine
Despite revisiting the 20th century's cataclysmic events, Istvín Szabó's latest lacks emotional punch
, July 06, 2000
I never imagined the day would come when I would cringe to see Ralph Fiennes on screen. Not only is he shamelessly good-looking, but, whether... More>>
What a Long, Strange Trip Jesus' Son
Denis Johnson's junkies drift along in Jesus' Son, and so do we
, July 06, 2000
Director Alison Maclean, from Canada by way of New Zealand, turns her camera on the American landscape -- or, more accurately, the underbelly of... More>>
What So Proudly We Hail The Patriot
Sure, The Patriot is mawkish nationalism disguised as summer entertainment, but we'll wave the flag anyway
, June 29, 2000
Despite what many believe, it doesn't come down to explosions, star power or millions of greenbacks thrown at the producers. The true indicator... More>>
Storm Warning The Perfect Storm
Disaster film sinks under its own melodramatic weight
, June 29, 2000
The press kit for The Perfect Storm contains the damnedest thing I've ever read. Right at the top, there is a "special request to the press" that... More>>
Birth of a (Fascist) Nation Butterfly
Butterfly explores the tensions in 1936 Spain via an old teacher and his young pupil
, June 29, 2000
For most Americans, the social and political issues underlying José Luis Cuerda's Butterfly may seem remote at best. The tensions between... More>>
One Nation Under a Groove Groove
Director Greg Harrison depicts a rave generation looking for love and truth in a warehouse
, June 29, 2000
It has taken moviemakers and, more crucially, foot-dragging movie investors almost a decade to catch up with rave culture -- the heady mix of... More>>
Free-Range Chicken Chicken Run
No secret recipe here: The creators of Wallace & Gromit and Wat's Pig cook up a bucketload of inventive fun
, June 22, 2000
About nine years ago, in a humble Redondo Beach nightclub, urbane British folk singer Billy Bragg reappraised 20th-century politics by means of... More>>
Dr. Jekyll and Jim Carrey Me, Myself & Irene
The freewheeling comedic actor has double the fun in Me, Myself & Irene
, June 22, 2000
In the new Jim Carrey farce, Me, Myself & Irene, the rubber-faced comedian plays a meek Rhode Island state trooper named Charlie, whose... More>>
Toons with 'Tude Titan A.E.
The summer's best action flick may be the animated Titan A. E., which borrows from the leaders of the genre
, June 15, 2000
It's the year 3028, and manŠ is an endangered species! (Haven't we heard that somewhere before, like last month?) This time around, the... More>>
Dream On Passion of Mind
Filmmakers responsible for the gimmicky Passion of Mind should have slept on the concept a little longer
, June 15, 2000
"Industrial-strength boredom" is a vicious term to unload on anybody -- friend, foe or former actress. Considering the lingering discomfort it... More>>
Going, Going, Gone Gone in 60 Seconds
Someone take the wheel, 'cause the filmmakers don't know where they're headed
, June 08, 2000
Blink -- or, more likely, doze -- and you will miss it, this tiny beautiful oasis in the middle of an otherwise barren wasteland. For a moment --... More>>
Driver 23, Where Are You? Driver 23
Low-budget documentary about a deliveryman and wanna-be rock star takes some wrong turns
, June 08, 2000
Don't assume too much from the title: Driver 23 isn't a nifty new game for your Sony PlayStation, or a direct-to-video knockoff of Gone in 60... More>>
Sexual Healing? 8 1/2 Women
Peter Greenaway's latest erotic treatise zestfully crosses boundaries both cultural and intimate
, June 08, 2000
So, when was the last time you shared a woman with your dad? You know, just some woman that you and your dad both dug, who perked you up a bit.... More>>
Mission 2: Successful Mission: Impossible 2
With a head full of Notorious thoughts, director John Woo leads the charge in the visceral M:I-2
, June 01, 2000
Early on in Mission: Impossible 2 (or M:I-2, as the confident Paramount now calls it), hero Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) complains to his boss about... More>>
All the Pretty Horses Running Free
Gorgeous Running Free nearly trampled underfoot by thudding narration
, June 01, 2000
The moody, feverish images that fill Running Free are so exquisite they almost make up for the film's disastrous auditory misstep: the decision... More>>
Come See the Paradise The Color of Paradise
This gentle Iranian import proves that children speak louder than fundamental ideologies
, June 01, 2000
It is difficult to reconcile American perceptions of Iran, a rigidly authoritarian Islamic fundamentalist society, with the captivating and... More>>
Sexual Orienting Onscreen The Houston Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Gay and lesbian fest features new looks at homosexuality
, May 25, 2000
Throughout the first six decades of commercial cinema in America, the love that dared not speak its name was not entirely invisible. But you had... More>>
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