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Safe Sex All Over the Guy
Gay romantic comedy doesn't take advantage of its flashback structure
, August 30, 2001
Julie Davis's All Over the Guy is yet another entry in the ever-growing genre of gay romantic comedy. Ten years ago, one would have led off by... More>>
Fanboy Theater Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Jay and Silent Bob feeds the addictions of Kevin Smith junkies
, August 23, 2001
Beware the filmmaker who looks through the camera's lens and sees only himself on the other side, blowing kisses. He's the fool who confuses... More>>
As Good As  He Gets The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
Jade Scorpion showcases Woody Allen at his satirical best
, August 23, 2001
Woody Allen's latest romp through Old New York combines (among other things) a skirt-chasing insurance investigator with the charm of a rodent, a... More>>
Greek Tragedy Captain Corelli's Mandolin
When it comes to Captain Corelli, all's fair (as in mediocre) in love and war
, August 16, 2001
The social lessons of Captain Corelli's Mandolin, all of them suitable for framing in just about any dorm room, are these: War is bad. Love is... More>>
The Mild West American Outlaws
American Outlaws' parallel dimensions diminish Jesse James into a cuddly, goofy bore
, August 16, 2001
On the lips of many moviegoers, the name of Joel Schumacher is tantamount to blasphemy. Visions of a blue-skinned Arnold Schwarzenegger and a... More>>
Tasty Slice American Pie 2
American Pie 2 is sweet trash that turns out to be surprisingly filling
, August 09, 2001
For a few moments, American Pie 2 tastes every bit as stale as junk food left out on the countertop for two years. "Just like old times," says... More>>
Cavity Search Osmosis Jones
Osmosis Jones ails from more than the virus that overtakes Bill Murray's body
, August 09, 2001
During this cinematic Summer of Dumb, it would be all too easy to celebrate half-assed cleverness as a virtue, especially when proffered by Bobby... More>>
Tucker-ed Out Rush Hour 2
Noisy Rush Hour 2 mistakes volume for humor
, August 02, 2001
The most telling scene in Rush Hour 2 comes during the closing-credits montage of outtakes that have become the most enjoyable part of Jackie... More>>
Anger Management Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Hedwig's frustrations lead to self-realization in delightfully silly Inch
, August 02, 2001
Times certainly have changed. Twenty years ago, a musical about an East German transsexual rock singer would have premiered in one of New York's... More>>
Aping an Icon Planet of the Apes
Tim Burton monkeys around with the original Planet of the Apes, but is it evolution?
, July 26, 2001
There are scenes in Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes redo that are so hysterical they drown out minutes' worth of dialogue that follow, which is... More>>
Vanity Affair Everybody's Famous!
Everybody's Famous! effectively zings our shallow fascination with fame
, July 26, 2001
If there's any justice in moviedom, this summer's feel-good hit will be an unassuming Dutch comedy, Everybody's Famous! Defying long odds,... More>>
Disorganized Crime Made
A pair of Swingers gets whacked in the witless mob comedy Made
, July 26, 2001
When last we spotted indie icons Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau on screen together, they were knocking back fruit-flavored martinis and chasing... More>>
Dyno Lite Jurassic Park III
Jurassic Park III has plenty of action, but it is saurly in need of a script
, July 19, 2001
A third Jurassic Park movie was of course inevitable, given that the second shattered box office records (it also shattered the conventional... More>>
Deep Thoughts Lost and Delirious
Lost and Delirious makes Jack Handey sound like Kant
, July 19, 2001
Festering somewhere between an after-school special and kiddie porn lies this frank but heinously melodramatic open wound from veteran Canadian... More>>
Fully Realized Fantasy Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
At last, a summer movie with brains, aliens, action and...spirituality?
, July 19, 2001
Just so we don't get too far off track here, it should be stated up front what Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is not, since what it is is a... More>>
Bland Ambition Legally Blonde
Motion to dismiss: Legally Blonde doesn't even have a case
, July 12, 2001
Back in her early teens in 1991, Reese Witherspoon proved herself a terrific actress in her big-screen debut, Man in the Moon. Since then, she's... More>>
Declawed Cats & Dogs
Cats & Dogs is all bark and no bite
, July 12, 2001
Now that A.I.'s out of the way and it's safe again to read movie reviews without dictionary and No-Doz in hand, onward and downward to the Summer... More>>
Ground Jet Kiss of the Dragon
Hong Kong action star Li deserves a better vehicle than this absurd Dragon
, July 05, 2001
Kiss of the Dragon -- the latest vehicle for martial arts star Jet Li, a mainland talent who became a superstar in Hong Kong and has since... More>>
Gallic Phallic Humor The Closet
French director Francis Veber serves a little straight white whine with his wacky gay farce
, July 05, 2001
There's plenty of French star power in The Closet (Le Placard), a comedy written and directed by prolific director Francis Veber. The movie stars... More>>
Love Among  the Ruins The Princess and the Warrior
A pair of misfits find their rightful place in Tykwer's thrilling Princess
, July 05, 2001
German filmmaker Tom Tykwer has a gift for fusing psychological complexity and crackling plot without forsaking the excitements of either. The... More>>
E.T. the  Extra-Tutorial A.I.
Kubrick seems to guide Spielberg's hand in the ponderous A.I.
, June 28, 2001
For almost two decades, Stanley Kubrick wanted to make a film based on Brian Aldiss's 1969 short story "Super-Toys Last All Summer Long," about a... More>>
Good Hood Baby Boy
Baby Boy showcases Singleton's smart strides toward sensitive films
, June 28, 2001
Like countless European American filmmakers before him, African-American filmmaker John Singleton tends to operate under the faulty logic that... More>>
New Jewish Questions Divided We Fall
Divided dramatizes the good and the evil inside Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia
, June 28, 2001
Who would have imagined that at this late date -- more than half a century after the end of World War II, after The Diary of Anne Frank,... More>>
Do Little Indeed Dr. Dolittle 2
Who needs a plot when you have Eddie Murphy talking to the animals?
, June 21, 2001
Having recently stolen Shrek as a talking donkey, Eddie Murphy is back in the multiplexes again, this time as a man who can, presumably, talk to... More>>
In Fast Company The Fast and the Furious
Mindless racing flick still manages to burn rubber
, June 21, 2001
If internal combustion ever becomes obsolete -- that is, if the auto industry ever allows internal combustion to become obsolete -- whatever will... More>>
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