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Crocodile Tears The Man Who Cried
It's hard to feel any sympathy for the aesthetes in The Man Who Cried
, May 31, 2001
Ever since Quentin Tarantino came along, it's been hard to predict what you'll find playing at the art-house theater. Why, many of these... More>>
Bora! Bora! Bora! Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor's sound and fury signify nothing
, May 24, 2001
Pearl Harbor isn't a movie at all, but a highlight reel prepared for a Jerry Bruckheimer career retrospective. It's as impressive and as empty as... More>>
Bi-Curious? Bi-Curious?
Gay and lesbian films seek a mainstream audience on their own terms
, May 24, 2001
After your indie movie wins both the Audience Award and the Best Director prize at the Sundance Film Festival, what can you do for an encore?... More>>
Mouse Bait Shrek
Shrek plunders the Magic Kingdom for empty laughs
, May 17, 2001
Kids might well be amused by the frenetic pace of Shrek, the latest computer-animated film from DreamWorks, which moves so quickly it's nearly a... More>>
Golden Room with No View The Golden Bowl
Merchant Ivory's lush take on Henry James needs a few more turns of the screw
, May 17, 2001
Like nearly all Merchant Ivory productions, The Golden Bowl, their latest book-to-film adaptation, is a feast for the eyes, with choice real... More>>
Clipped Wings Angel Eyes
Downbeat Angel never soars into the rarefied air that it so desperately desires
, May 17, 2001
Chances are you don't know a whole lot about Angel Eyes other than it's the brand-new Jennifer Lopez movie. Maybe you also know that it co-stars... More>>
Saturday Knight Fever A Knight's Tale
Anachronistic music and grand pageantry combine for a rollicking good Tale
, May 10, 2001
Let us first in olden verse this critic's cynical curse disperse: The greet unwashede consummethe crappe, Fro Jerrye Springgere to ganggsta... More>>
The Silent Treatment The Day I Became a Woman
Woman needs only a few words to condemn an entire culture
, May 10, 2001
On the day she turns nine years old, an Iranian girl must bid childhood farewell. Male playmates are banished; girlish dresses are exchanged for... More>>
Silk Stalkings Attraction
Attraction delves into the dark obsessions of jilted lovers
, May 10, 2001
Making a fleeting appearance in theaters before its scheduled June 12 video release, Attraction is an oddly compelling indie drama that may... More>>
French Twists With a Friend Like Harry
All work and no play makes Michel a dull, repressed, homicidal boy in this Gallic thriller
, May 03, 2001
Just when we culturally deprived, mystery-starved Americans were convinced that the most delicious of movie genres, the French thriller, was dead... More>>
Lust Life The Center of the World
Director Wayne Wang searches for erotic truths at The Center of the World
, May 03, 2001
Presently sitting in a peaceful meditational facility. First time here. The location (which shall remain unnamed) was selected specifically for... More>>
Object of Desire One Night at McCool's
Liv Tyler toys with the tongue-hanging boys in One Night at McCool's
, April 26, 2001
Visualize a pretty young woman and a handsome young man heading for the bedroom. She has just suggested that she wants to show him what she... More>>
Drive a Stake in It The Forsaken
The Forsaken is a pale reflection of the vampire flicks that inspired it
, April 26, 2001
In terms of truth in advertising, the title The Forsaken is only partly accurate: Godforsaken -- as in "godforsaken piece of junk" -- might be... More>>
Toothless Croc Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Paul Hogan aims for the family crowd with this tame installment
, April 19, 2001
So, which is correct -- "more leathery" or "leatherier"? What the heck, let's try them both: Paul Hogan, who was leathery in Crocodile Dundee,... More>>
Crazy from  the Heat The Tailor of Panama
Boorman and Le Carré lose touch with their thrill-seeking personae in Panama
, April 19, 2001
Talk about an unholy union of souls! The latest project from director John Boorman (Deliverance, The General) seeks to be many things -- spy... More>>
Too Green Freddy Got Fingered
Comedian's amateurish directorial debut offers the same sophomoric jokes as his TV show
, April 19, 2001
If you don't like Tom Green, there's no point going anywhere near Freddy Got Fingered. It's not likely to make a convert out of you. If you don't... More>>
Diary of a Madwoman Bridget Jones's Diary
Not even Renée Zellweger can make us Jones for this sarcastic romance
, April 12, 2001
"Keep a diary, and one day it'll keep you," said Mae West, and while the sentiment rings true, it does little to explain the mystery of why Helen... More>>
Brutal Beauty Amores Perros
The wretched fight their way to redemption in the awesome Amores Perros
, April 12, 2001
One doesn't watch Amores Perros ("Love's a Bitch") so much as absorb it -- like a body blow. "I wanted to make a movie that smelled of filth,"... More>>
Film Noir Film Noir
Minority moviemakers get some screen time at the multicultural answer to WorldFest
, April 05, 2001
When filmmaker/insurance agent Stephen Allen began laying out the blueprints for the Houston Multicultural Independent Film Festival late last... More>>
Coke and a Smile Blow
Ambitious Blow explores the highs and lows of the '70s cocaine trade
, April 05, 2001
Hello, what's this? Why, could it be another cautionary tale from Hollywood about recreational drugs being not particularly good for people?... More>>
A Tangled Web Along Came a Spider
Along Came a Spider's flimsy plot survives only because of its many cheats
, April 05, 2001
Easily the creepiest (and by far most interesting) thing about Along Came a Spider, yet another adaptation of one of James Patterson's alleged... More>>
Fool Moon The Dish
The delightfully eccentric Dish looks at the lunar landing from down under
, April 05, 2001
Somewhere, in deepest New South Wales, Australia, there exists a humble sheep paddock. The setting is rural, it's pastoral, it's quaint as all... More>>
Call of  the Mild Someone Like You
Despite its animal instincts, Someone Like You is nothing but a lap kitten
, March 29, 2001
Amid the plethora of films with Freddie Prinze Jr., Mena Suvari, Chris Klein and Jason Biggs, it's nice -- in theory, at least -- to see a... More>>
Nothing About Ado Much Memento
The backward narrative of Memento is little more than gimmicky
, March 29, 2001
Justice may be blind, but vengeance, it turns out, has a very short memory. So it goes in Memento, the much anticipated "puzzle" movie from... More>>
Wild Child Spy Kids
Action director Robert Rodriguez lets his fantastical mind out to play in Spy Kids
, March 29, 2001
As its title suggests, Spy Kids is an action fantasy aimed primarily at the preteen/early-teen audience. For all its thrills -- and it has plenty... More>>
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