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War Games Traffic
With Traffic, Steven Soderbergh takes an unblinking look at America's drug policies
, January 04, 2001
The war on drugs has become this generation's Vietnam, the unwinnable conflict that will, in the end, destroy the innocent and reward the guilty.... More>>
Better in Pairs Better in Pairs
Generally a letdown, the year in film offered some well-crafted works that are best viewed as double features
, December 28, 2000
Welcome to the cinema, the great communal meditation chamber, circa 2000. Okay, now throw open all the exit doors, because some of our communal... More>>
Eager to Please Miss Congeniality
Intended as irony, the title of Miss Congeniality really says it all
, December 28, 2000
In Hollywood, all it takes is one big hit. Sandra Bullock's ticket to stardom was the 1994 sleeper Speed, a rip-roaring action/crime thriller... More>>
Special Delivery Cast Away
With Cast Away, Robert Zemeckis unearths the part of Tom Hanks we've been hoping to find: His brittle humanity
, December 21, 2000
During the summer of 1994, while most of the world was greeting Robert Zemeckis's Forrest Gump with dewy eyes and outstretched arms, this critic... More>>
All the Pretty Horses
Billy Bob's adaptation of Pretty Horses mixes together too many ingredients, all of them undercooked
, December 21, 2000
It's where Walter Huston found paradise at the end of The Treasure of Sierra Madre, where murdering lovers Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw rode into... More>>
A Box of Chocolat Chocolat
Lasse Hallström makes clashing ideologies as easy to swallow as gooey treats
, December 21, 2000
Here you will find the ingredients required to whip an audience into the throes of fuzzy warmheartedness -- the hope, the compassion, the joie de... More>>
Rewriting History Finding Forrester
Gus Van Sant goes Good Will Hunting one more time with Finding Forrester
, December 21, 2000
Finding Forrester is the latest film from Gus Van Sant, one of the true American originals to emerge in the '80s and '90s. When Van Sant is at... More>>
Recycled Gifts The Family Man
The ghost of Christmas Movies Past pays a visit to The Family Man
, December 21, 2000
The Family Man offers but a slight variation on the threadbare holiday theme of what life might have been like had Our Hero followed a different... More>>
Family Ties (That Bind) You Can Count on Me
At once unsentimental and amusing, You Can Count on Me delves into the darkness of dissimilar siblings
, December 21, 2000
The moods of Kenneth Lonergan's You Can Count on Me are so artfully mingled that it's difficult to get a fix on this highly personal independent... More>>
The Theater Shopping Network What Women Want
Apparently What Women Want is a feature-length commercial
, December 14, 2000
What Women Want could be the first movie to win a Clio Award for Advertisement of the Year. No fewer than two dozen products receive prominent... More>>
Jonesing for a New Groove The Emperor's New Groove
Disney's Emperor takes its cues from the Da Vinci of Warner Bros. animation
, December 14, 2000
See, there's this pre-Columbian emperor who's a spoiled brat, and he gets turned into a llama, and he meets this peasant, and the two of them... More>>
Sex for Dummies Quills
Quills director behaves as if he were still making films for a puritanical age
, December 14, 2000
Assessing the merits of Quills, the lusty new feature by director Philip Kaufman (Henry and June), it's tempting to seek correlative characters... More>>
Movie-House Hypothermia Vertical Limit
Vertical Limit buries viewers under an avalanche of mind-numbing tragedies
, December 07, 2000
About halfway through the megabudget mountain-climbing adventure Vertical Limit, even the most rugged, thrill-hungry disaster movie fans may find... More>>
Ratcatcher unflinchingly depicts one troubled youth's trip to bountiful
, December 07, 2000
Be not deceived by the Merchant Ivory name attached to Ratcatcher; those in search of repressed emotions among the corseted well-to-do will be in... More>>
Hostage Crisis: Day 143 Proof of Life
Proof of Life kidnaps the audience and makes it beg for mercy
, December 07, 2000
Day One: It was just part of the job, just another movie on another afternoon. This one promised to be no more special than any other, save for... More>>
Chaos Theory Ran
With his epic Ran, Kurosawa stared human desperation in the face until he could see a hopeful light
, November 30, 2000
The 15th-anniversary reissue of Ran underscores a singular irony: If lives and careers could be plotted as satisfyingly as movies, then Akira... More>>
Soul Survivor Unbreakable
Bruce Willis discovers his better self in M. Night Shyamalan's heroic comic book
, November 23, 2000
Unbreakable is such a quiet film that whenever a character speaks above a whisper, it sounds like the shattering of glass in a monastery. It's... More>>
Quite a Spread What's Cooking?
What's Cooking? picks apart four radically different families during their Thanksgiving dinners
, November 23, 2000
Given the stress and emotional turmoil associated with family holidays, in the cinema as in life, it's very peculiar that anyone feels obliged to... More>>
We'll All Cry Boo-Hoo Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Ron Howard's cuddly new Grinch puzzles our puzzler till our puzzler's puzzled out
, November 16, 2000
There once was a man, and he called himself Seuss Who wrote the best children's' books ever produced. With drawings elaborate, and tales... More>>
Clone Wars The 6th Day
In the rousing 6th Day, Arnold Schwarzenegger is not the only one who has been copied
, November 16, 2000
R efreshingly, the biggest wonder about the new Arnold Schwarzenegger ride is not that human cloning has become a reality, nor that the America... More>>
Fever Dream Requiem for a Dream
Aronofsky creates the ultimate horror flick for the modern era: A searing depiction of drug addiction
, November 16, 2000
The soon-to-be-talked-about sensations in Darren Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream include three or four flashing, near-subliminal montages that... More>>
Honor Roles Men of Honor
De Niro and Gooding use an uplifting film to dive for Oscars
, November 09, 2000
November may mean Thanksgiving to most of you, but in the film biz it means a rush of "serious" films trying to gouge an impression into the... More>>
Likable Losers The Broken Hearts Club
The gay Broken Hearts Club goes for the comfortable
, November 09, 2000
Somewhere near the halfway mark of The Broken Hearts Club, the latest gay romantic comedy (they really seem to be piling up these days) comes a... More>>
Fallen Angels Charlie's Angels
Charlie's gang gives good jiggles but no plot
, November 02, 2000
The opening credits of Charlie's Angels hint at a movie that never appears in the film's expurgated 94 minutes; the tease is too soon rendered a... More>>
Friends and Neighbors Solas
An elderly newcomer provides surprising emotional punch to Solas
, November 02, 2000
The wonder of Solas, the latest in a growing list of remarkable Spanish films that recently have made their way to the United States (Butterfly... More>>
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