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Dirty Rotten Seducers Heartbreakers
Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt set their booby traps in Heartbreakers
, March 22, 2001
We can run, we can hide, we can even try switching films, but there's just no escaping that pesky Gene Hackman. He starred in The Conversation;... More>>
Mass (Murder) Media Series 7: The Contenders
The satirical Series 7 exposes the black heart of reality TV
, March 22, 2001
Around 20 years ago, writing under a pseudonym, Stephen King made a couple of rare forays into science fiction with the short novels The Long... More>>
Kiss of Death Enemy at the Gates
A needless love triangle deflates the tense sniper showdown in Gates
, March 15, 2001
To keep it simple, Enemy at the Gates plays like a cross between the PlayStation game Medal of Honor, a World War II Nazi shoot-'em-up viewed... More>>
Feminist Farm Fantasy Me, You, Them
A rural Brazilian woman corrals men like cattle in the witty Me, You, Them
, March 15, 2001
The heroine of Andrucha Waddington's Me, You, Them is a force of nature who holds men in her thrall and deftly reshapes them to suit her life.... More>>
Empty Visions The Caveman's Valentine
The Caveman believes in things that do not exist. The filmmakers do the same.
, March 08, 2001
Hollywood appears to be developing a healthy sense of humor about Valentine's Day, which, from this cynic's perspective, is a good thing. In the... More>>
Adjust the Contrast 15 Minutes
Director can't juggle the contradictory tones of his ultraviolent action flick 15 Minutes
, March 08, 2001
Director John Herzfeld's last feature, 1996's droll and underrated 2 Days in the Valley, was a more than adequate counterbalance to the... More>>
Los Gringos Locos The Mexican
Julia Roberts's and Brad Pitt's performances go straight south in The Mexican
, March 01, 2001
Leave it to Hollywood to sell us the insipid romance of a thoroughly irritating white couple as the solution to an archaic Latin American... More>>
Brave Hearts Aimée & Jaguar
A secret Jew and a Berlin housewife find love among the Nazis in the beautiful Aimée & Jaguar
, March 01, 2001
Aimée & Jaguar would be an unusual film under any circumstances, but that it was made in Germany proves somehow especially unexpected. Set... More>>
Planet of the Ape Monkeybone
Monkeybone drops you into a surreal world overrun by your worst simian nightmares
, February 22, 2001
It's almost impossible to know what to make of Monkeybone after one viewing; there's so much going on in this dreamland of stop-motion and... More>>
Double Dribbling Pollock
Ed Harris's biopic on Jackson Pollock coasts on the merits of its tormented subject
, February 22, 2001
Van Gogh was a lunatic who cut off his ear. Picasso was a self-absorbed cur who abused women. Warhol turned out to be a weird, desperate loner,... More>>
Silence Equals Death Before Night Falls
Before Night Falls recounts an imprisoned Cuban writer's struggle to keep his voice alive
, February 22, 2001
That anyone should consider making a film of Reinaldo Arenas's memoir Before Night Falls is curious. That the person to do it should be... More>>
Dead on Arrival Down to Earth
Chris Rock's third-generation copy of Here Comes Mr. Jordan barely registers
, February 15, 2001
Lance Barton, thin as paper and frail as fine china, is such a horrific stand-up that during an amateur-night performance at the Apollo Theatre... More>>
Damning with Faint Praise Sweet November
Keanu Reeves, the low-wattage movie star, somehow makes Sweet November easier to watch
, February 15, 2001
Sara is quirky and free-spirited. That at least is the premise of the hilariously wretched new weepie Sweet November, of which Sara, embodied by... More>>
Quid Pro Quo? Hannibal
More adversaries than partners, Silence and Hannibal actively work against each other
, February 08, 2001
Ridley Scott's Hannibal, with a screenplay by David Mamet and Steven Zaillian, is being released exactly ten years after Silence of the Lambs,... More>>
Dumb and Dumbest Saving Silverman
Saving Silverman takes Hollywood's juvenile craze to a new low
, February 08, 2001
The man who made Problem Child, Beverly Hills Ninja and Brain Donors -- movies that are to humor what Robert Downey Jr. is to clean living --... More>>
Skin Deep Malena
Malena attempts to wring laughter from sorrow by abusing its beautiful title character
, February 01, 2001
Watching this film is like watching a donkey being beaten for 90 minutes, so egregiously is the titular character treated and so powerless does... More>>
Keeping the Faith The Invisible Circus
The Invisible Circus remains loyal to the author's limited but earnest vision
, February 01, 2001
There is an eerie sense of familiarity wafting through The Invisible Circus, a pervasive whiff of déjà vu that intensifies with... More>>
Listless in Beijing Restless
The cross-cultural currents of Restless have all the electricity of a low-budget indie
, February 01, 2001
Restless has the unique distinction of being, apparently, the first mainland Chinese-American feature co-production. Given the potential tensions... More>>
Shotgun Wedding The Wedding Planner
With Planner, rookie filmmakers force their characters into some compromising situations
, January 25, 2001
The Wedding Planner begins with footage of a seven-year-old girl performing a matrimonial ceremony with her Barbies, a fitting opening since the... More>>
Going for the Jugular Shadow of the Vampire
Shadow of the Vampire explores the parasitic impulses common to bloodsuckers and moviemakers
, January 25, 2001
The doomed are often a remarkably energetic and productive lot, especially when it comes to creating portraits of their personal horrors. Themes... More>>
Playing Cool Snatch
With Snatch, director Guy Ritchie desperately wants to be the Tarantino of the Thames
, January 18, 2001
There's definitely something weird going on in the British pop scene. Years after tasteful Yanks allowed classic works such as Saturday Night... More>>
Foregone Conclusion Thirteen Days
Even those who don't remember the Cuban missile crisis will know how it ends, long before Days does
, January 11, 2001
Thirteen Days is a suspenseful look at the American government in the grip of a crucial, minute-to-minute, real-life crisis that threatens to... More>>
Road Outrageous O Brother, Where Art Thou?
The Coens take Homer on a Southern-fried odyssey in O Brother
, January 11, 2001
If M. Night Shyamalan makes movies to be seen twice, then Joel and Ethan Coen make films to be pawed over a dozen times. O Brother, Where Art... More>>
Exiled from Main Street State and Main
David Mamet satirizes the loose morality of small-town America with his latest
, January 11, 2001
Playwright-filmmaker David Mamet has the sharpest gift imaginable for shooting down the sins of American greed, the con games people run to get... More>>
War Games Traffic
With Traffic, Steven Soderbergh takes an unblinking look at America's drug policies
, January 04, 2001
The war on drugs has become this generation's Vietnam, the unwinnable conflict that will, in the end, destroy the innocent and reward the guilty.... More>>
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