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A Wasted Mind The Cell
The Cell delves into a dark, psychotic unconscious and discovers -- a wounded child!
, August 24, 2000
Make no mistake: The Cell is, easily, the most unforgettable film of a pedestrian, forgettable summer. You walk out of the theater grateful for... More>>
Turn of the Screwball The Tao of Steve
The Tao of Steve follows the emotional transformation of a geeky lothario
, August 24, 2000
"Be cool, get chicks." While that's paraphrased and boiled down, it's nonetheless the essential creed of Dex (Donal Logue), the corpulent... More>>
Fringe Radical Cineasts Cecil B. Demented
Rallying all film rebels, John Waters's Cecil B. Demented cries, "Fassbinder or die!"
, August 17, 2000
When John Waters is at his best, as he is with his latest, Cecil B. Demented, he can pull you in like few filmmakers can. But recognizing that... More>>
Just for Laughs The Original Kings of Comedy
Spike Lee's gloriously unpolished concert film focuses on the yuks -- to our great amusement
, August 17, 2000
As any Klump family member can tell you, this has been a hot summer for black comedians. New movies starring Martin Lawrence, the Wayans brothers... More>>
Reefer Madness Saving Grace
The dope-y Saving Grace revives the irreverence of early English comedies
, August 17, 2000
Irish charm and British eccentricity are hot properties on this side of the pond -- especially among U.S. moviegoers. Witness the phenomenal... More>>
Gettin' the Munchies Grass
Grass documentary leaves the viewer hungry for more
, August 17, 2000
Canadian documentarian Ron Mann, who previously examined aspects of pop culture in Comic Book Confidential (1988) and Twist (1992), takes on a... More>>
Picking at Scabs The Replacements
Someone please find some substitute filmmakers for The Replacements
, August 10, 2000
There's no explicable reason for the existence of The Replacements, which is to the football-film genre what Major League was to the baseball... More>>
Makeup Remover The Eyes of Tammy Faye
The Eyes of Tammy Faye peeks underneath the persona of the garish televangelist
, August 10, 2000
In a perfect world, any documentary about televangelists narrated by RuPaul and a couple of sock puppets would be hailed as the unquestionable... More>>
Watering Down the Drinks Coyote Ugly
Hey, wasn't Coyote Ugly supposed to serve up sex and alcohol?
, August 10, 2000
Okay, so there are these beautiful ladies in tight clothes, right? And -- get this -- they serve alcohol while dancing suggestively! Sound cool?... More>>
The (Balding) Eagle Has Landed Space Cowboys
Clint Eastwood's charming Space Cowboys tosses youth demographics out the cargo bay
, August 03, 2000
Think of it as Armageddon for moviegoers with grown-up attention spans. Space Cowboys, perhaps the most pleasant surprise of this long, hot... More>>
Invisible Id Hollow Man
Insipid Hollow Man uses science to explore the outer edges of puerile male aggression
, August 03, 2000
There are many, many productive paths a bright, ambitious young fellow can pursue in America. He can, for instance, start a mediocre rock band... More>>
Saturated Fat Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
Nutty Professor II may be hazardous to your health
, August 03, 2000
For one moment -- and that's all you can stomach -- really look at Eddie Murphy's filmography. You will notice how his bad films (and most... More>>
Can't Stop Running Water Shower
Shower fondly recalls old Chinese customs, and understands their inevitable passing
, August 03, 2000
The practice of motion picture production in China is clearly in flux. While films have long emanated from government studios, political changes... More>>
Look Who's Losin' It Loser
Amy Heckerling is clueless with her latest teen flick
, July 27, 2000
Only in the movies could a kid who looks and acts like Jason Biggs be called a loser. Let's see: charming conversationalist, big smile, washboard... More>>
No Laughing Matter But I'm a Cheerleader
Cheerleader proves that gay "recovery" therapy is still too controversial a subject for comedy
, July 27, 2000
It would be the easiest thing in the world to write off But I'm a Cheerleader, the story of a teenager discovering her sexual identity through a... More>>
Giving Up the Ghost What Lies Beneath
The only thing deader than the haunted spirit in What Lies Beneath is the movie itself
, July 20, 2000
Rather than asking if this senseless and expensive new film from wunderkind entertainer Robert Zemeckis is devoid of merit (it is), or "worth... More>>
Mystery Men X-Men
Comic-book characters remain two-dimensional in the special effects-laden X-Men
, July 20, 2000
In Bryan Singer's last movie, 1998's Apt Pupil, Ian McKellen portrayed a Nazi war criminal hiding out in the suburbs, passing himself off as an... More>>
Arresting Development Chuck & Buck
When Mommy goes away, Buck just wants to play. And Chuck rues the day he ever met the fay.
, July 20, 2000
The bewildering penchant of recent American movies for glorifying the lovable naÏf, the perpetual adolescent and the village idiot takes a... More>>
Blueprint in Blood Blood Simple
Restored and recut, the Coen brothers' debut film provides clues on the gruesomeness to come
, July 13, 2000
So who are these celebrated Coen brothers anyway, and what's their point? These days, it's pretty easy to switch over to critical autopilot, to... More>>
Living in a Scream Scary Movie
Scary Movie aims for all the obvious horror targets - and actually nails some
, July 13, 2000
Is there a more bankrupt genre than the parody movie? So many flicks nowadays are so painfully self-aware and referential anyway that there often... More>>
Whistlin' Trixie Trixie
You'll lap it up as the title character in Alan Rudolph's quirky comedy trips over her own tongue
, July 13, 2000
Murphy and Pryor. Skywalker and Kenobi. Amos and Zeppelin. Regardless of the creative universe, the maverick apprentice tends to stride off into... More>>
Heigh Ho, It's Off to Work They Go American Pimp
Hughes brothers make pimpin' seem as benign as the cartoonish caricature of the profession
, July 13, 2000
Call it the second-oldest profession in the world. It's certainly one of the most quintessentially American: Few professions combine sex,... More>>
Cry Hard Disney's The Kid
In a story almost too slick, Bruce Willis really gets in touch with his inner child
, July 06, 2000
Why is the film called Disney's The Kid? Is it really possible that the studio was so concerned that someone might actually mistake the film for... More>>
Ain't No Sunshine Sunshine
Despite revisiting the 20th century's cataclysmic events, Istvín Szabó's latest lacks emotional punch
, July 06, 2000
I never imagined the day would come when I would cringe to see Ralph Fiennes on screen. Not only is he shamelessly good-looking, but, whether... More>>
What a Long, Strange Trip Jesus' Son
Denis Johnson's junkies drift along in Jesus' Son, and so do we
, July 06, 2000
Director Alison Maclean, from Canada by way of New Zealand, turns her camera on the American landscape -- or, more accurately, the underbelly of... More>>
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