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Hostage Crisis: Day 143 Proof of Life
Proof of Life kidnaps the audience and makes it beg for mercy
, December 07, 2000
Day One: It was just part of the job, just another movie on another afternoon. This one promised to be no more special than any other, save for... More>>
Chaos Theory Ran
With his epic Ran, Kurosawa stared human desperation in the face until he could see a hopeful light
, November 30, 2000
The 15th-anniversary reissue of Ran underscores a singular irony: If lives and careers could be plotted as satisfyingly as movies, then Akira... More>>
Soul Survivor Unbreakable
Bruce Willis discovers his better self in M. Night Shyamalan's heroic comic book
, November 23, 2000
Unbreakable is such a quiet film that whenever a character speaks above a whisper, it sounds like the shattering of glass in a monastery. It's... More>>
Quite a Spread What's Cooking?
What's Cooking? picks apart four radically different families during their Thanksgiving dinners
, November 23, 2000
Given the stress and emotional turmoil associated with family holidays, in the cinema as in life, it's very peculiar that anyone feels obliged to... More>>
We'll All Cry Boo-Hoo Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Ron Howard's cuddly new Grinch puzzles our puzzler till our puzzler's puzzled out
, November 16, 2000
There once was a man, and he called himself Seuss Who wrote the best children's' books ever produced. With drawings elaborate, and tales... More>>
Clone Wars The 6th Day
In the rousing 6th Day, Arnold Schwarzenegger is not the only one who has been copied
, November 16, 2000
R efreshingly, the biggest wonder about the new Arnold Schwarzenegger ride is not that human cloning has become a reality, nor that the America... More>>
Fever Dream Requiem for a Dream
Aronofsky creates the ultimate horror flick for the modern era: A searing depiction of drug addiction
, November 16, 2000
The soon-to-be-talked-about sensations in Darren Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream include three or four flashing, near-subliminal montages that... More>>
Honor Roles Men of Honor
De Niro and Gooding use an uplifting film to dive for Oscars
, November 09, 2000
November may mean Thanksgiving to most of you, but in the film biz it means a rush of "serious" films trying to gouge an impression into the... More>>
Likable Losers The Broken Hearts Club
The gay Broken Hearts Club goes for the comfortable
, November 09, 2000
Somewhere near the halfway mark of The Broken Hearts Club, the latest gay romantic comedy (they really seem to be piling up these days) comes a... More>>
Fallen Angels Charlie's Angels
Charlie's gang gives good jiggles but no plot
, November 02, 2000
The opening credits of Charlie's Angels hint at a movie that never appears in the film's expurgated 94 minutes; the tease is too soon rendered a... More>>
Friends and Neighbors Solas
An elderly newcomer provides surprising emotional punch to Solas
, November 02, 2000
The wonder of Solas, the latest in a growing list of remarkable Spanish films that recently have made their way to the United States (Butterfly... More>>
A Snooze Runs Through It The Legend of Bagger Vance
Redford's Bagger Vance substitutes pretty for powerful
, November 02, 2000
Gopher. Explosives. Gopher explosives. Gopher! Explosives! There. Now you know exactly what was running through this critic's mind during The... More>>
Catherine the Great Place Vendême
Deneuve shows the depth of her talent in Place Vendême
, November 02, 2000
The current release of French director Nicole Garcia's Place Vendême, which was nominated for 11 César Awards when it made its debut... More>>
Witch Way Did It Go? Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2
BW2 spoils the mystery of the original - while creating a few of its own
, October 26, 2000
Although it must have been a no-brainer to make a sequel to The Blair Witch Project, it was hard to imagine an intelligent follow-up to a film... More>>
From the Mouths of Babes... A Time for Drunken Horses
Horses focuses on the children whose actions speak volumes about the persecuted Kurds
, October 26, 2000
The stark simplicity of A Time for Drunken Horses, one of the few films that has slipped out of postrevolutionary Iran to the West, does nothing... More>>
Familiar Turf The Yards
The Yards authoritatively walks in the footsteps of some famous filmmakers
, October 26, 2000
Any moviemaker who ventures into the sewers of New York City corruption will find Sidney Lumet's wet footprints. In classics like The Pawnbroker,... More>>
Paid In Full Pay It Forward
Sensitive, saccharine and practically messianic, Pay It Forward works like a charm
, October 19, 2000
To put it mildly, it is uncomfortable and embarrassing to have one's cynical ass whipped by a huge, hulking Hallmark card, and this is exactly... More>>
The Malcolm X Files Bamboozled
Spike Lee's scathing satire of network television goes out with a bang
, October 19, 2000
Let's be honest: As much as people may complain about Spike Lee's public pontifications on race, or his controversial stances, or his being a... More>>
On Its Toes Billy Elliot
Billy Elliot may seem familiar, but this blue-collar ballet flick hits all the marks
, October 19, 2000
The setting of Stephen Daldry's uplifting comedy Billy Elliot, about a working-class boy who wants to be a ballet dancer, is a beleaguered... More>>
Oh, Doctor! Dr. T and the Women
Robert Altman takes a well-aimed swipe at Dallas's shallow society set
, October 12, 2000
Richard Gere, as Dallas gynecologist Sullivan Travis, has never been more likable on-screen, perhaps because he's never been more human, more... More>>
The Grandstander The Contender
The Contender is a candidate for the year's most high-minded trash
, October 12, 2000
There's no getting around it: The Contender is the most offensive movie of the year. It pretends to be high-minded even while it slings mud and... More>>
In the Company of Moles Meet the Parents
De Niro is an ex-CIA man who grills his daughter's fiancé in the cinematic sitcom Meet the Parents
, October 05, 2000
Meet the Parents has just enough class to make for Prestige Pop Culture: Robert De Niro as star, Randy Newman as composer, Blythe Danner as... More>>
Hitting Below the Belt Girlfight
Karyn Kusama's Girlfight looks to assume power by emasculating men
, October 05, 2000
It takes a special kind of mind-set to celebrate castration, and audiences confusing feminine empowerment with the crude hacking off of seemingly... More>>
Forget It Remember the Titans
Jerry Bruckheimer wants to be taken seriously with Remember the Titans. You can stop laughing now.
, September 28, 2000
Remember the Titans, based on a true story about how a football team brought together the segregated town of Alexandria, Virginia, in the early... More>>
Pointed Love Girl on the Bridge
A knife thrower and a suicidal woman try their hand at romance in Girl on the Bridge
, September 28, 2000
According to Patrice Leconte, women live to be vulnerable, men thrive when they're in command, and the two genders can find a happy fusion only... More>>
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